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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Sean Nalewanyj, and this video
here is just a quick follow up to the video that I did a couple weeks ago where I talked
about dirty bulking and where I talked about why it’s pretty much always a bad idea assuming
that you’re goal is to build a lean and muscular body and why lean bulking with a
smaller calorie surplus will actually help you make better progress in the long term. And that’s because your body can only divert
a limited number of calories toward muscle growth in any given day and any excess beyond
that is just going to be stored as fat. And the more fat you gain the longer you’re
going to need to spend dieting later on to get rid of it and the worst you look and feel
during your actual muscle building phase. There were several comments on that video
basically agreeing and saying that dirty bulking isn’t a good idea for most people but saying
that it’s something that hardgainers can do since they generally have a tougher time
gaining muscle. And the truth is that within the lifting population
hardgainers or ectomorphs which will just define as those who have a naturally thin
bone structure with below average muscle building genetics who don’t gain weight easily, they
generally are going to be the most likely to follow that dirty bulking approach because
they have it their head that since they have a fast metabolism and because they don’t
gain muscle easily that they need a bigger calorie surplus in comparison to others in
order to pack on size. Now, someone who is naturally skinny and who
doesn’t gain weight easily they might have a higher resting metabolic rate than the average
person, in which case they would have a higher calorie maintenance level and would need more
total daily calories in order to build muscle consistently. However, the actual size of your calorie surplus
as a hardgainer, meaning how many calories you eat beyond your maintenance level and
your actual rate of weight gain from week to week, that shouldn’t be any different
and it shouldn’t be increased just because you have a harder time getting muscle in general. Again, a bigger calorie surplus beyond what
your body can actually use does not equal more muscle growth. And a hardgainer isn’t magically going to
be able to divert more calories to muscle growth just because they’re starting out
on the skinnier sign. In fact, if anything someone who has below
average muscle building genetics would actually want to be even more cautious with this because
their body is likely going to divert fewer calories toward muscle growth than someone
with average or above average genetics will. So just because you’re a hardgainer and
maybe you’re able to eat higher amounts of food without gaining weight that still
doesn’t mean that aimlessly stuffing your face all day with high calorie foods and weight
gainer shakes and eating to the point where you’re completely stuffed and feeling sick,
it doesn’t mean that that’s going to be a good idea. Again, you might need more total food on paper
in order to gain weight, and so maybe you might end up incorporating a higher amount
of less clean calories into the mix to help you get there but it still has to be kept
within limits. You still need to figure out what your daily
calorie maintenance level is, which is how many calories you need to eat each day to
maintain your current weight, and then just create a small calorie surplus beyond that
to support muscle growth. And then from there just focus on slow, gradual
weight gain so that the maximum amount comes in the form of actual lean muscle and the
minimum amount comes as bodyfat. I’ve just seen it way too many times where
a naturally thin guy wants t bulk up as quickly as possible, he just feel skinny and just
desperately wants to get bigger so he goes way overboard on calories and eats everything
in sight, maybe packs on like twenty pounds in three months, basically ends up just looking
like a fatter version of his previous physique then spend another two to three months cutting
and then realize that he only gain a couple pounds of actual muscle form all of that hard
work, and then he doesn’t really look that much different at all five or six months later. When instead he could’ve just maintain a
smaller and more controlled calorie surplus, took things slowly and spend that entire five
or six months making consistent quality lean gains without the need to go off track doing
a full cutting phase and without letting his body go, basically, to crap along the way. There’s no way around the fact that muscle
growth requires time and patience, and if you’re a hardgainer it’s going to be an
even slower process. You absolutely can still make significance
gains overtime and build a great physique but you have to be patient with it and you
have to be willing to commit to this for the long term. It’s not going to happen in a few weeks
or even a few months. If you really want to make a serious transformation
depending on how much you’re wanting to gain and your bone structure, you’re probably
looking at around a year or two years in order to really add some noteworthy size to your
frame. That’s just the way it is. So whether you have average genetics or below
average there’s no way to rush the process, find out how many calories you require to
maintain your current weight. If you identify as a hardgainer or as an ectomorph
and you’re probably still a beginner at this, and in that case about three hundred
calories or so on top of your maintenance level would be a good starting point. And aiming for about half a pound of total
weight gain per week but also recognizing that the longer you’ve been training, the
slower your rate of weight gain is going to come. But the bottom line is that force feeding
yourself using a dirty bulking approach is just, in my view, pretty much never going
to be the best way to go about it for the average trainee and that applies to hardgainers
as well. Lean bulking will probably allow you to gain
more muscle in the long term, since you won’t have to divert nearly as much time and effort
to cutting, not to mention that cutting is pretty tedious process in the first place. And you’ll just look and feel better throughout
your entire muscle building phase both physically and mentally. So, thanks for watching, guys. I hope this was helpful. If you want to get a complete step-by-step
plan to help you maximize your genetic muscle building potential in the most efficient way
possible while staying lean, including a fully structured workout plans, meal plans, supplement
guides and one-on-one coaching make sure to head over to
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73 thoughts on “Hardgainer Diet Tip For Ectomorphs (1 Big Mistake To Avoid)

  1. good info. a friend of mine does the weight lifting with me. I told how much to eat and what to eat and in total its like 3500 calories. and he whining about how much he needs to eat. da fuck, its not a lot. i dont get this, he likes to train and want to get big but cant eat barely 4k calories! i wish i could eat that much without getting fat πŸ˜€

  2. Good video, should you add all the condiment calories, like ketchup, mustard or just estimate it to be around 300kcal, give or take?

  3. I either eat to much or to less on a daily bases.. seems most of my added weight goes to my belly. I'm lean most of every where else tho. I do manuel labor 12 hours a day.. so some days I need 4,000 calories to get through my day.. But sometimes I can run on 2,000.

  4. Nice video Sean. Really important to note the length of time it will take to make noticeable gains for this body type (me). Just maintain focus and commitment…. its a long game!

  5. hard gainer must be a sign of low stomach acid, low stomach acid equals less absorbtion of proteins and carbs.

  6. I was wondering if it's a good idea to do a cut if I am only at 1year and 3months of lifting. I was a hard gainer when I started, I am currently sitting at 183lbs and I can see my 4pack without flexing but it's definitely still covered in a little bit of fat, while my 6 isn't showing what's so ever. Is it smart to do a cut at this point? or would that be damaging to my gains at my level of experience in the gym?

  7. hey Sean could you do a video whether a person can reduce fat and build muscle at the same time(cut and bulk). most channels say you can't, but they don't give a reason to why not. Thank you in advanceπŸ˜…

  8. how can i find 5,000 calories? I actually need 4k but it's close to 5k calories. How can I get that much in only one day? that's too much to eat and to consume in one day.

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  10. Sean, your delts are capped! Maybe you can create a video guide on building delts like yours? Exercises, frequency, volume etc.

  11. Great video as usual Sean. What are your thoughts about programming? In terms of structure, progressive volume, deloading, post deloading. I find i might be overcomplicating it all

  12. Great video, as usual, Sean. A few questions please:

    1. Should the lean bulking surplus be calculated in terms of percentage of maintenance calories: e.g., 5%, 10%? Or would you simply recommend a flat surplus of 300 calories regardless of one's maintenance calories?

    2. How much should the surplus change as a function of training status (e.g., from the 1st to 2nd and 3rd years of consistent training)?


  13. hey Sean, this is a question I've had for years but I've never found an answer to – if you did the eat stop eat diet, and ate at a 200 calorie Surplus 5 days a week but fasted the other two days, couldn't you gain muscle and lose fat at the same time? This would be for someone primarily interested in losing body fat, but wants to maintain or even gain a little muscle. Obviously a straight surplus would be better if you're just trying to lean bulk.

    But Imagine someone with a maintenance of 2500, who lifts Monday and Thursday. if they fast on Monday and Thursday and only eat 300 calories before bed, but eat 2700 calories the other 5 days, their average daily calories for the week would be 2,000. So you'd think they'd have to lose fat.

    But at the same time, you've structured it so they eat a 200 calorie surplus for 48 hours straight after each workout. Fast Monday, lift Monday night then break the fast with a small meal, and then eat at a 200 calorie surplus Tuesday and Wednesday, which should be enough to promote muscle growth since that's the period when the muscles grow – the first few days after a workout is when protein synthesis is spiked and they're rebuilding.

    Wouldn't this be an optimal way to cut because it might actually allow you to put on a little bit of muscle while losing the fat? You'd have a surplus when you need it – for 48 hrs after the Monday workout and 72 hours after the Thursday workout. but by the end of the week, your average calories would be the same as if you ate at a 500 calorie deficit every day, so you'd obviously lose fat. I hear people talk a lot about calorie cycling, and eating a surplus on lifting days in a deficit on rest days, recomping, etc. but I've literally never heard a person ask what I just asked.

  14. Hi Sean. Please do a video on how skinny fat Ectomorphs can "redeem" themselves due to all the dirty bulking done previously. Many would have taken heed of your advise should this video been uploaded earlier. Lol. And Im sure many regretted it & are finding ways to cut, but desperately want to pack on muscles at the same time. That includes myself.
    Please save us Sean really.

  15. if ur open to the possible explanation for this dirty gain myth, look, the thing for hardgainers is that they have the stomach size and appetite of a mouse.. so telling them to try eating more food (i.e. dirty gain) might help their body adjust to consuming the large amount of meat needed for gaining muscle. So my point is that though dirty gaining doesnt directly lead to gains, it might just help.

  16. sean u dont have a video about ketogenic diet?…i want to try that kind of diet.,.but im afraid i develope high cholesterol…idk how to start…

  17. is skinny-fat actually a body type? or just a category of people from all body types that have been far out from training and eating properly?

  18. Hi Sean I'm about to buy your program but Id like to know if the meal plan is tailored and customized to daily consumption please help

  19. Hey Sean , could you make a video explaning how long does it takes to get great body , not decent but verry good body , tnx man keep up πŸ˜‰

  20. hi Sean..can u make a video on insulin sensitivity and insulin resistance..and how cardio affects this..i am confused about this..thanx

  21. Hey sean. 2600 is my daily calories to maintain, what will you recommend to have low fat with greater muscle gains. Im clean bulking. But my weight keeps going down. Now im underwieght.

  22. accurate information.. calorie surplus and shock your muscles to grow.. I'd add that each workout session shouldn't really be over 1 hour… "It takes about 90 minutes of low-intensity exercise to deplete glycogen stores, according to Iowa State University." since us ectos don't want our body to try and pull energy from our muscles during a workout.. is that accurate?

  23. I just discovered your channel man and damn you might be my new favorite fitness channel. No bullshit, no stupid gym culture crap, and absolute boulders for delts to show for it!

  24. am a hard gainer like to top of hard gainer I had about 4years in the gym and nothing some brahs come after me and they are bulk, to be onst am thinking of quieting, πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

  25. For a beginner, what is your views on them using a beginner routine such as starting strength, stronglifts 5×5, or ice cream fitness 5×5 for their first period of training?

  26. Calories are useless (up to dangerous). There are known numbers of daily proteins and fats per person, so only ingredient one should worry about is carbs. Carbs are the key for hardgainers because of catabolism (high metabolism will eat your muscles back), so ectomorth needs to use carbs at right time (and as for everyone they must be slow carbs! fast carbs, more fats or protein are all useless calories that one would try to "reach"). Unsaturated fats, D vitamin and creatin are best friends / gain triggers.
    PS Do not use Gainers because Dextrose is fast carbs too.

  27. Lovely video content! Excuse me for the intrusion, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you heard about – Chireetler Deepest Relaxation Rule (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for learning to grow muscle when you are naturally thin without the normal expense. Ive heard some super things about it and my buddy at very last got amazing success with it.

  28. yeah we have to train harder,but nobody would prefer to be anything other than an ecto.Mr olympia crew ,those fluro orange dickless cunts,well,we get their women..Ecto,s have the best genetics.Im 6,3 so ahahah got lucky there also

  29. Dear Sean, I'd like to ask about something I am experiencing right now. I've been gradually climbing out of a deficit trying to find that sweet spot for the roughly 300 grams of weekly weight gain, but over a few weeks and months I got the impression that this point is a moving target: First my weight went up, then it stalled, so I pushed calories up, weight went up … stalled … perhaps you see the pattern. Now I am wondering: Is it just that I haven't found my true maintenance level yet, or was my first maintenance maybe lower than usual because I had just come out of a longer diet? Or is there an adaptive thermogenesis factor where your body is trying to "waste" energy as you overfeed? Then there's that NEAT phenomenon … but personally I don't feel like that much of a NEATer. What would be your opinion of that issue – is there a clear cut maintenance point for everybody which we just have to find one time and then eat a bit above it – or is maintenance a moving target and I'll have to keep piling up more and more food on my plate? Thanks, also in the name of every other hardgainer watching this. πŸ˜‰

  30. I’m 17 and I’ve seemingly got an ectomorph structure and I’ve just started eating loads more to try and build up my appetite in the past few weeks and going to college most days from 1-430 and my diet has been kind of varied and I’m wanting something a bit more structured and something I can keep control of, I’m just wondering what I should/could be doing to eat during the day, like what meals I’d need to prepare in advance, what meals I can have at home and just what I should typically eat on a daily basis to put the size on, I worked out that to gain a pound of muscle a week i need to eat 3000 calories

  31. Idk what you talking about. I was stuck at the same weight for 6 months along with hitting the gym 5 days a week. Wasn't getting stronger or bigger. Until I started eating like a horse and starting gaining muscle mass. Ectomorphs won't see gains without enough calories or protein regardless with how many times they hit the gym.

  32. This is just superb, I been tryin to find out about "stuart mcrobert hardgainer routine" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Yeyandon Hardgaining Transformer – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my friend got amazing success with it.

  33. It’s always was hard tracking calories trying to figure out whats water weight or not mine always fluctuate especially in creatine

  34. What works for some might not work for others, I was super skinny about 10 stone and gained 3 stone over a couple years during on off dirty bulking, a lot of which was fat but it enabled me to lift more and push more weights. I started to cut and do plenty of cardio, still doing weights and whilst maintaining a decent amount of calories. I'm now roughly just over 13 stone and have an outline of a 6 pack. So it got me there, that's the issue with hardgainers, they need to get there first, doing it your way they most likely never will

  35. Eating like shit help me alot of gain muscle, you just gotta keep lifting heavy with the right form and more reps

  36. You are 100% right from my point of view.
    I bulked with just slightly increasing the calorie surplus because in the past I just bulked with 500+ calorie surplus and I had belly because of it.


  38. Good job sir your the only one that speaks the truth and i agree as i had changes after i got this advices from your video and i realized that even doing more deadlifts and squats helps more for hard gainers. Thanks for sharing your knowledge πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

  39. I did it Sean is right. My body fat is nearly 30 per cent.I am a female average weight all fat following a dirty bulk it had terrible effects on my health. Hardgainers have to eat clean be reasonable. I got thinner while gaining at first then got crappy advice it was too late as I was wearing baggy clothes and I hit 33 per cent body fat. I got out of resistance training leg exercises and sit ups which made it worse. My running doenst cut it now, my metabolism slowed way down. It isn't hypothyroid. It was a bad move for me. Running 6 miles a day I am lucky if I lose a half a pound a week. I have to do biking and weights, I need to learn how to change it up. The bulk added fifteen percent, I got bad advice. Its cost me money and my sanity almost. This month I stopped adding inches but it was tough. I was afraid Id be bigger. I am risking diabetes and am very annoyed I was very very lean 15% and ity destroyed my appearance I added 6 inches in places. It isn't something you want to screw up. I went from attractive jeans to free size and outsize clothing-that said many are unrealistically small. Can lose weight but I cannot reduce body fat as I have started gaining weight very easily. I am now in my 3rd year looking like this. I am gradually doing more of what I did at my leanest so hopefully.

  40. I will put a pic up I dirty bulked for the first few years and it worked better for me then anything and just cause u no what your talking about the fact is what works for you is not the same thing that work for me there no rules in this what works for u works I’m not saying eat burgers and fries but I used cereals like kids eat lots of bread steak pasta with Alfredo peanut butter lean pork and so on

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