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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

$358.60 that’s a cheaper outing normally I’m
over $400. It’s 10 o clock I just finished morning cardio
and right now we’re on our way to the grocery store I kind of have to hit 2 or 3 to get
everything I need usually but for the most part I get the most important things at costco
so we’re on our way to costco right now grab some chicken some beef some eggs you know
the most important things everything I buy today will be pretty clean but because I’m
going to start a prep diet very soon, I might grab a few goodies just to kind of kill some
cravings before I start the diet You guys have starbucks we have tim hortons you guys
are starting to get tim hortons now but canadians are all about the time hortons so this is
the way I go A lot of people think if you don’t win the Olympia then your career sucks
but it doesn’t I’ve traveled the world met thousands of people and just to be honest
with you I do what I love like how many people can say that they do what they love because
I’m going to start dieting soon I’m going to finish off my off-season with some wraps
and some of the things I dont normally eat because I know Chris is going to take it all
away soon some beef this one is for the dog we have an old dog
so we try to keep him healthy we cook all his food naturally grab some steaks because
that’s another thing I probably wouldnt eat normally during my diet so obviously some
chicken breast in the offseason you know if I want to have oatmeal potato or rice or whatever
it doesnt really matter but I got to have to proteins because the carbs are easy to
come by I guess you’d say I do IIFYM kind of thing in the offseason but it’s all still
within a set of clean foods like I dont substitute my carbs for oreos you know what I mean but
I have a set food list like all clean carbs potatoes pasta rice oatmeal cream of rice
and then I have my proteins my chicken my steak my beef my eggs egg whites and then
I just kind of eat what I want from that list throughout the day as long as I have a certain
number of protein per meal a certain amount of fats Yea I try to stay healthy man it’s
like you know when your younger when I was younger all I care about was getting huge
I didnt care how healthy I was all I cared about was getting as huge as I could as I’ve
gotten older I wouldnt say I’m the most health conscious bodybuilder I try to get it in when
I can I don’t use asparagus for the diuretic effect it’s one first and foremost for taste
I just like the it’s one of my favorite vegetables but um on the health side of it it’s a prebiotic
so a lot of people take their probiotics but they dont take a prebiotic so their probiotics
don’t do what they’re supposed to so you want to feed that good bacteria so you need your
prebiotics to feed the bacteria and asparagus is one of those prebiotics
this on the other hand isn’t something you’d fine people are buying or bodybuilders are
buying but its taste I love beets but also they really help boost nitric oxide they help
with kidney function and there’s a ton of minerals and enzymes that your body needs
in beets so it’s kind of a snack I guess it’s a high sugar vegetable so in between meals
if I’m hungry and I don’t want to reach for anything crappy this is kind of my go to organic
eggs there’s a debate about nonorganic or organic I choose to err on the side of caution
and go with organic eggs just in case these 2 cartons I go through easily I eat a lot
of eggs idk I find eggs easy to eat I dont think it’s the best source of protein the
bio availability if high in eggs but it’s not easy to get a large quantity of protein
you know it’s a high volume food you can get more protein out of a smaller amount of beef
but it’s just easy for me to eat so I go with eggs cant eat without it cooking spray I cook
everything with that I eat 2-3 hours that doesnt really change all year I mean there
might be a period of time where I slow down on the food just to give my body a rest just
cause you know eating every 2-3 hours isn’t actually healthy your body actually needs
to fast to regenerate cells and increase your immune system so eating every 2-3 hours is
great for building muscle but it’s not actually great for your overall health so there is
a period of time during the year where I might slow down on the food a bit but generally
every 2-3 hours and I gotta grab the detergent because one things for certain as a bodybuilder I’m doing like a load of laundry per day this is how it always is it’s just nuts I don’t know why I can’t explain it but no yea anyone who is on their way up and is going to turn pro soon and thinks they’re going to walk around like a big shot, no you’re not going to get shit you have to stand in line like everybody else I’ll be back here in a week guaranteed $358.60 cents that’s a cheaper outing normally I’m over $400 So that’s it guys, you came with me to costco you saw what I eat this is how I get huge thanks for watching until next time

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  2. I can't believe they can fit all that in their stomach. Eating for weight loss and I think it's a lot. Also love how he cares genuinely about his dog

  3. This is so interesting to me. I have NEVER thought about what a body builder eats and how much it costs on the regular…now I can’t stop watching these videos! So cool!

  4. Fouad your such a bullshit cookie cutter body builder.. you can’t even state facts your sounding like a wannabe nutritionist you overall don’t know shit about where the nutrients your getting are coming from in this video god damn. Get off the steroids and go natty that’ll loosen your moose eh

  5. I like Fouad and I appreciate him saying eating that much is not necessarily good for the body, you have to fast as well. If you aren't a beast like Fouad, you should not eat more than 2 healthy meals a day, maybe 3 if necessary really.

  6. I'm canadian I got to admit Tim Hortins is quite poo cofee it's very watered down and low quality "in my opinion" I think Starbucks cofee and premium cofee shops are a lot better

  7. Hes definitely the most down to earth BB ive ever watched online. Just binge watched all videos with him in it and I really enjoy them. Useful info with reality injected in the message. AKA, keeping it real.

  8. Costco is always crowded. Btw Fouad's goodies considered as my clean meal lol! Trying to eat healthy though

  9. The fun thing is most of the food you grabbed there are considered hazardous for our body. Eggs meat chicken and the fun off all is beside the fact that their all packed in plastics they filled with hormones so next episode you probably nee to go check your prostate since it will be rotten by now

  10. Everyone has their talents and everyone has things that they spend to much money on . For bodybuilders, powerlifters, strongman ,Olympic weightlifters we love food point blank.

  11. Tim Hortons science dept has done studies on addiction and people's habits…if you research whats added to the beans, will make anyone an addict.

  12. Awww that’s so lovely of him looking after his old dog buying him good food such s good hearted man ♥️


  14. I think Fouad is very humble smart positive and talkative person. He doesn't deserving that type of negative comments against him.

  15. Fouad videos are some of the best from Muscle and Strength. I always appreciate how informative he is.

  16. I hope you do regular blood work, consuming that much food. Saturated fats clog arteries, and you can't see it, often till it's too late. Just lost a good friend, a junk foodie. Never knew his arteries were clogged. That much food plus everything else, I don't see how you guys survive. But impressive physique.

  17. Just uploaded my first YouTube video on my channel, anyone is welcomed to check it out and let me know what you guys think thanks!

  18. if you really believe all that bullshit about your diet like it some sort of periodic table of elements. you just workout a lot.

  19. This guy speaks way too much Bio Chemistry type science shit, know's way too much about the body, it's crazy, I love it lol.

  20. I think we know the fuckin body builder shopping formula already.. it’s the same boring shit… ground beef, turkey, chicken breast, eggs and oats..

  21. If you could life drain a deer with some kinda magic spell it would help instead, just the going to hell part gets to me.

  22. ur costco is shit coz u live in a shithole like canada lol. all costcos dont have lines that big, tell macron to tighten immigration and u dont have to deal with insanely long lines whenever u go grocery shopping.

  23. Yoo that’s was a pussy move u went in side and took ur hoodie and cuz is cold u had to put it on 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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