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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

all right we’re gonna get some
blueberries these are actually green initially they turn turn this color they
have this antioxidant compound in them called anthocyanins which are really
powerful very good antioxidants really good for your blood sugar I like them
from a longevity perspective too there’s quite a bit of research showing that
they actually help with your brain as you get older with cognitive function
and things like that and they taste good let me grab some
bananas bananas are really interesting like see this green here some of them
are really green that’s actually resistant starch so as they turn more
yellow it’s more sugar in them whereas when they’re green is more the resistant
starch just interesting but I like them because I feel like they actually help a
little bit with my digestion they do have potassium they’re kind of known for
potassium but it’s kind of overrated it’s probably around 10 percent of the RDA
but get some bananas sourdough bread is really cool they part
of the process of making it is they ferment lactic acid with yeast and it
makes acetic acid and if those of you who know apple cider vinegar know that
that has acetic acid in and which is supposed to help your blood sugar now is
that the reason why I ate this no I eat it because it tastes good I just love
the taste of sourdough bread all right so now I’m gonna pick up some
meat let’s see what we have here we have some ground bison we have some bison
patties we have ground beef that’s 90 percent lean this is the organic section
here I I’m gonna go with 91 percent lean I got something special for you next on
the list this is what we’re gonna have for dinner so bet you no buddy will
guess what I’m about to get so are we gonna get Vienna sausage no spam nope
I’m gonna get some canned red sockeye salmon I love salmon loaded with omega-3s very good for you good for your cell membranes good for reducing
inflammation just a great food I think associate of being a cans being bad
that’s not true it’s still this is actually wild-caught
which is a good thing there’s just there’s more bones and things like that
so people and those things actually are good for you but people are kind of
scared of them oregano is awesome it’s a really good
anti-inflammatory what else I have on my list here I’ve got turmeric turmeric is
like where you guys see the curcumin supplement it comes from this but
honestly you can’t get enough curcumin from just eating this on your food
that’s why you have take it in the supplement form really really good antioxidants
really good for gut health I just like the taste of it I’m gonna pick up some
garlic which is good for your blood pressure and in your immune system
garlic salt I think I’m going to get some cinnamon too cinnamon cinnamon is a
good glucose disposal agent so cinnamon is actually an ingredient in many of the
in many of the supplements that are kind of insulin mimetic type
supplements glucose disposal agents so that’s a really good one too here’s the
one I want to get right here pink Himalayan sea salt salt has
like this horrible reputation I don’t know where it started but salt is very
good for you it’s good for your skin it actually helps you not retain water
because it balances your minerals I really like salt it’s good for digestion
has a number of benefits too people just associate it with high blood pressure
and things like that I think I read somewhere that if you remove salt out of
your diet it can it can possibly reduce your systolic by one by one so if
your blood pressure say 125 over 80 it can go to 124 over 80 not a big deal but
people on low salt diets have a lot of them have problems their minerals are
messed up they get cramps their sodium levels in their blood is too low but
anyways I like I like sea salt a lot so I’m a big believer in salt and it helps
with your pumps too that’s always good I always like to mention oils too
because people wonder what’s good what’s bad this stuff vegetable oil shortening
I hate to say foods are bad but they’re bad they’re they’re not good I wouldn’t
cook with it if you want to cook with something this is good clarified butter
the saturated fats hold up well under heat they don’t go rancid like here’s a
walnut oil walnut oils that’s more polyunsaturated I would not cook with
that I’d probably put it on a salad avocado oil that’s that hot that holds
up under high heat that’s good to cook under with high heat plus it’s got a
it’s a monounsaturated fats really good for you then you see the coconut oils
down there coconut oil like people think it holds up under high heat it’s out
it’s actually meant more from medium heat but coconut oil is really good it’s
a good it’s a good antiviral antimicrobial just um some people put on
their skin some people put it on their hair but I personally like coconut oils
as long as it’s not hydrogenated like there’s very few things in a store that
I would say stay away from it this is the stuff I would stay away it’s the
vegetable oils this kind of stuff man is horrible
I’m gonna pick up some fage and when they make this they separate the liquid
whey out of it makes it real thick it’s lower in carbs it’s higher in protein
it also has iodine in it which is with your thyroid which I like and then it’s
supposed to have the beneficial good gut bacteria in as well and this one is
plain it’s not loaded with sugar so what I like to put in the fage is different
kinds of granolas and I usually like to get some that have like a dark cocoa in
it here’s a dark chocolate red berries made with cocoa flax and coconut so this
would be something that I like to put in the fage for flavor so we’re gonna pick
up some eggs I normally get these from a farmer but I’m out so I’m gonna get this
one here vital farms pasture-raised eggs I know these are good because I bought
them before and the yolks are real orange when the yolks are really orange
it’s full of carotenes which is really good for you plus they just taste a lot
better I’m gonna get some raw cashews now
they’re not really raw they have been cooked the difference is
like if you got the regular one they roast them they put a little oil in them so
they basically roast them twice so my buddy Scott Stevenson made popularized
sorbet so I’m gonna get some black cherry and I used to use this night
before a show I would eat a whole thing very it you can have a lot of
carbohydrates they go down real easy there’s 32 grams in a serving and
there’s four serving so that’s a lot of carbs that go down real easy easy on
your stomach a good way to carb-load so that’s one of
scotts secrets that I’m sharing with everybody I don’t think he’d mind tho yeah a lot of people have they’re eating
these kind of designer ice creams I just don’t do real well with some of the
sugar alcohols it’s one of those things I think you just got to try it as long
as you do okay the sugar alcohols you’re okay
kinds of upsets my stomach a little bit but I’d rather just see regular ice
cream I use a 90/10 rule so if your diet is on target ninety percent of time the
other 10% of the time you can have some fun you can have a little ice cream I
probably have some peanut butter chocolate ice cream but I tell people
you know don’t be afraid to have something you’re craving don’t worry
about the nutritional value just make 90 percent of your diet you know really
really solid then you can have some fun all right so there’s our trip to
Kroger’s we didn’t get a ton of food but um I usually don’t get a bunch at once
because I change what I’m eating quite a bit so these are the things that I’m
kind of in the mood for these next couple days and when I come back here in
three days I might buy totally different foods but I hope you enjoyed it maybe
you learned a few things maybe inspired you to try a new meal or something
else new but thanks for watching and as always subscribe down below

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  1. We'd like to give a HUGE Thank You to John Meadows for collaborating with us. He's a legend in all aspects of the industry. Make sure to give him a follow on his own YouTube channel (MountainDog1) and other platforms listed below:

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  2. I am not really into bodybuilding but I read John's life story and he is a very admirable and good man with extreme will power. 95% of men in his life position would have ended up dead or in jail. He is one of the greats. He took the hand life has given him and played his cards right.

  3. Guys go check his yt channel, John is full of knowledge and is one of the few fitness/Bodybuilding youtubers i really trust. Learnd alot of things from him that o apply not only for myself but for the people i train as well. Huge props for Muscle and Strenght for making a vid with John. Well done!

  4. This guy is my favorite. He describes everything in a simple way. Also, it would be awesome if you guys would put each person’s grocery list in the description 😬🙃

  5. sourdough breads and other pastry products supposed to have sourdough starter, water and salt init and nothing else. Anything with yeast/baking powder is not a sourdough product.

  6. Nice guy, very knowledgeable! Would love to see more, how did he get his knowledge? Did he do a specifiek education??

  7. You need to go grocery shopping with the guy who started it all in terms of the fitness industry on Youtube. I'm talking about the one, the only, the Dark Lord Spaniard DSL, the man getter, Jason Genova

  8. Bro if you cared about your health you would follow the Aajonus Vonderplanitz diet…. maybe you didnt know about him but know you know

  9. 3:00 Cans are bad they leech toxic chemicals and plus its cooked so its like double cancer. When you cook meats especialyl fish you can make the mercury become volatile and very dangerous to consume. If you eat it raw its fine and actually beneficial at helping detoxify your body. Read Aajonus Vonderplanitz….

  10. finally!!!! thank you for mentioning bananas are over rated for potassium….. potatoes have like 3 times as much

  11. I am the same because I cannot eat the same food over and over and so I find myself going to the store every three days . Good vid bro learned a lot!!

  12. Mountain Dog is amazing THE BEST youtube Bodybuilder age 50 +
    He s been Bodybuilding since 30 years. So he knows STUFF

  13. only eating 130 g of Carbs per meal. Keeps your Blood sugar low which increases your Natural T. Its like a Shitty version of the Keto basically with Guys like me that have no money for the REAL Keto.

  14. YOU need to eat 5 g of Salt to produce Enzymes and Hormones EVERY DAY. To much Salt is a Problem like 1 to 2 Teaspoons per day.

  15. IF You lift heavy in the Gym you can have a Dunkin Donuts Brownie before the workout NO PROBLEM. since you burn the caloriess anyways. when your workout is like 70 minutes
    50 seconds Rest between Sets. Thank me later. You ll have Insane Energy.

  16. This is the best shopping with John that has been filmed to date. It hits on a ton of really high quality, well-researched information. If you pay attention you will learn more about nutrition in this video than in years of research.

  17. I like John, he is honest and straight to the point in everything he talks about. He is a walking encyclopedia of bodybuilding.

  18. Turmeric is still a thing? It has been proven almost useless. 0% fat yogurt is fake af. And raw nuts are one of the worst things you can eat.

  19. He got the wrong type of cinnamon, you need to ceylon and if it doesn't say it specifically its cassia. Also Himalayan pink salt has had a problem with heavy metals and toxic substances safe at NO LEVELS. A better alternative that's easy to find is Celtic sea salt. Other than that cool vid!

  20. Love those grocery shopping videos !! Definitely do some more with this guy. Very interesting and has good tips and knowledge

  21. Love those grocery shopping videos !! Definitely do some more with this guy. Very interesting and has good tips and knowledge

  22. Personally, I find everything that John Meadows posts to be both helpful and interesting. He just has a nice, calm, pleasant way of explaining things. I always enjoy his posts. Thanks.

  23. They don't touch milk or dairy products WHY?
    Most videos who show Strongmen going to supermarkets or bodybuilders going to supermarkets they don't touch milk or dairy products. WHY?
    My endocrinologist said : milk will produce mucus in your intestine and will not absorb food.

  24. Would really love for them to show how they cook their meals with the groceries they just bought like they do in “Big on a Budget”

  25. Sourdough bread is mainly wild yeast and lactobacillus. The sour flavor is from lactobacillus producing lactic acid as it consumes nutrients in the flour. Acetobacter produces acetic acid from ethanol; it isn’t involved much if at all in natural sour dough bread.

  26. 1- teaspoon of cream of tarter has more potassium that 10-12 bananas and you avoid the sugar.
    Salmon and sardines wild caught in water 👍🏻
    Turmeric 👍🏻 , garlic powder is better than garlic salt, Himalayan salt 👍🏻, black seed oil 👍🏻
    Cook with ghee, avocado oil, olive oil. Unsweetened almond milk add to grass fed whey ( add some of the love crunch) 1/4 cup then blend on a bullet or ninja blender. You forgot the freaks on isle 2 left side middle shelf

  27. Damn the most informatic grocery video ever… i feel like im going to some kind of school trip or somthing… i learn a lot :v hahahaha

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