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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

when I was first coming here they were
asking me if I thought if I was having a party or I was stocking up that kind of
thing because I was buying so much of it but I would just tell them every time
that no I’m just getting food for a couple days what’s up muscle and
strength this is Brian Shaw four-time world Strongest Man we are on the way to
pick up some food from the store so hopefully you guys enjoy the video well I just kind of start and go in go
through here I just kind of have a loop that I normally make through the store
now that I know where everything pretty much is so we’ll go into those go into
the refrigerated section here and grab some stuff the first thing is baby
spinach and then the next one is carrots so
again I will throw in help about three to four those baby carrots in a meal and
again do that probably about three times a day as far as fruit is just orange juice
that’s normally what I do and then I throw in a little bit of cranberry juice
as well but outside of that no like I’m not eating strawberries or or anything
like that no all right so this is this is a staple of my diets ground bison I
go through this a lot of this normally they they asked me at checkout I guess
they don’t do it anymore because I’ve done it enough now but when I was first
coming here they were asking me if I was if I was having a party or I was
stocking up that kind of thing because I was buying so much of it but I would
just tell them every time that no I’m just getting food for a couple days and
I think I think they they thought I was messing with them first but I kept
coming and kept doing it so I think they kind of started catch on that I eat a
lot of bison I weigh it after cooking it’s all cook up
you know either burgers or just in a pan it kind of depends on my schedule but
yeah I definitely definitely eat eat a lot of it for sure all right so next is
ribeye steak it’s one of the things we’ve switched out I was I was doing a
lot of sirloin steak initially with my diet and we’ve now
added in just and it’s just for the extra fat from the meat so it’s it’s
actually been great throwing that in no chicken yeah think it’s just you know as
Stan would say it’s it’s just a good better best scenario and chicken
certainly is more on the good side than the best side so just bang for your buck
red meats gonna pack a lot more of a punch especially for strength so pre-cooked bacon
I would love to probably have the stuff you have to cook but I just don’t have
the time to do it so I get the precooked you know honestly I try my best to take
some time out you know on a couple different days during the week to pre
cook everything because it it makes it so much nicer to just have it all done
and ready to roll typically I buy all of my rice in
50-pound bags and then go through it like that so it’s a big stock but I
typically keep keep at least you know if I’m running low one I’ll buy another one
so I’ve always got at least fifty pounds of rice ready to go everybody’s everybody’s always
fascinated yeah yeah strong man yep alright guys that’s gonna do it I’ve got
the groceries all loaded up ready to head home hopefully you enjoyed this
look into what I buy at the grocery store

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  2. Strongest man: no I’m not sittin their eating strawberries and stuff

    His cart at 3:01 says differently 😂

  3. He could do raw bacon. Just throw it on a sheet pan in the oven at 400° for 15-20 minutes. Reheats very well.

  4. Have you ever thought about going to the stockyards and just buying a steer then having it custom butchered would honestly be cheaper with the amount you go through

  5. God what if u were a new staff and the first person you meet is him like Jesus u be like hmm I think I should eat more

  6. He buys normal food, I buy organic most of the time. Maybe they think I'm a fool.
    Rice is always organic, salads always, chicken always, mince meat always bio, eggs organic. Many vegetables I buy them organic. Bread not organic.
    I wonder why I spend so much on bio while he eats the chemicals and he's fine.

  7. …Did I just watch you pour in a cups worth of room temperature chicken broth into a bowl of rice…? What in the actual? Lmao that's interesting

  8. hey brian shaw i have a question for you,are you relatedto deckard shaw,owen shaw and hattie from the fast and furious movies

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