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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

what’s up YouTube welcome back to hardgainer fitness I’m Jalon thanks for checking out the
vlog this is the very first vlog in the Hardgainer Transformation series this is basically this gonna be
me showing you what meals I’m eating my workouts how I make the meals what I’m
buying for groceries all like this stuff just showing you at least once a week
I’m getting ready to get back on another journey trying to gain more weight so
I’m currently sitting at 159 pounds I just got done weighing myself and this is
basically the beginning of my journey so this is my first meal today
you saw me making this smoothie I usually make a smoothie every single
morning before I go to work or else when I get home from work I don’t feel like
cooking when I first wake up in the morning so I start out together probably
about one o’clock more 30 ish I usually work out so it’s really important I get
a good meal full of some good carbs in that way I got enough energy for the
workout I got to November we in April right now I got seven months before I
get out of the military I want to get up to about 185 190 I want to get to 190
but thirty pounds is a lot in seven months that’s like my stretch goal but
my real goal is probably like 180 185 ish what we gonna see they want
I’m just taking drive my day at least once a week and show you how it’s going
so uh let’s get the day started doors already started let’s get the day
going no sorry yeah let’s go check it out listen to the spell I guess
some cuties yesterday some peppers some great some eggs and some meat go check
it out don’t sleep on the rice cakes it’s
because we skinny right I take in about 80 grams of carbs 80 carbs every meal
one stack of these joints got 77 carbs right so just because you’re skinny
don’t think you can’t eat something like this I can eat an entire bag of Lay’s
potato chips in like 20 minutes and did not eat nothing else so I use these as
an alternative for childhood I just don’t want to eat like a ricer song
because I be eating rice all the time take out a stack of rice cakes that’s
all the problems needs one due to these and you know we eat a lot of food it’s
not enough to grocery store all that’s honey you know I’m saying like splitting
all your money like I got money like that being broke I got one of these from the store to
1999 they come already three years old are you oh no this is myth number two of
the day it’s about 11:30 right now I got two egg sandwiches and a stack of rice
cakes but I want to tell a story real quick this story is about what made me
really start to say hey I need to start eating right I need to start working out
and I got a younger brother and he’s 7 years younger than me my younger brother
is bigger than me right I think he was probably like 192 in the president
anyways I went to go visit my mom’s and she got these realized ceilings upstairs
and it was a spider on the wall so my mom’s like get it but I couldn’t because
I couldn’t jump up there and grab it and my mom said ain’t Nick why don’t you
just pick him up and I’m thinking okay no big deal you know picking you up like
put you on your back or something like that look he picked me up with two hands
like I was a kid held me up in the air I mean you would have thought I was like
Simba from Lion King he picked me up like with two hands and
held me up in the air like I was a baby you know how violated I felt I’m a grown
man right about now and I thought to myself like that’s horrible like I can’t
be that small but I don’t go around that time I was working with my dad
and people who knew me would come into the shop and they’d be like are you are
you eating too much that’s when I was like yo something gotta change
it was like five months later that I had gained those thirty pounds and I went
from 29 to 160 and it’s not like I wasn’t working out because I worked out
all the time crazy right anyways I got to get to this food but
anyway so today we supposed to do hamstrings
let’s give me oh yeah you know what time it is no that’s now it’s holidays so
much just got back from working out the
workout really wasn’t that bad we supposed to only do a hamstring so
I’ll be ended up doing chest did benchpress and then we did a
something else – that wasn’t hamstrings I don’t remember but y’all know cuz
ya’ll seen in the video like two seconds ago
ah anyways I’m about to eat and I’m making rice right now so I show you how
to meal number three right now meal number three laters I got two of them
things green and pink but to smash all my calories for the day right here all
right now but rude oh he’s got my number three right here Arielle so this is Mila number three for
the day let me tell you I’m not hungry like at all even though I just workout I
swear I’m not hungry but I’m trying to eat all this all right
so I got rice I got turkey meat BAM there we go
rice turkey meat I got some green peppers and some onions in there I got
more rice cakes from earlier when I ate and uh I didn’t finish it off cuz I was
full I got creatine and some glutamine in here and the rest of the smoothie I
didn’t drink from earlier so I’m trying to eat all it is right now a
post-workout all right so my number three is done and I feel like I’m about
to pass out are yo this is meal number four this is second to last meal of the
day I got the exact same thing that I had from the number three right turkey
meat peppers and rice I got a handful of pecans down here that I’m gonna eat with
this meal basically this gives you extra calories really easily because pecans
have so much fat in them so this is meal number four I’m gonna go ahead and hate
this I’m super tired right now it’s like it’s almost 8:30 my kid’s gonna be there
like 9:00 so I won’t show my last meal but just so you know my last meal is
just a bowl of cereal I usually eat this this Kashi goalie in Syria it’s super
high in fiber and protein it’s got eight grams of fiber per serving and nine
grams of protein per serving so it’s a really easy way to get extra fiber in
and with all the macros that I need to hit per day that basically just cast me
off and gives me exactly what I need so it’s perfect man so I’m gonna head in
the vlog here thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe hit that like button
if you like the video make sure you stay tuned next week I have another vlog keep
on looking out for more tip videos I have those coming every single week plus
the vlog so that you can stay up to date with my weight gain journey as always
I’m doing with hardgainer fitness you already know what time it is man it’s
time to go to sleep right now but I’m tired
I got CT Smith I catch you all in the next video peace

11 thoughts on “Hardgainer Transformation | My Weight Gain Journey

  1. Hey, just found your channel via the Hardgainer Facebook page. Good content so far.

    Your journey is quite different to mine. I'm 48 years old, have leukaemia and some other physical limitations and I've just got back into training after 20 years of doing nothing.

    I am a Hardgainer plus! I've never built muscle easily, but it's even harder now I'm an old fella. I also gain fat way too easily, so I have to be careful with diet. And my illness and other physical traits make certain movements like squats impossible.

    But I am determined. I began exercising again a little over two years ago, focusing initially on fat loss via cardio and light weight training. I lost around 60 pounds and really shaped up.

    Then I decided to switch to a heavier training program to build muscle and strength. That was ten months ago.

    Since then I've gained just under 30 pounds. It's not all muscle, but a good chunk of it definitely is. My strength levels are going up and up.

    I currently do the trap bar deadlift, bench press, bent over dumbbell row, seated shoulder press, barbell curl, dumbbell calf raise, crunch and gripper. I split these exercises over two weekly workouts.

    My aim is to be in the best shape of my life when I hit 50. That's some goal because I was in pretty good shape at 25 before I quit training.

    Wish me luck.

  2. Lmfao to the little brother story but. Hey fuck it let it be your motivation my reason was similar of always being the smallest even when i was much older than others

  3. Bro love your content its great…how do you feel about these mass gainers with 1900 cal. Ect. A lot of people look down on them but I have packed on 16 pounds of quality muscle over the past 4 months …along with a strict training regimen..I also find it hard to get the calories I need to grow and even maintain..thank u for the awesome videos…keep em coming

  4. Dig the personality in the vids Jalon. Hope spelled that right lol & word I be eating like crazy too and be feeling like be going to grocery store odee

  5. That story bout you and your brother was funny as hell but it be stuff like that my younger brothers actually taller than me hahaha

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