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100 thoughts on “HBK VS Total Gym

  1. @BestintheWorld94 i forgot to tell you something, bret did reversed the sharpshooter, montreal screwjob was all thans to vince

  2. @BestintheWorld94 Ok you know what? I'm not even going to argue. Everyone has their opinion and can speak freely. And you, my friend clearly have issues you need to sort out. So I hope Shawn looks at your comments and laughs at the fact that you waste your time and everyone elses speaking a load of crap.

    HBK forever!

  3. @BestintheWorld94 Yeah, he's SO overrated that he can deliver a top rope moonsault onto the announce table at 44 years old. Nice try but you fail.

  4. he should have went on the total gym to show he owns chuck or he should have used the ropes to hold himself up on it to make him look strong lol, Shawn pwns chuck, Match made in heaven, But we must see it!

  5. i can not believe that HBK just cut a prom for the Total Gym and Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley. All i can say is he still has the stuff heh xoxo <3

  6. woo a real HBK promo! gosh i miss that….and guys OF COURSE can still do a promo, at age 95 he will still be able to cut promos in his sleep…i mean it's the greatest freakin wrestler to ever walk the planet for goodness sakes!

  7. @BestintheWorld94 lol it's no surprise someone saying all that crap about the greatest wrestler in the history of the planet has "greenburg" as a hero haha….i'm not gonna argue with u but u really should stop making urself look less intelligent repeatedly

  8. HBK gets paid everytime you click on the link. Shawn is one of my all time favs but you dont need the money man so please dont pimp out ur fans

  9. @dayve3 i don't see that link, the one you are talking about…. and by the way.. our HBK can BUY the total gym franchise! there is no affiliation and there is no link on the video.
    People will voluntarily go the total gym and simply buy. HKB doesn't not get royalty for any sale at total gym.

  10. @luckyvidoes There is a direct link under the video which Shawn even mentions. Shawn will get royalty for every person that clicks on the link directly from his pages and more royality as a result of the publicty Shawn is giving. I luv HBK I just dont think its a very christian thing to do when Shawn knows that the majority of his fans are children or young adults with little money to buy expansive training equipment. If you really think that Shawn is not making a dime from this, you are wrong.

  11. @dayve3 I am going to write to Shawn and demand compensation for my click because that millisecond of my time is gone for ever.

  12. Last time Chuck was involved in wrestling he kicked Jeff Jarrett. Jeff then cut his hair, his outfit and his job – – he wanted none of Norris.

  13. @TheInstantclassicffa that would be awwwwsome… i think hbk wins hehehe he reunites with HHH and they kick chucks… maybe

  14. @zekeg16 oh, sorry biatch, i didnt mean to be a biatch with you and make a lousy guess, i dont like being a biatch, im a biatch 🙁

  15. Lol even when not in wrestling he still cuts promos xD and nice Duncan jersey in the back Shawn, along with the countless posters over tour career.

  16. Even though chuck norris is 25 years older! he would wipe the floor with u in 5 seconds! theres only 1 man in texas u gotta be afraid of!! And that is walker texas ranger!!!

  17. I love the Rockers Poster in the Back. I gotta get one for my mancave.

    HBK VS.Chuck Norris at Wrestlemania 27

  18. @TheInstantclassicffa Shawn Michaels is GOD, Shawn Michaels is amazing,

    until it could be Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee-vs-Shawn Michaels
    Shawn Michaels won

    but i rly have 2 dream match
    Shawn Michaels -vs- Del Rio
    Festus -vs- Santino (ahaha)


  19. lol he just pulled a promo out his ass…and it was better than anything im seeing one wwe(yes including cm punk he pauses way to much)

  20. "I'v been beat up by better men than u" lmao ………..but yep i thought i was coming here 2 c shawn michaels work out #trolled

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