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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

100 thoughts on “HASfit Body Weight Workout Bodyweight Exercises without Weights Free Exercise with no Equipment

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  7. Hey Coach, I just wanted to say I love your vids. This one is my fav. I'm a PT too and I've used these to help me train for Tough Mudder. Thanks again coach.
    Pete (Liverpool, UK)

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  18. Good workout 🙂 Not great, but I liked it, more of a medium workout rather than advanced like the 20 min. push-up workout! That video is amazing, do more of those!! 😀 As always thanks a bunch, love the website!!!

  19. i was so excited to watch this vid now im just pissed off that i had to sit through that advert at the begining this site is getting worse

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  21. Fuck i lost my power.. i couldn't resist at the third..
    im 24 and i didn't workout for a longtime..
    you think it's work after doing that everyday in the evening .?

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  23. im 15 and im very short but i succeeded in doing all 3 rounds i was sweating like crazy afterwards but its worth it 😀 thanks coach!!

  24. Ill admit that was different. I normally workout at home I'm 15 I don't think it was that difficult but still a good workout.

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  26. hey coach, im really wanting to build strength but be super lean. i use weights but in all honesty i feel they are false and do not like using them. Yes ive noticed gains in muscle mass etc but i can barley do 10 pushups without struggle. Can i do home workouts for strength training without equipment and also will i look lean? thank you 

  27. I got a little cocky and thought I could go straight to this.Lets just say I need to start from the beginning definitely.I couldnt really do any of these exercises.But I also weigh 260 so that could be why…

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  29. Just decided to start working out – this is the second one I've done. This guy is really encouraging and really pushes you to do everything. Managed to do all 3 rounds! Cheers!

  30. Hello, coach,,, i've followed this video completely. And I have several questions to ask. If you don't mind please answer them.
    1. I am sweating very much doing these exercises, is that normal? Or that means I am doing it wrong?
    2. does air conditioner affect the exercise? If i am working out in a room with air conditioner, is it different than being in one without one?
    3. Do you have any bodyweight at home w/o equipments that's specifically for those who want to gain weight? Because I am looking fot such exercises.

    Thanks a lot. 😀

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  32. I used this for the first time in 2013 and I only made it half way through round 2… but keep doing it and after a while you will get it done. I still use this now and I love the workout!

  33. Hey I need help. I understand when doing push ups it should be the chest that's supposed to be working however my shoulders and arms hurt more.. Help? Bad form.. But I keep changing position but my shoulders hurt the most

  34. Weeks ago I wasn't able to do even one of these diamond pushps..
    Nowadays I can do 8 of them without any break, and repeat this for 3 rounds !
    Thanks coach for making me stronger ! Mentally and physicaly  🙂 

  35. Did this whole workout (minus a few diamond press ups! lol)

    Thanks coach/HASFit as im getting fitter!
    I have the HASFit app and doing the 90 day warrior routine and enjoying it so far…even if im sweating non stop!  😀

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  39. This is pretty good. I am on vacation, so I don't have my fee weights with me and the room is too small for my cardio, but these body weight exercises are a great substitute. In fact, I should add this to my normal workout routine.

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  41. @Gahila Yeah.. I agree with you, Totally!
    it provides me complete education
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    needs and also a detailed but succinct..
    It really did a great job on gaining my
    muscles.. 🙂

  42. I just moved to Thailand, have no access to a gym or weights, and I need to do more than running. Found this and love it!! I was definitely challenged!

  43. This is an excellent all-round workout that can be adapted to be easier, for those just beginning, and yet is definitely hard enough for fit people to feel they've had a workout. Thank you.

  44. This one is some serious butt kicking.
    Fully drenched in sweat.
    Really loved it.
    Looking forward to come back tomorrow.

  45. this one is hard. The modified push ups and planks destroy your upper body. If you guys are also doing the 90 days warrior program then theres also the build up fatigue that sneaks onto you.
    Barely managed round 2; and round 3 was not pretty. As to how you keep talking through the workout …wow.
    Now for the best part : Cool down stretching, shower and a nice meal 😀 !

  46. This was a great workout. Difficult, but rewarding. I really enjoyed how you brought in modified yoga moves into the fold. The workouts were pretty creative. Kudos. Especially the dolphin. Damn you dolphin.

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