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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Liz here from as always teaching
you how to get a tighter body on a tight schedule, and today I have a hardcore body weight core
workout for you. Liz here from as always teaching
you how to get a tighter body on a tight schedule, and today’s workout is a hardcore body weight
core workout, so let’s get started. The first exercise is going to be a push up
into a side plank with a reach, so this one’s a little in depth like 3 moves in 1. So you’re
going to do the push up, come in to a side plank, reach, open up, go back down, push
up, take at the other side, open up, reach, come down. You’ll do 5 of those on each side. Next, you’re going to come in to a high plank,
and bring your knee outside your elbow like doing a spiderman plank, but then you’re going
to alternate, in and out, and you’re going to do this 10 times, 10 total in and out on
each legs, so in and out, 10 times total for total 20 reps. So that’s your Spiderman plank,
going in and out of your leg. Next exercise, I don’t know the real name
for them, but I call them “bad girls” and you’re about to see why. You’ve two options
here: If you have lower back pain or anything like that, come down on your elbows; if not
you could just stay up in the air, but you’re going to lift your legs up the ground, straight
them out as much as you can, keep your feet flex, and you literally going to open and
close. What I really want you to concentrate on here is engaging through your lower ab,
squeezing your inner thighs. If you’re keeping your arms off the grounds, again engage, tuck
those abs, open and close. You can see why I call them bad girls. And then last and certainly not least, are
going to be plank jacks. One of the best ways to tone your core is to obviously boost your
metabolism and gets some conditioning going. So hight plank position, out in, and you’re
going to do these for 30 seconds. So you’re going to loop all those exercises
with their individual rep counts and all that together as a circuit, you’re going to repeat
it 3-5 times, and again like with many of my workouts they’re short and sweet so you
could either tack it on, you could do couple of them together for a full workout, or it
could just be a quickie workout on a day when you don’t have much time. So if you like the hardcore body weight core
exercises, go ahead and make sure you give the video a thumbs up, leave a comment, subscribe
to the channel, let me know what else I could do for you here on the YouTube channel and
on the blog, and I’ll see you on the next one. Alright, what are these exercises…
Press a push up to side plank with the reach… Spiderman plank…
Bad girls, plank jacks… Alright that’s great…

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