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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

alright muscle & strength this is IFBB Pro Iain Valliere here we’re at sobeys its the local grocery store we’re gonna get some
groceries you guys can see what I get on a weekly basis here for the first
section here obviously we’re gonna come into will be like fruits vegetables I
mean I’m not you guys watch a couple of my meals the only really vegetables I
really eat would be asparagus you know sometimes I’ll be like a salad instead
but usually I just stick to asparagus I find it goes well it tastes good you
know easy to prepare I’ll just microwave it with some water just kind of boil it
quick I usually find that the easiest to do so I usually try and find
the ones that are the skinnier stalks but not like too skinny i dont know if anyone’s
ever bought asparagus at Costco and they’re like the size your thumb around
I’m not into that at all so like yeah that’s a good set there
I just find they cook a little better you get them too thick they start to get
kind of sinewy and they don’t cooked too good so we’ll grab two of those that’ll
last me a couple days yeah I think asparagus does kind of have a natural
diuretic effect to it I mean are you gonna eat a bunch of asparagus and all
the sudden be like show dry and ready to step on stage no but you know definitely
in peak week it’s something that’s a staple in really all my meals so you know once
we start doing like water loading and stuff like that or water manipulation I
really incorporate you know kind of like 60 to 80 grams of asparagus every meal
you know whether it’s making a gigantic difference or not hard to say but I mean
every little bit helps at that point so I mean why not eat it if it’s you know
anecdotally could help right okay we’re just gonna grab some sweet potatoes ones
that aren’t too weird a shame because you end up like cutting off these like
little nobies they’re useless so you know try and get ones that are kind of a
bit more normal shape so I have one meal a day that’s with
potato and it’s on my fourth meal of the day I have some flank steak and I potato
with that or chicken and potato depending kind of what when I training
I’ll kind of switch what time I have what but yeah I’ll have some of that
with one meal we’ll just get like two or three of
these like I said I usually chickens using my staple but sometimes I’ll work
in a little bit of ground turkey here and there just for some variety and then
we’ll grab some chicken here just regular breasts I mean these are what
kilo each so I’ll grab a bunch of these so this is what I eat my last meal so I
usually have salmon for the last ones I’ll do salmon with the asparagus so I
only have this once a day these ones look pretty nice I I bake it usually I
mean I’ve I have an air fryer and if you cut it um you know smaller chunks
and do an air fryer it’s actually pretty good but yeah usually baked it I mean
it’s just easier cuz you can pull out a full thing like this toss two of those
in the oven you know throw some seasoning on it and I find that’s pretty
easy to do so usually I’ll do it like that here we’ll grab eggs so right now I
only eat one a day so I mean I can just grab one carton that’ll last me a
while so these are the omega three eggs these the ones I usually get I go one
egg once a day that’s all I have I mean usually I’ll have more than that but I
mean fats will be one of the first things we’ll cut down you know because
they’re so calorically dense right so we start cutting those out a little bit you
know that’s a good way to bring down calories without taking a lot of volume
of food away so that’s usually the first thing that will go so condiment wise I
mean I think you all saw a couple ones I use sriracha always a staple you know
good I like some heat to my food so I usually add a bit of this and then the
other one I get here is the sweet and spicy yeah this one chicken is my
favorite I know there’s a lot of bodybuilders especially around here in Canada
where we sell this I don’t know if you got you guys have a similar one I think
in the US but but this is popular with a lot of bodybuilders I know I see I think I
saw this from and Antoine or one of these guys hat was using it soy sauce
here you guys saw I do this my breakfast with the whole eggs and the
rice and the chicken just kind of make it like a you know stir fry fried rice
kind of thing you got a bit of egg in there if I can find the kikkoman
that’s the good one it’s the one you want I don’t know if they got kikkoman
soy sauce and this is the normal sodium but I had the low sodium at home just
because I think that’s all they had last time I was here then and then rice here
so this is the jasmine rice so this is the one I usually use to get the big bag
I don’t know what this is 8 kilos or something eight kilos toss one of those now that’s
the Jasmine but I mean like there’s lots out there good kinds I mean you know I
know a lot of guys eat actually the sushi rice because it’s really sticky
and I mean you can eat tons of carbs really easily if you use the sushi rice
you know I’m not a big fan of brown rice I find a lot it that gives a lot of
people digestive distress so I kind of stay away from that you know but there’s
a million other ways to get fiber in your diet without fucking your stomach
up so I think that’s the best way to go so now we’re down the the No Go aisle
but if it was a an off season day I’d surely be grabbing a bag of Doritos I really
like these guys they’re pretty hot or just like for the old-school nacho
cheese I like those too but I mean honestly I would just try one of these
in a sitting no problem so those are good another one I really like too is you
guys you guys have these in the US Sun Chips yeah you got those Sun Chips are awesome
the harvest cheddar I really like those any one that’s like cheesy chips
like that I really like yeah I’m not into like the you know the more like
lays or like you know potato chip kind of ones I wouldn’t really go for
those usually but but ya no I like the the cheesy like you know tortilla more a
chip like that alright guys so that’s my grocery run
you know hope you guys learn something today and be sure to subscribe below

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  2. Nobody cares about these roidy, beefed-up bitches with such low self-esteem that they inject shit into their bodies, irrevocably altering their health status and ultimately resulting in an untimely death. Stop recording these insecure bitches.

  3. For anyone else who loves asparagus PRO TIP Don’t cut the ends off. Grab each end and bend and it will break at the fibrous part. Yes it takes more time but you will never have a tough piece. 👍


  5. I'd disagree with him on the brown rice; my only issue is that it takes so long to cook. But I guess it's his preference. I'd love to see a video where he goes on a full day of eating. 😋💪

    And if there's a chance that you could do a video special on his recovery from that horrible arm break that would be great. As a lefty a break like that would have been incapacitating for him, I'm sure.

  6. Kikkoman soy sauce is worldwide. Good shit! Btw I never see bodybuilders eating bulgur instead of rice, sometimes they eat quinoa or couscous but never bulgur. Why is that?

  7. Interesting that almost every bodybuilder eats jasmine rice. Even in contest prep. It has very high GI and when it's cooked it doesn't bulk up at all. I like basmati like Cutler was eating. 1. is from Pakistan. So lower in arsenic not like rice from Myanmar etc.. 2. white rice with lowest GI= you are not hungry 30 min after you eat it 3. it bulks up a lot after cooking. So you have more food on the plate.. 🙂

  8. Will you guys ever cover the diets or cheat meals of pro wrestlers, MMA fighters or boxers just so we can know how they differ from those of bodybuilders? 😁

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  13. I'm a little puzzled by the brown rice comment – how does that cause digestive distress for some people? Perhaps you can enlighten me

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    … just out of curiosity. Don’t have to answer if its private.

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