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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey muscle & strength I’m Errol Moore about to
grab a few groceries for the next couple of days let’s go check it out I usually go ground beef either I get it at
Trader Joe’s Trader Joe’s has 96 lean this is 93 so it’s not that bad
usually I’ll cook it pretty heavy try and get out most fat as possible the chicken
breasts and beef its 200 grams per meal
everything’s measured precooked so we’re actually getting the true weight of it because some times
when you cook meat some might weigh more depending on how long we cook it so I measure
everything before I throw on the skillet so so I’ll get some eggs right now I’m eating
um eggs twice a day for breakfast and then before bed that’s
two whole eggs in the morning one whole egg at night and the rest is egg whites
once again Patrick wants me doing all the egg whites from the egg shell itself
he doesn’t want me doing pre cooked egg whites so got to make sure they’re good next I
get a strawberry jam I use this post-workout throw it on the
rice cakes with my protein shake so it’s gonna get some sugars in after the work out so Dave killer bread’s um its very
similar to like Ezekiel bread doesn’t to be it doesn’t taste as grainy uh but the
concept behind it’s pretty cool I guess the guy used to be a convict
and so they employ people that just got out of prison and they’re big on second
chances so kind of feel good buying it eating it and it tastes good as well I grab some frozen blueberries I throw
this in the morning with my cream of rice once again
everything’s weighed out so I use 30 grams of the blueberries that way I mix it in with my cream of rice get a little bit sugars in the morning so some rice I’m typically eating this
twice a day as well so grab the lightly salted plain rice
cakes and the only have two right now so we’re going to grab both of these right
here caramel is not as great with strawberry jam so I try to keep it
plain we got some gallons of water because you
can never have enough water and I know put that back there you go all right so cheat day anybody who knows me knows I’m a big Oreo person so I try to get the limited edition ones I’ve had
these already these are amazing peanut butter pie chocolate peanut butter pie Oreos I
can eat the whole thing in one sitting one that just came out right now is the s’mores
I’ve had them before but like I said I always try get the limited edition and on a cheat
day I’ll go ahead and munch on this after I eat a burger yeah eat that every morning this is
easier on the stomach especially first thing in the morning
easier to digest especially training at 6 a.m. some days with Charles I kind
of want faster acting carbohydrates and then I don’t want to feel bloated like
as I’m training I dont want my stomach to feel all heavy so usually cream of rice
with the blueberries and put some splenda on it a little bit of cinnamon
to me it tastes nice I’m used to it by now so I’ve been eating every day I
just try to stick with food that digests pretty easily and I’ll get two because I do
150 grams of this precooked so it goes by pretty fast I’m the big one cereal once again tastes
good has a lot of sugar it doesn’t make me feel gross
so I usually do cereal with almond milk because almond milk doesn’t bloat me and
I don’t feel all gassy after that and it’s not as many calories in it so yeah
I think it’s about sixty calories in the almond milk I use and the cereal I
kind of hop around lucky charms I did that last time today I’m gonna do
cinnamon toast crunch I try to go with whatever’s on sale
as well so alright so next thing I get is pineapples I’ll typically have this
with meal number four with chicken and rice grab me a coke zero real quick kind of
help with the cravings just drinking water all day can get old I do drink diet Hanson’s as well
it’s just naturally sweetened no colors in it
and it actually tastes pretty good it’s probably a la hippie thing but I actually
do enjoy them so grab me a few right here 80.99 well the meats are probably like two
days so I don’t think about it all right guys I’m Errol Moore team Nutrex this completes my shopping trip for the next few days
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  2. Only healthy thing you bought was Dave's Killer Bread. The rest was GMO filth. Even the water was bad. Our bodies need the minerals in natural spring water. Don't be drinking reverse osmosis. It's gray water ( sink, shower water ) that's been " purified " with chemicals and stripped of the good stuff.

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