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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

If your new year’s resolution is to be a
healthier, smarter you, then you are in good company. In order to maintain a healthy fitness
regime though, what’s in your workout bag is just as important as your workout itself. Tossing a bunch of things into it at the last minute is the worst thing to do, as there will always be something that you have forgotten at home. In order to save you from all that frustration we’ve put together a list of necessary workout essentials, so you can be sure of a top notch workout! You don’t want to start your workout smelling like it has already been completed nor do you want to to leave the gym and go meet your friends smelling as if you’ve just completed a plumbing job Hence it’s important to keep a deodorant or antiperspirant in your workout bag at all times. You know you are going to sweat, so why not go prepared to make sure the discomfort of a sweaty face doesn’t get in the way of your push-ups. Always carry a small clean hand towel in your bag. Pilates or yoga socks which have non-slip bottoms can be pretty expensive, so here’s how you can make you own anti – skid sock. Use a hot glue gun to paint some fancy design onto the soles of your socks. Allow it to dry and your anti – skid socks are good and ready! The socks will provide for you, the grip you need to hold poses and maintain your
balance. It’s helps to have a hair tie or headband
in your gym bag so that your hair is not all over the place and distracting you from your workout. When your hair is neatly pulled back, it helps your mind stay focussed on the task
at hand. Never underestimate the power of baby wipes. Use them to wipe off sweat and clean your face post your workout as it reduces the chances of body odour and keeps you fresh for at least a few hours Researches have shown that cold water gets absorbed faster by your body than normal room temperature This helps prevent dehydration caused due to the excessive loss of water in your body So a simple way to always have ice cold water with you, is to fill half of the bottle with water and place it horizontally in the freezer
overnight. In the morning fill the rest of the bottle up with water and your thirst quenching,
icy water is ready. No matter how coordinated we are, accidents can always happen. A first aid kit full of plasters, antiseptic and bandages is a must. Also throw in some sanitary pads, because honestly, aunt flow always comes into town
when you least expect her. Now that you’ve won half the battle by packing
all the right essentials, the only thing left to do is go and have a fun and effective workout. Until next time, stay tuned and stay GLAMRS.

24 thoughts on “Gym Bag Essentials | What to bring to the Gym

  1. Great video. Whenever I go to the gym, I always forget something. It's so annoying.. and it's always something essential. Thanks for the video. Loved it xx

  2. Well.. There's a suggestion.. Why to be so uncomfortable while making the videos? Please behave like a normal person. There's a lot of drama. So please calm down. Well love Glamrs ❀

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