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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Today we are going over a leg workout
that specifically for the glutes and hamstrings so stick around we’ll be
right back. (Intro) Hello world, my name is Leah Atz welcome back to my channel where you
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A nice backside is not only aesthetically pleasing but glutes and hamstrings are
all a part of that posterior chain. Having strong glutes and hamstrings is
really gonna help you in a lot of your big lifts like deadlifts, squats cleans.
Less talk more working out let’s get right into it. Using a leg press machine
but placing your feet up high onto the footplate. The higher placement is gonna
put more work on the hamstrings and glutes. You’ll notice that the top of
this movement I push off of my heels. You don’t have to do this but I feel when I
do this I get a little extra umph on my hamstrings. We’re gonna isolate those hamstrings and
perform a single lying leg curl superset it with a leg curl using both legs. I
perform the exercise using my left non-dominant leg first then it switch
over to my right. Immediately after I add more weight to
the stack and do the same exercise but now using both legs. This here is a warm-up set.
I place my upper back onto a bench and have my feet under my knees. Set a
barbell on to your hips. Think about driving your pelvis up to the ceiling.
When I add more weight I’ll put a pad under the bar, at the top of the movement
I pause and I squeeze those cheeks together. I don’t know what you call this. Donkey kicks? Either way I have straps on my ankles and connect a cable to it. I
grab the pole to stabilize myself I put a slight bend in my knee just to make
sure my foot doesn’t drag on the floor when returning it back to starting
position. The key is to keep your upper body upright and to not lean forward.
Holding on to the bar is gonna help with that. Also don’t bend your knee at the
back part of motion. During my workout I hit likes twice a
week always going for working on quads hamstrings glutes calves and also trying
to hit lateral movements as well because we’re not always fixed into a certain
plane. But there are times when you want to just work on one muscle group this
is why this video. If you have any questions make sure you leave them in
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a massive brain fart. Wow. there’s a fly in here Oh it’s going to bug me. No pun intended
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