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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

It’s safe to say that most bodybuilders
have concerns about protein. And with the apparent protein
crisis we vegans find ourselves in at least according to the concerns of
every non-vegan we encounter, you’d think a vegan bodybuilder
would be extra vigilant. Well my guest today is a pro
vegan bodybuilder who’s been vegetarian since birth, has one of
the most astounding physiques, and has accomplished all of
this without even tracking his protein. Almost makes you think the whole
protein thing is really a non-issue. Hi it’s Emily from Bite Size Vegan
and welcome to another vegan nugget. Torre Washington is not your average
bodybuilder, or even your average vegan bodybuilder. Raised vegetarian
and vegan since 1998, he’s made his gains exclusively on plants. Let’s see
how that’s working for him. (dub step music) I think he’s good. If you want to hear about
Torre’s journey to being a pro vegan bodybuilder check out
my first interview with him here. While I had the pleasure of
speaking with Torre, I had to of course ask the question
most vegans, and particularly competitive physique athlete vegans,
receive quite often: what do you eat? With such a precisely tuned physique,
you may be surprised by Torre’s more intuitive approach to nutrition. Emily: Well Torre I want to thank you
so much for taking time out of your schedule to be here and to share
some of your experience with everyone. Torre: I am, I think I’ve told you before,
it’s an understatement to say I’m honored because I’m so, when I get
people that want to do interviews. It’s like a nod, like wow. You know,
I’m doing what I love to do and to be recognized for it, so I’m very thankful
to you Emily, I really appreciate it. Emily: Could you kind of share in a, however
you’d like, you could do it in a general way, like what, what you eat in a day, and
you can either speak to whether that shifts around competition or not just to kind of
give people an idea? Torre: You know it’s, the interesting part
about that when I started out, it was more rigid. You know, you could only eat this,
you had to eat this many times, you had to break it down to every certain amount
of hours. As I progressed in my journey and understanding of how my body works,
how the human body works–we are all unique and there’s no one method
that fits everyone. So, my eating types of foods doesn’t really change. So, for example if I have–my mornings can
be unique–some may, some mornings it’ll be, because I’m not your average individual.
But it comes to people that say “that’s not for breakfast!” It’s breakfast for
me. It doesn’t have to be pancakes or waffles or scrambled tofu. It can be, for me it could
be a burger, a black bean burger, or a shake or, I don’t know, it could be beans and
salsa, you know. Tostitos chips and salsa. So, for me , like let’s just give you an
average: so sometimes I’ll have, let’s say I’ll have fruit in the morning with,
I definitely I always get up and have water, I always, I always every morning I drink sixteen
ounces if not more. I love oatmeal because in Jamaica we ate a lot of porridge, porridge
is very similar but it’s usually made with cornmeal or they make it with banana, banana
meal what have you. So I love oatmeal. So I usually have oatmeal. Sometimes I put peanut
butter in there, raisins, cacao, agave, you know, and I’ll put in there raisins or I’ll
put apples or I’ll put fruit in there. That’s the one of my staples I love to have. So I
love oatmeal so it’s not like, and I’m a person that I can eat almost the same thing
every day. But I don’t mind switching it up. So that’s breakfast plus fruit. Sometimes
I’ll have Ezekiel toast with it, sometimes I’ll have a bowl of salad with it, or asparagus
with it, then my other meal may consist of either seitan or tofu or tempeh or beans with
Japanese sweet potato. That’s my one of my favorite things, favorite potatoes.
Regular white potato, or you hear of asparagus a lot and I love asparagus, so I use asparagus,
all the greens, I love spinach, I love kale, I love romaine lettuce, leaf lettuce. There is really nothing Vegan that I don’t
eat and as long as I know how to prepare it, I’ll have it. You know and now I’m learning
how to massage kale and make great salads because I didn’t know that you had to massage
it and get it to that state it needs to be to have it more of a raw state. Because I
may blanche it or cook it a little bit, just for to get some of the added flavor to it.
And then my other meals are basically similar. I throw in doughnuts, I throw in cupcakes,
I throw in vegan cookies I throw in all that stuff because I don’t think, I’m not,
I don’t think on restriction any more. I focus more on enjoying a variety of foods
to get the different nutritional value from these different foods because sometimes you’re
not getting everything. So you need to mix it up in order to get everything.
That’s what I do now. So even, I drink about a gallon and a half
on a daily basis of water. So as I get closer to a show the only changes I make, Emily,
are I cut back on sweets because they’re more empty calories. Lot of time they don’t carry
enough nutrition I want to have. I want to give my body more nutrition at that time.
I still may have them, because I’m cutting back on calories. I look for certain areas
where it’s better to cut the calories and then it starts there, also I just found out,
two days ago, that processed sugar affects my face, like I’ll break out and so, not
like fruit or agave or something like that but more, when you get your refined white
sugars and white flours. Although I love them, my sweet tooth is huge.
I’m starting to realize what it does to my skin and so I’m cutting back a little bit.
I’m not cutting it all out because I still eat it now and then so, closer to a show I
increase my water, which most people tend to say they cut it out, I increase it. I increase
my intake of vegetables, even more. You know the raw green vegetables I increase them more.
And then I don’t increase protein no that’s not something I do, I’ve never, I’ve never
tracked protein, I’ve never tracked carbs, I’ve never tracked fat I just ate. And I can
look at my physique and kind of gage, ok how much I need to eat, how much of this I need
to eat and I can watch it cause I watch it all the time, so it’s not something that
I track often at all really. I think I may have tracked it once I don’t even remember
what it was just to kind of get an idea because I had, I’ve gotten that question so much
“hey man, how much protein you get in a day?” I don’t know, you know, so, I said
to myself well maybe I should track it and just see, I don’t even remember
what the number was but. So that’s all I do, I really just cut back
on calories and I may increase, I increase activity more so. Meaning, currently I don’t
do any cardio, for real, I may just do ten minute warm up and then work out. If I want
to get a little tighter for a show, I may add in high intensity training interval session.
Basically, I do a HIIT where I’ll do sprints. I usually do sprints on Sunday or one day
of the week. If I’m getting ready for a show I need to get a little tighter I may add in
another. Just do that and I may up my cardio two minutes, meaning, instead of an eight
to ten minute workout a eight to ten minute warm up it may be ten to twelve minute warm
up. Just a little bit, depending on how far I started out. So if I don’t make much drastic
changes because I don’t go that far away. And I don’t even do protein shakes. And
protein shakes, I have not done them consistently at all it’s more like here, there I’ll take
them I’m not that wake up in the morning, “I gotta get my protein shake or after this
workout I’ve got to get my protein shake” that’s not me. I get up, “I gotta eat”
after my workout “well I gotta eat, what we going to eat, where we goin?” you know,
that’s what, that’s what I’m thinking about, I’m not thinking about gotta get
this down, no I’m not thinking about that I’m thinking about where is that next meal
coming from let’s go. Emily: Well again I just want
to thank you so much for your time. and, and for just the, the example that
you set for others to kind of find this way of life. So thank you very much. Torre: No. Thank you I really
appreciate it. It is my pleasure to be able to share a little
bit about Torre. I hope you enjoyed hearing Torre’s approach
to his nutrition. I think there’s something to be said for the body knowing best over
scales, meticulous macro calculations and sports nutrition theories. I’d love to hear
your thoughts about Torre’s more laid-back approach. How do you handle your nutrition?
Are you similarly intuitive or a compulsive tracker? Let me know in the comments! Be sure to check out the links to Torre’s
website and social media in the video description below so you can get connected
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your protein, and I’ll see you soon. Oh man, what’s wrong with me?
I just feel so weak today. Ah, there it is. I’m 0.01g below my
protein requirement. Pfff, No wonder! What would I do without you?!(kiss)Subtitles by the community

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