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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey what’s up guys, Sean Nalewanyj of
here and today I want to talk about the concept of hardgainers and hardgainer workouts. So
the term hardgainer typically refers to those with a fast metabolism, a smaller bone structure
and who generally have a tougher time packing on muscle size and strength. Browse the online
forums and facebook pages and you’ll see these quote unquote “hardgainers” seeking out specific
advice for their situation. What is the best hardgainer workout routine? I’m a hardgainer
and I need a good meal plan and what supplements are recommended for hardgainers etcetera.
Now my advice here would be to drop your “hardgainer” label altogether. Yes, there’s no question
that genetics do play a large role in determining how slowly or how quickly sombody can build
muscle and yes, it is true that some lifters will require more time and patience in order
to build the physique that they’re after. But whether you’re a naturally gifted bodybuilder
with elite genetics or you’re starting off on the complete opposite side of the spectrum,
the same basic muscle building principles are still going to apply. You need to train
hard in the gym using correct form and focus on progressive overload by adding more weight
to the bar over time. You need to create a proper calorie surplus each day that involves
high quality sources of protein, minimally refined carbs and healthy fats. You need to
understand which supplements will help to accelerate your progress and which ones to
avoid. You need to track your progress. You need to remain focused, remain motivated,
and stay consistent to your program over time. Calling yourself a “hardgainer” and seeking
out a specific hardgainer workout or meal plan or supplement approach is not only totally
unnecessary but it also backs you into a corner and leaves you with the false background feeling
that gaining muscle is going to be next to impossible for you. Sure, you may not have
been particularly blessed in the department of muscle building genetics, but so what?
How does paying attention to that fact do anything at all to move you forward towards
achieving your goals? As with anything in life, you need to put your focus on the things
that you can control and forget about the things that you can’t control. Pre-occupying
yourself with your genetic makeup is a complete waste of time because absolutely anyone can
achieve a strong, impressive, muscular body if they truly want to. The only difference
is that for some people the process may be longer or shorter. And whether you have “good
genetics” or “bad genetics”, so to speak, the overall structure of your bodybuilding
approach is essentially going to be the same. There really are only two primary factors
to pay attention to in terms of structuring a muscle building approach that is tailored
to your specific body type. The first is going to be your overall calorie intake. So in order
to build muscle, you have to create a calorie surplus by consuming more calories than you
burn each day and this is accomplished by finding your calorie maintenance level and
then increasing it by about 15 to 20 percent. And you can use our automated macronutrient
calculator over on to determine this for yourself and I’ll link
that in the description box below. As a general statement, those who are naturally skinny
and refer to themselves as “hardgainers” may tend to burn through energy at a faster rate
and will tend to have higher caloric needs for building muscle. However, even this is
a general statement and will not apply to every person in every situation. And the second
is going to be your ability to recover from exercise. The basic goal when structuring
a workout plan that is ideal for you is to train as often as possible while still fully
recovering in between sessions. The more workout sessions you can perform and recover from,
the more muscle building “growth periods” you’re going to create and the more overall
mass you’re going to gain. Those carrying the “hardgainer” label may also tend to be
those with less than average recovery ability. As a result, they may need slightly less volume
per workout and slightly lower overall training frequency in order to optimize their gains.
However, this will also vary between individuals and is something that each lifter has to experiment
with on their own. So, the bottom line here is that if you’re consistently coming back
to the gym stronger over time and you don’t feel overly run down or fatigued, then the
overall workload that you’re using is within an acceptable range. And for most people this
will involve 3 to 5 total workouts per week hitting each muscle directly 1 to 2 times
per week. So just find your individual calorie, protein, carb and fat needs, structure a workout
plan that allows you to properly recover and make consistent strength gains over time,
and simply move forward from there. Forget about the idea of being a hardgainer altogether
because it really doesn’t help you in any real way. So thanks for watching this video
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19 thoughts on “Hardgainer Workout Routine And Diet For Ectomorphs

  1. What about skinny-fat hardgainers? Those who gain muscle slow, but fat quickly? Is there anything specifically about their diet they can do? On one hand I constantly hear we need to eat, but on the other hand I read articles saying we shouldn't bulk, because we are already bad nutrient partitioners.

  2. This is the best video on YouTube for bodybuilding. So much precious info packaged perfectly into less than six minutes.

  3. Free tips? Shit, I'm considered a "hard gainer" and all you've done is regurgitate all the bullshit that's already a Google search away. The goal of a hard gainer is to not look like a hard gainer when progressed…u my friend still look like a hard gainer tryin to look like a hypersthenic. Nice try though👍

  4. Sean Nalewanyj It truly does feel impossible to gain muscle being an ectomorph. Being constant with my workouts are difficult as well there's times where I get doubts. Thanks for the video though. You given me some hope. Informative video.

  5. I'm definitely am a hard gainer, but my main focus is the life style. I know consistency will get me there eventually. thanks..great video.

  6. preoccupying yourself with thoughts about your genetic makeup is a waste of time? does being a hardgainer not factor in to what sort of diet you should go by? youre speaking as if a hardgainer should have the same maount as anyone else?

  7. soo no sets ? only the most rep i can do with compouds exercice…. each day is 2 body part after rest day and another 2 body part? and nothing more than 30-45 min in the gym ??

  8. Hi Sean! What do you think about this split?
    Monday- shoulders+ back,biceps
    Tuesday off
    Wednesday- legs
    Thursday- chest,triceps
    Friday- shoulders+back
    Saturday,sunday off

  9. Since giving up on useless (designed by those on gear) bro spits, I have seen my gains improves two fold. Day one: tut 2:1:4 10-6 reps. Incline hammer press, hammer pull downs, Machine shoulder press, Shoulder width long cable row, leaning slightly forward wide dips – then I rest two days. Next session: Deep smith machine squats, standing calf raise, leg curl, drag bicep supersetted with skull crusher – then rest two days, then repeat. I, personally, have had major issues putting on muscle. But since resting more, and leaving the gym NOT exhausted I'm NOW making great gains.

  10. Sean you had a 28 day mass building workout in your website which was free. I was following that and got great results but I can no longer find it. pls pls pls can you fix it or provide the PDF ? I just can't workout without that

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