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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hi it’s Tracy and welcome back to my
channel and today we are going to do the hard core workout so I’m going to teach
you a series of exercises that are really going to challenge your core work
your abs so if you’re new to my channel hello I’m Tracy and I put a brand new
fitness wellness and lifestyle videos every single week so make sure that you
subscribe to my channel so that you never miss a workout so let’s get
started with your hard core workout okay so the first exercise that you want to
do we’re going to lie down on your back you want to have your legs about hip
width apart here have your knees pointed straight up to the ceiling here your
elbows are nice and wide you’re going to inhale and then exhale curl up now you
have seen me do this a million times but there’s a reason for that why because
when we have our legs straight like this you’re actually going to keep your
pelvis in alignment so therefore you’re going to work your abdominals so much
deeper so how many are you going to do these well a lot so I would say 20 to 40
of these okay next exercise is that seven exercise until exercise number two
is going to be there’s two options here I’ll show you the the easier version and
then I’ll show you the more complicated so easier version is you’re going to
inhale exhale curl up as you kind of cross the ankles here you’re pulling in
your belly extend the legs out so important that you pull in your belly
for your back again inhale exhale pull in as you curl up and then lower if you
want to make it even more challenging have fun with this inhale exhale pull in
and sit all the way up here and then slowly slowly roll down it’s all about
control okay alternating legs exhale come all the way up and then lower all
the way down now if it’s that one especially if you’re doing the full
sit-up I would say about 10 to 15 is enough okay third exercise here start
off with your legs straight up up to the ceiling your knees straight up you’re
going to inhale exhale externally rotate as you curl up now a couple things to
note this elbow is not on the floor not letting it help me this leg is
externally rotated I’m really pulling in my belly and then you’re going to lower
down other side curl up and then lower and each time when you lower the leg
down you’re going back to parallel it’s really important okay so a set of these
is one and two okay so you want to do about 15 to 20 of those sets okay so
next exercise are slow bicycles not a fast bicycle like this that
doesn’t really do anything I want it to be slow controlled really focused here
okay I’m really drawing in the belly I’m keeping my elbows wide and I’m also
keeping my pelvis still that’s very very important okay next exercise is one of
those challenging one so let’s start off with parallel legs here okay you’ll
inhale so the easier version is inhale exhale draw the knee in as you pull in
the belly the knee is coming towards your nose and then you just extend that
leg out other side pull in and then lower you’re really going to see how
that activates your lower ab if you want to go for the gusto
I’ll show you you’re going to inhale exhale pull in and sit up right up on
your sit bones and then slowly slowly roll down alternative sides okay keep
the belly pulled in you don’t want to just use pure momentum you want to use
your hard core all right so if you’re doing this full sitting up I would say
ten one on each side is certainly going to be enough okay and then lower and
then our last exercise here is a plank so you’re going to come up on all fours
here all right have your hands right underneath your shoulders extend through
the ball of one-plus extend through the ball of the other foot hole in your
belly super super tight here really that contraction hold now how long do
you stay here what do you want to work up so if you’re not used to doing planks
maybe you’re only going to do 20 seconds maybe if you’re a little bit stronger
you’re doing 30 seconds or minute some of my transformers in total body
transformation they have been doing planks every day in a challenge and some
of them are up to over three minutes absolutely amazing but planks are great
because it’s such a full-body exercise so when you do planks every day you will also have
any hard core so that was it that was a hard core workout and I really hope that
you felt your abs if you did make sure to give it a big thumbs up so if you are
wanting more and you know you are then I hope that you become one of our
transformers in the transformer tribe join us over in total body
transformation and guess what girlfriend it’s free to start we can start your
transformation for zero dollars so here’s where you get every single month
you’re going to get a calendar fully laid out for you by me telling you exactly
the workout to do to get the best result it’s all full-length workouts and if you
struggle with consistency you’re going to get an amazing community of women so
that you’re actually held accountable so that you really stay consistent and get
the workouts done because that’s what really is going to make the difference
for you so I hope that you join us over there you’re going to absolutely love it
make sure you say hello when you do and I’ll see you next time okay, bye


  1. I love your videos so much! I am a busy college student and need quick workouts between classes! I know I can get an amazing fast workout with your videos! ❤️

  2. Hi Tracy!! Love your ab workout and all your other workout videos will try this hopefully I look just as good as you. You're the Best!!💕💕

  3. So glad I've found your channel! I have started a fitness program, and have looked all over youtube for videos that appeal. Your videos tick all the boxes for me, and I can't wait to get started!

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