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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

We’re going to talk about
strength equipment now. Moving onto some of the cable units
that we have. The first cable unit we have right here is what
we call the four stack. There’s four different
stations on each side. You have on the first side right here you
have your basic lat pull-down. All your weight increments go by
15. If you’re using the weights and let’s say you’re on 70
lbs. you get like twelve, fifteen reps and you don’t
want to jump all the way up to 85 lbs., we have your increment
weights right here that will be hanging on these knobs, you just
place it right here on the guide rods, so you got the 5 lb. on
each one so you can go up by 5 lb. increments if you want to
and then just put it back here on the pegs when your done. You
got your water bottle holders here. You have your leg
adjustment here, same thing it is always going to be color
coordinated in yellow so just pull out the yellow knob here,
adjust it where it’s comfortable. Now there are a
couple of different options here, you have your basic lat
pull-down bar. We have two different slots; the reason why
we have two different cables is some folks might want to do like
a basic maybe a one-arm or independent-arm movement so you
could take this off and if you wanna do one arm at a time you
gotta get a better isolation, you can grab these knobs right
here. Then you can do one arm at a time. A lot of the serious
weightlifters like this one because it’s a lot better
isolation. We have that set up on both the lat pull-down and
seated row on the other side, so that’s the lat pull-down. On
this side you have your tricep press down. This one goes up by
10 lbs. so again you have your increment weight here hanging on
the knob just place it right here on the guide rod and then
you have all your attachments here, so if you want to do your
tricep press down, hook it up here and then you do your tricep
if you want to do it facing this way or you can do it this way
with your back against the pad. So take care of that in a
minute. Moving onto this side you have your seated row, so
again you can either do the seat row with the one with the one
handle like this and basically you would just plug it in hook
the bolt attachments up here or just like we did on the lat
pull- down. You have your independent arms so start here;
see here, do this way or you can do one arm at a time. Same thing
as the lat pull-down it’s gonna to go in 15 lb. increments
so you have your 5 lb. increments here on the two left
knobs. On this side this is just a basic adjustable pulley so for
anybody who wants to do just you know you can do tricep press
downs by lifting this all the way up you are going to have
your left knob here move it all the way to the top if you want.
If you want to do like a one arm press down you can do that if
you want to do those or you can adjust it all the way down, you
can do side raises, so it’s a hundred different movements you
can do on this one it just matters how creative you want to
get, but that is the four stack. All your benches here are going
to be similar as far as adjustments go. Your
multi-adjustable bench here see the adjustments right here; seat
back adjustments right here, same thing on this one over
here, and same on this one here, and then you have adjustable
decline bench over here. You can adjust it right here at the top.
Oh yeah this is the ab crunch bench; so if you have plates
there will eventually be plates up here I’m guessing so you
can load plates up here if you want to add resistance to it.
Start right here it’s pretty basic. Oh, one other thing too
is you’ll have on most of our stack equipment you’ll have
kind of a card here to kind of give you an idea of how to use
it; and it will show you kind of highlighted which muscle group
you’re gonna be hitting. So that’s all the strength
equipment upstairs, the next step we’ll move on downstairs
to the select drives equipment. Next step we’re gonna be
covering our strength equipment on the bottom floor. You have
your all your pin loaded selectorized equipment lined up
in this area here and I’m gonna start you out and show you
how to set up the strength equipment giving you idea what
muscle groups you’re working and also talk about the rep
counters and timers we have built in all your selectorize
equipment. This first piece here is the tricep press. One thing
to remember is that when you see our selectorize equipment it’s
gonna be color coordinated, so if for whatever muscle group
your working, if you’re working an upper body it’s
gonna be in yellow. When you get down to like the leg groups
it’s gonna be in purple. You get down to cores it’s gonna
be green. Inside the workout card it also has a picture of a
person actually using the machine as well to kind of make
things easier and to give you an idea and example how to use it.
The biggest thing to always remember is when your using any
strength equipment start out with as light as you can and you
know if you can get 12 to 15 repetitions pretty easy then you
know to take the weight up, but always if your not advance and
you’ve never used stuff before always start out as light as you
can to get the form correct and then take the weight up. One
thing to remember as well when you’re making adjustments look
for the yellow knobs so on the seat adjustment you’ll notice
at the bottom press down here, real easy to move up and down.
You have your weight selection here; again it is pin loaded so
you’re gonna have the main pin for whatever weight you want to
start out on and then just like upstairs when we talked about
increment weights you have an increment knob here so these go
up by 10s. If you don’t want to go by a whole 10 lbs.
you can start out by 2 1/2 lbs., 5 lbs., or 7 1/2 lbs., and then
if you feel like you got enough of that then you move it back
and then just go up here to 10 lb. increment. So the tricep
press is pretty simple always remember pads are there for a
reason so if there’s a pad there keep your body up against
it. You can either hold it here do a press down in this motion
or you can hold it up to the front and just kind of a
different isolation area in your tricep. Your rep counter is
gonna be built in right here so you can look over and this is
gonna count your reps here to the side and then you’re gonna
have a timer here and one neat thing about how this timer works
is it actually counts how long you’re taking in between each
set. So if you’re on a strict workout schedule and your only
want to take 45 seconds between each set you can keep track of
that right here. Also too, the way it resets, as soon as you
start your set back up the timer is going to start over and then
your rep counter is gonna start back keeping track. And then
once you begin once you drop it back the timer will reset and
will time how long you’re going to take between each set.
But a really neat thing about how we developed this is we
don’t allow you to cheat so we set the magnets in position
inside all the shrouds in a certain spot so if you’re not
doing a full extension it’s not gonna count that rep so
let’s say you start here and you’re only doing this your
reps aren’t counting. When you do a full extension now it’s
counting, so that’s the tricep press. Every piece of pin loaded
product in here is gonna have the same exact features as far
as the rep counters, the timers, everything. You got your water
bottle holders up here, a little spot to put your IPhone, IPad,
or whatever, and then you got a little towel holder here you can
hang your towel and stuff on. So fancy smancy. Next step you’re
gonna have a leg press and again what I mentioned before is we
color coordinated each muscle group so now we’re in the leg
category. It’s gonna be in purple, same thing it’s gonna
show you the workout card, how to set it up kind of giving you
an example. The main thing on this one is you wanna be able to
get a full extension so first thing you wanna to do when you
set this up is make sure the seat is aligned properly to your
height. This is gonna be your adjustment right here, just
press down that yellow knob and you can adjust where you have
the seat position. So you want to be able to get a full
position, a full extension so I would start for my height I
would start it right about here and then I might be a little bit
too heavy, come all the way up never lock your knees, come all
the way down then you want to get a full extension and not let
the weights clap obviously that way you keep the muscle engaged
and then put all the pressure on your heels so real simple on
this one. You have your increment weights here as well
and your pin loaded up as well there. Moving along is the leg
extension, the same thing it’s gonna be in the leg category so
it’s gonna be in the purple. You have your rep counter here,
timer here, same example how to use it here. You wanna always
make sure when you’re doing the leg extension that your knee
is lined up right about with that yellow joint right there.
So notice the way I’m sitting on this one right now my knee is
sitting pretty far back so I need to move the seat back some
so there’s a knob here on the left that you can pull back and
then you can move the seat back just like that, it’s pretty
easy even without getting up. So this is gonna be more for like
your how far your range of motion is so if you wanna to get
kind of a short range of motion you can move it all the way back
to the five or the four. If you want to get a full range of
motion put on like on the one or the two and same thing you have
all your weights here and increment weights here. Do a
full extension all the way up, it’s real simple, so that’s
the leg extension. Next up you got your seated leg curl, same
leg category so it’s gonna be in the purple. Have a seat here,
this gets kind of confusing for some people because some people
sit on this and then they put this foot on first and they
can’t figure out how to put this one on so always remember
left foot goes on first on top of the pad, then your right foot
and then you wanna make sure this pad is on top so you
don’t slide so there’s a yellow knob here, you’re just
gonna just pull push it in press down and make sure it is locked
just like on the leg extension you can adjust your range motion
with this knob here so once you start out just push down, so
it’s real simple once you actually get locked in but a lot
of times when people see it it’s kind of confusing once
you get on it first but again your range of motion is really
going to depend on how much of an extension you want and then
you also have another knob here. This is mainly to position where
you want to lay your leg. I always recommend making sure
that pad is right on your heels, so that’s the seated leg
curl. Next up you have your hip abductor/adductor. This one same
thing leg category so it’s gonna be in purple. If you wanna
work on the outer thighs you sit down both feet in between each
pad here. You can adjust your range of motion here by pulling
up on this knob the yellow knob on this side and you just put it
on how much of an extension you want to get. Same thing here you
wanna put your feet on top of the pads here, 10 lb. increments
here, 2 lb. increments here and then if your gonna be
working inner thighs you’re gonna have the hip abductor so
that’s your range of motion adjustment there. Same thing you
got your rep counters, pretty simple. Next up your gonna have
your shoulder press. Again, color coordinating, it’s gonna
be upper body so it’s gonna mean yellow, you have your two
different hand grips here. It really just depends on which
part which part of the shoulder you want to isolate. You got
your seat adjustment here in the middle just pull up that knob
here, so once you get your weight comfortably where you
want it you can either push up here or if you want to get more
of a inside grip hit more of the front belts, keep your elbows
in, that’s going to be the shoulder press. So not a whole
lot of adjustments on that one like some of your leg equipment.
Next up is gonna be your chest press, same seat adjustments
here. Now, one thing to remember on the chest press just so you
can get that full extension; it has a knob here to change where
you want your full extension so for guys like me who have really
long arms I’d have to have it a little bit further up, people
with shorter arms press down you might move it back a little bit
just so you can get that full extension. Push all the way out
back in, real simple; so that’s all your G7
selectorize items. Again, keep track of the timers, keep track
of the rep counters and hold yourself accountable so it
won’t let you cheat. Especially for beginners it’s
pretty cool. Moving on after the selectorize products you’re
gonna have all your plate loaded stuff like up here. This one’s
gonna be like a lat pull-down, it’s a diverging pull down so
you can do independent arms. Once you guys get your plates in
here, you’ll load your plates up right here, you’re gonna have
your leg adjustment here just like the lat pull-down we had
downstairs. Once you get it in place you can do one arm or you
can do double arm, so that’s the lat pull-down. Next is the
incline press, load your plates up here, you’re gonna have a
seat adjustment down here at the bottom, it’s gonna be your
yellow knob. This is gonna hit more of your upper chest, so
that’s the chest incline chest press. This is gonna be your
plate loaded seated row. Seat adjustment is gonna be right
here. Remember always there’s a pad keep your body up against
it so keep your chest up against the pad, you can do several
different grips here, you can do side grips or you can do the top
one here, it just depends on which part of your back you
wanna isolate, so that’s the seated row. You have another
adjustable decline bench here just like you had upstairs. This
is gonna be your preacher curl bench, so when you all get your
barbells in here you can do all your preacher curls, if you have
dumbbells you can do them here as well too. Next here you have
your multi-adjustable bench which is gonna be for several
different movements if you want to use dumbbell press. Utility
bench; real simple for a lot of you folks who like to do
shoulder press with dumbbells. Next to that one you have your
plate loaded leg press and this is gonna be for mostly for the
serious weightlifters. You’re gonna load all your plates here
to the side, you’re gonna have a seat adjustment so depending
on your height; you can set it up there. Highly recommended
that if you’ve never used this before, start out with no
weights on it at all, get the movement right. Once you get in
it get your feet about shoulder width apart, you’re gonna push
up pull both handles in to free it up, you can pull all the way
down to get a full extension. Then when you’re done just
push both handles on both sides back out and it locks back in,
so that’s the leg press and last but not least the
functional trainer. This is a very complex machine as far as
how many different exercises you can do on it, there’s quite a
few, it really just depends on how advanced you are or how much
you’ve fallen off along the workout parts we have on the
board there. I’m gonna move this bench out of the way and
I’ll show you some things you can do on this one in just a
second once I show you how to set it up. Just like on the
other equipment you got your yellow adjustables here so you
pull this in adjust the pulley wherever you want it. You have
your accessory right here so you’re gonna have several
different accessories that you’re can hang here like for
triceps; you got your handles for like lat pulls or lateral
raises. This thing swivels so when you turn it around you also
have a bunch of other different accessories on this side you
have like a golf handle for those of you who are doing
athletic training in here. You have a baseball bat handle as
well. But the cool thing is you know if you want to do any more
specific movements you can put this baseball bat handle here
and you can practice a lot of your swings here. Just like that
so each cable has a 4-1 ratio so you can do it’s built for
close movement. If you have the room and you want to use it for
that advantage you can walk out 16 feet of cable, so it’s a
lot different from a regular cable crossover, but you have a
couple of other features on the other side you got integrated
footsteps so you can pull this out so for those of you who want
to do pull ups you can either climb up and you can use the
regular pull up handles and we also have rock climbing handles
up at the top as well. So this pulls back up and other
movements you can do on this like let’s say you wanna do a
bench press you can get these right even, you can plug this
these this bar into each cable and then you can move the bench
inside and you can do bench press. You can do squats on it,
you can do lunges on it, several different movements you can do
on this and we’ve given some examples on the swiveling board
just so you can get some ideas of the different exercises you
can do. Then when you’re done just hang these back up here and
that’s the functional trainer. And then actually we did leave
off we still had two more units over there in the other corner
with the Smith Machine and then we have your basic squat racks
we’ll move onto that and wrap up. In the corner over here you
have your power station for you serious weightlifters out there
who do any, who like to do squats, bench press, you can do
bench on this one, just depending on where you have the
safety bars set up. You have your pull up handles at the top.
This is your seated calf so you can sit down here, load your
plates on each side, sit down here where you can adjust your
leg, adjustments there, once you pick it up, this is actually
suppose to sit up like that, that away you can get into it
easier, so once you pick it up just move that to the side and
you do your calf raises on it. Smith machine you have basic
cable set up. You can do squats on this, you can do bench press
on this, just depends on what kind of movements you like to
do, and then you have your power station here as well too the
same as that one right there. Can you show us how to adjust
the safety bar? Pull this up right here, pull that out and
then once you set it to whatever height you want it, just place
it inside the hole here and then you wanna hook it right here.
Always make sure that when you’re doing any movements
always make sure your safety bar is always level to match on each
side. Then last over here you have your Olympic bench, so a
lot of guys like to do free-bar bench, this will be where you
have everything set up, you’ll have your bar here, you’ll
have your bottom or top peg just depending on what kind of range
of motion you like to do and
00:23:55,733 –>00:00:00,000
that wraps us up.

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