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100 thoughts on “GYM DISEASES | Are You Infected??

  1. what about instagram slut model disease and I believe it's spreading like a wild Fire common symptoms are adding prefix as fitness in their insta profile name, going to the gym with camera growing a pair of fake ass and taking pics of naked ass in the gym and selling fittea in insta .

  2. When finished doing back you see them flying towards the rack holding on to the rope cause they cannot hold the weight 😂😂

  3. buff dudes forgotten about those old topless men in the gym seriously seeing that old wrinkly ass body is fkn enough to make you wana vomit and no muscle whats so ever on em and dont forget those bastards who frken take the machine right before your gonna jump on i call em leeches they wait till you make a move

  4. Every dude my gym has ILS. And there's one of them who's just fucking extreme, he's a skinny fuck, always walks around with his stupid arms flared as hell…

  5. People who plug their phone into the gym speakers and proceed to play their music as loud as possible! It's almost always the same ghetto rap and dubstep and EDM crap too! Message to my generation – if you're gonna play your music loud enough to make me death through my earphones at least play something that's actually good!

  6. O can't stand the scrawny people with ILS everywhere at my gym.  I just hope half rep grunting isn't infectious, it's been at the big chain gyms for awhile

  7. Hahah speaking of shitty range of motion, those guys who bust out 60 continuous reps of looking like they're having a seizure?

  8. There's a few 140 pounders at my gym with ILS. 2 rules, under 200 lbs get some fucking sleeves on your shirt. And any man under 200 lbs is a woman.

  9. DFV is a very bad virus, it stands for dogshit form virus, experienced gym people have built up an immunity to this virus however it's easy for beginners to fall victim to. The cure is to simply git gud.

  10. You left out phonitus. A horrible mental disease that infects people with the delusion that they can lose weight and or achieve huge gains by doing nothing but sitting on the benches and other equipment and playing with their phones for hours on end.

  11. after 2:31 I had to stop and boil my phone, call Mike Tyson have him bite my ears off, and pour acid in my eyes

  12. Saw a guy today so huge he wasn't faking it the guy litterly could not wall through doors right at the gym.

  13. Hey fellas love the channel that lat disease is contagious round here you guys give good advice and your funny as fuck keep up the good work now I'm off to become a buff dude👍

  14. Ha! He almost broke character when the dude came at him with the rubber band. Way to stay in character, bro.

  15. Yesss Lmfao this is exactly how one of my buddy’s are but he’s in denial and I made him watch this video and he still does the same shit I.L.S is one of the main things I see everywhere lol

  16. At work during crib ( lunch ) all the young blokes pull out bcaas protien shakes pills spend half an hr talking about what they are taking not even knowing what they do and why they are taking them ive heard them talking about therw training and seen it first hand they dont deadlift squat anything .that would be a gym desease for sure taking every powder and pill out there but hardly training

  17. Mutated Machinitis: Symptoms include using machines to work body parts for which they were not intended. Example: Tricep pushdowns on the assisted chin up foot rest. You name the machine, someone has invented a new and unintended use for it.

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