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hey guys what’s going on it’s mark from
superhuman fitness and as you can tell from the title we got some habaneros in
this bag right here so basically what we’re doing is I’m gonna be benching
right and then this man you gotta take this before but like this man’s gonna
feed me a habanero or like two or three however many I can take basically while
I’m done she’s gonna be like benching I don’t know what weight yet we’re gonna
find a good way I might be ranching isn’t like I’m having my mouth nobody’s
I put in a habanero while I’m like reppin it out and these are hot like
I’ve had a ghost pepper I’ve had habaneros I’ve had like everything but
these like ghost peppers you can only have one these like if you take one one
hurts really bad and then two is when you die so I’m probably I do like one
while like actually like wrapping it out and then like maybe one more just like
before like another exercise I don’t know we’ll see during the video but yeah
I’m gonna drink some right now if I can open this bro bro bro okay I can’t even
open it loose that’s gonna be done to the person
that’s gonna be hard I’m actually to try like the one rep
before I try out what is that that’s why it’s hot ever it’s like a hell of an
arrow might not sound too hot until you have it I don’t think if you got that
because I’m thinking like not 25 so like it’s
not that bad but like that sir I don’t know madam what a will people people
abandon what you’re doing bro how are you gonna eat we’ll go for a big one I don’t know for what right you can’t hit the wrong water bottle man
the water makes it worse my legs like they’re bad but they’re like not
horrible until you take it while you’re gone she ain’t like drips down into the
barrel like my throw burns more than my mouth
about me another one that one right there that’s the biggest
one you see that so I don’t know what happened we had a
big pepper and then a video like something out of the stores or whatever
and I’m like dead right now I think my face is pale I can’t talk I feel weird
but it doesn’t burn sorry yeah I don’t know what happened my
lips are dry faces pale I don’t know how much your quarter but just please like
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2 thoughts on “Habanero Pepper Gym Challenge (Gone Wrong)

  1. You're crazy man! That's challenge was insane haha! Thanks for stopping by my channel. I got you subbed at number 166. Let's get you to that 200 mark. Hopefully you will sub back. Cheers !

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