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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey what’s up guys it’s your boy George
P the bull your 2019 classic physique Arnold Classic champion we’re about to
get some grocery shopping done we’re filming with muscle and strength we’re
gonna pick up some bare essentials from my local grocery store because as you
all know preparation is key so let’s get it all right so right now we’re at stop and
shop pretty much everything I need right here first thing I’m gonna pick up is some of my
spinach nature’s promise is a good is a good brand I usually get get that but
today I think I’m gonna go with dole baby spinach I just opened up the box
and just eat it straight up pick up about two of these so here we have
nature’s promise which is organic already packed up the bag of sweet
potatoes here you know some places you know you have to go and you have to you
know bag them yourself but this is already bagged so I’m gonna pick up this
here and as right now I don’t I don’t have to buy that much sweet potato
because right now because I’m trying to keep my weight under control I’m only
having about three ounces sweet potato for a meal which is not a lot I gotta
say when I got home the day I you know after the Arnold well I got back the next
week after the Arnold and I went got together with my friends and my family
and we uh needless to say I ate pretty much everything under the Sun you know
some people ask me what did I eat the question you should be asking is what I
didn’t eat because I had burgers fries pancakes and that food never tastes so
good I’m telling you you know so after the Arnold I put on about 25 pounds
that was a good rebound when I was dieting down for the Arnold most of my
meals almost all of them consisted of tilapia
so these bags right here tilapia filet and individually vacuum packs and
pick up about two two bags of these today when you’re trying to bring in that
extra detail white fish is the best way to go and I usually pick up a couple of
packets here these are chicken breasts here skinless when I prepare it I like to cut those
off those that fat off there you know you don’t want to take in that fat pick
up some ground beef I have one of two choices I usually go with either flank
steak or ground beef so I’m gonna go with the ground beef so right this right
here is a 85% lean 15 percent fat closer I get to a show I may go with a
even leaner percentage gonna pick up about two of these here today now this
is the fun part here you know it’s important to eat healthy but as you all
know you can’t eat healthy all the time you have to give yourself a break
shock your body a little bit so I’m gonna show y’all what I usually eat to
satisfy my cravings when I am it when I am able to satisfy them so I love me
some pop-tarts one my all-time favorites as a kid I used to go ham on these these
strawberry frosted pop-tarts so I’m just gonna get me a box of these so they’re
ready when I can’t have them and we already know can’t go wrong with some
Aunt Jemima original pancakes baby when I get to go ahead from coach that it’s time
though you know fill up on some you know some junk I break out the Aunt Jemima
she always comes through for me realistically because the way my
body works I’m able to have I can have pancakes once a week you know and it’ll
usually be either the day before I train legs or it could be on a day on a
day of training legs original pancake syrup you’ve got to have that there’s two things that
don’t go too good don’t go good together that’s syrup and sugar free keep those
two separately go to cereal Lucky Charms I got and I’m
very OCD when I eat my Lucky Charms – like what I do is I’ll I’ll eat the you
know the regular cereal part first I’ll save all the marshmallows to last and
just go crazy on them we just pay only $0.99 for a box of
Lucky Charms can’t beat that right there alright so we made quite a good haul
today not too bad actually came out to 112 dollars if it wasn’t for that
savings I made on lucky charms it probably would have been over 115 Hey
every cent counts right I’m gonna go straight debo I’m just gonna carry every
single bag for my car oh yeah feel the pump it’s your boy George
Peterson the third aka the bull you’re 2019 classic Physique Arnold Classic champion
and we just finished the day of grocery shopping preparation is key we got all
the bare essentials take this food home store it up and
we’re all prepared for the week

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  2. Man I love these series, I miss goin grocery shopping in The states. Sweden is so boring when it comes to this..

  3. For those guys who are wondering how on earth he eats pancakes and sugar cereal, good for you. You're obviously natural. Because the more unnaturally bigger you get, the more your muscles require FILLER calories, meaning once you hit your macros, you can occasionally use the rest of your calories for junk food, as your fat burning hormone is at it's highest after workout, especially when your're on gear

  4. Jesus some bodybuilders sure dont give a fuck about quality nutrition especially with the meat and fish

  5. This shows you how much genetics play a factor in bodybuilding. This guy,s diet is pretty laid-back and yet he’s ripped. I on the other hand haven’t had a pop tart in years stay away from the sweets and eat only organic and Fresh never frozen meats. Yet don’t look half as good as George Peterson 😕

  6. This is badass. Love how detailed these videos are and how he explains it throughout. Never thought of just saving the marshmallows for later, haha.

  7. I eat a lot of fish instead of red meat. But luckily I got a boat and can keep myself in fresh fish, no super market fillets on my plate.

  8. George is amazing man and very good bodybuilder. Do more video whit George. Good luck on the MR.O!

  9. The old pathmark in Springfield Gardens. Glad they never shut that place down. It was 24hr grocery getter heaven

  10. me: watch the whole video thinking he's 212 or open guy

    at the end: Your Arnold Classic Classic physique champion

    Wtf lmao, he's huge?

  11. Wow realest grocery shopping vid ever. He bought pounds of meat. Every other body. Builder buys cerial and chips like this is how I get my gains smh

  12. So I’m interested in building more muscle myself. Question I have is. What is the best time to eat more and how can I get more info on this topic? What are some good workout equipment to have at home to build more muscles??

  13. I like this guy not gunna hate…ok..a little hate. Where are the eggs? Oats? Rice? Shrimp? I thought he was shopping for his kids picking up cereal, pop tart and pancakes WITH NON SUGAR FREE SYRUP? MY ASS WOULD JIGGLE FOR A WEEK

  14. First time watching his videos, I just happen to click on this one, he's funny and informative. Gonna follow this channel and his IG.

  15. Great lean diet from George. Very true..It's good to have a cheat meal day every now and then. Shock your body a bit. Give it a little dose of food impulse. Satisfy your cravings, cos we we're all children once and had our favourite snacks and meals

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