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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– So, now I’m heading to film a commercial to help out my cousin Blake. You guys may have seen my
videos before where I’ve spun around on the AllCore360. This commercial is for that. They’re having all sorts
of different athletes go on the AllCore360 and yeah, I’m gonna do that. – [Mom] Should’ve seen how
covered in chalk she was. – We haven’t been here before. (group) – [Woman] Thank you. (group) – You did well. You brought the right kind
of clothes, thank you. – I’m gonna wear my plum leo and shorts. – I’m gonna wear my plum leo and shorts. – [Woman] Yeah, you got it, that’s it. It’s a good look on her. We’re gonna do a few shots
of the machine alone. Then after that we’re going to
start doing individual shots. (group) – Okay so I have my hair and makeup done. And this is the first
outfit that I’m wearing. Yeah, now we’re gonna
go out of the bathroom. How do I look? (laughs) – [Mom] Perfect. – [Dad] Is that your makeup?
– Yes. – [Dad] It is? I thought we forgot your makeup. – I wore mommy’s makeup ’cause you forgot. – [Mom] Mommy remembers the makeup. – This is my cousin Blake. He’s my favorite cousin named Blake. – [Dad] So you’re making
a commercial today? – Mhmm. – [Dad] By Blake’s company?
– Mhmm. – [Dad] And what do they do? – They do ab workouts on this machine that spins around like this. – [Dad] And how’s the
different than sit ups? – ‘Cause it works all
the muscles in your core. – [Dad] It’s like the
front, back, and sides? – Mhmm. – [Dad] Okay. – [Mom] What’d she miss like?
– That’s pretty good. – [Mom] She get the 30 second,
three second commercial. – That’s pretty darn good. – [Mom] Who else is here
today? So we’ve got a gymnast. – Bodybuilder, Cougar, who’s a wheelchair athlete and then Beth who’s a yoga fanatic. – [Woman] She’s like, “Uh, sorry I have to hang
up and get this call.” – [Man] Yeah, I know she hung up on me. I was looking at Camila, I
was like, “That little turd.” – [Mom] She had to hang
up on a lot of people. (group) – [Dad] Maybe you could
see who’s stronger, you or the bodybuilder. – No, he’s obviously stronger. – [Dad] Bet you can’t
do a pressed handstand. Ask Blakey where they’re gonna show this. – Where are you gonna show this? – On the Nebraska, Iowa
game on November 23rd. – [Dad] Do you know what network that is? – I believe CBS. – [Mom] We gotta name for
that game, what is it? – Go Cornhuskers! – No, it’s on Fox, it’s on Fox. – [Whitney] What is that called? – I don’t know, is it called Farmageddon. – Researching, called Farmageddon. (group) – Ready? Go for it. – Hey, I’m Taylor. – Hi. – Let’s use the ring. – [Woman] Also, there’s no
sound so if you guys wanna talk, you’re welcome to talk. (group) – [Man] And then grab your ring. (group) – You’re fine, we’re good. Cut there. Straight, I got it, I got it. Alright, we can strap her in and get her (mumbling). So, if you’re up a little
bit, it’s gonna go like this. (group) And just keep looking forward. (machine whirring) – [Woman] Whitney, you’re crushing it! (group) – [Mom] Amber are you doing it? At that level? – [Woman] Yeah, I don’t know right? – We’re going down to zero. – [Man] She was trying
to tell me it was easier. She did say that. (laughs) (group) – [Man] Now Whitney makes
it look pretty easy. (group) – [Woman] That is an epic zoom out. (group) – [Dad] Was she suppose to be smiling? – [Man] Nope, go ahead,
another one, she’s done. She’s done, she’s done, sorry. – [Dad] AllCore is all business. – Good job. – [Dad] How’d it go? – Good. – [Dad] Did it hurt your stomach? Your core? You feel like you gotta work out? – It hurt my neck. – Good job. – [Dad] Good job, girl. – Thanks.
(laughs) – [Dad] Wanna go meet
some of the other guest? – Sure. (group) – [Mom] Oh yes. – [Girl] A fashionista. (group) [Blake] How many can you do? I used to be able to do 10 but now I can (mumbling) – [Dad] So you’re all done? Are they gonna do anything else with you? – I think they’re gonna do one more but they want the same clothes. Yeah, same clothes. – Andrae. – Hi.
– Nice to meet you. – [Mom] So what’s your story Andrae? – I’m a professional bodybuilder. I spent eight years in law enforcement and I decided to do something different. So I’ve been in fitness for 23
years and a couple years ago, I decided to go out on my own and just kinda get into fitness and kind of get paid to do it. So now I do it professionally. – [Mom] I would’ve never guessed. (laughs) – Let’s have a flex off. – [Mom] Alright, flex off. Alright, Whitty, you gotta go. Nice. – Yeah, yours is bigger than mine. – [Woman] Yes, yes, yes, I’m
coming, I’m coming, I’m coming. (laughs) – [Mom] 1, 2, 3. – [Woman] I love it! (group) – [Mom] I gotta zoom in on that bicep. See that bicep? Whoa! – [Mom] What else Whitney? You wanna challenge him
to a press handstand? What you got? – You need to try a press handstand. – What is a press handstand? – [Woman] Before you say
yes, I’m gon’ need details. – Hi! – [Mom] Aw, so cute. – [Woman] Come on Bear. – [Mom] He’s like, “I wanna be famous.” (group) – [Woman] So can you do that again? I didn’t know that I wanted to video that. – [Mom] Do like two. – [Woman] Wait, can you
move to that ladder. Can you do it right here? – [Dad] How many times do
you think she can drop? – [Man] She’s done 10 in a row. Is her elbows hurting? – [Mom] Alright, Andrae, what you got? (group) – [Woman] Unbelievable. (laughs) – I can’t even lift myself up. (laughs) – [Mom] Alright, so you’re one to one. You’re tied. He won the pose off. Whitney won the presses. (group) Can you do it?
Is your elbow okay? – Yeah.
– [Mom] Yeah? Good? She’s healed now, she
just may not be as strong. Oh, you’re good. – [Woman] Oh, my gosh,
get your butt down Andrae. Foot up, foot up. – [Man] If y’all wanted
a pushup contest, dang, I could do this. (group) – [Mom] Blake, you
wanna do some leg lifts? – [Blake] No, I’m good,
I don’t wanna do any. – Yep, wait on your, there? (laughs) – [Man] Nice and smiling. – [Mom] Full body workouts today. (group) – [Dad] You can’t compete
with a turkey sandwich. (group) – Hi.
– I’m Cougar. – I’m Whitney, nice to meet you. – [Mom] So Cougar, can you
tell us about yourself? – Moved to Atlanta for Shepherd Center, that spinal cord rehab from St. Louis, which where I had my injury
about five years ago. I jumped into a pile of
snow and broke my neck. Paralyzed from the neck down, couldn’t even shrug my shoulders. A year of therapy in St. Louis and then therapy since then
and I did my first marathon and then therapy since then
and I did my first marathon on my hand cycle Sunday. – [Mom] Full?
– Yep. – [Mom] You did a full marathon? – 262, yup. For the Marine Corps Marathon in DC. – [Mom] Oh, that’s
suppose to be a good one. – It is fun.
– [Mom] That’s awesome and what was your time? – 3 hours, 15 minutes. – [Mom] Okay.
– Can you even run a marathon? – It was amazing meeting
you. You’re so inspirational. – Thank you. (crowd) – Alright, thank you guys. – [Dad] Bye. – [Mom] Bye Bear. – So we just finished with
the AllCore360 commercial and it was super fun. I got to meet so many amazing people. I met a bodybuilder. His name is Andrae and he was so nice and was very strong. And this is his Instagram. And then we also met Cougar,
who is a very inspirational and very talented paraplegic athlete. and very talented paraplegic athlete. I’m sorry if I said that wrong but he just recently ran
his first full marathon and that’s just incredible to me. So make sure you check him out right here. And then his Facebook as well
is the same thing I think. So, shout out to both these people. It was so fun meeting them and now I’m heading to my second practice. And yeah. – [Mom] Got a good ab workout too. – Yeah, I got a good ab workout too. Half of my face has
makeup, half of it doesn’t. No makeup. Makeup. (happy music)

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