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Hey guys. Dr. Axe here, Doctor of Functional
Medicine and founder of Today I want to talk to you about the incredible health
benefits of cinnamon and cinnamon oil. You know cinnamon has been used for over 4,000
years. It’s referenced throughout Egyptian history. Also it’s referenced in the Bible,
and it’s part of the holy anointing oil. So when someone got sick in the Bible, what they
would do is they would pour a holy anointing oil on their head, which was a mix of cinnamon,
cassia, calamus, myrrh, and olive oil, and they said it had incredible therapeutic benefits.
There’s also references throughout history of cinnamon killing off and protecting people
against plagues such as the Black Plague, the bubonic plague, and even the plagues referenced
in the Bible in ancient Israel. So we know today that cinnamon has an amazing
ability to preserve things and help heal the body and guard the body against dangerous
bacteria and pathogens and even aging. One of the biggest reasons, if not the biggest
reason, why cinnamon has those health benefits is because it ranks so high on something called
ORAC Score, which is really its antioxidant rating. It ranks the number seven antioxidant
herb on the planet, scoring a 131,000 antioxidant score. So we know it is incredibly powerful
in terms of its antioxidant benefits. I want to go over some of the best ways to use cinnamon
and some of the many benefits of it. One of the ways I recommend you use cinnamon
is for helping heal your skin or different skin conditions, especially if you have acne.
We know that cinnamon has anti-microbial benefits. So what you can do is do a face mask and mixing
cinnamon with raw honey. By the way, cinnamon and raw honey have been used together throughout
history for lots of different cures, including helping to cure a cold, but it’s also effective
against acne. So raw honey plus cinnamon, rub it on your skin, wash it off, can actually
help you get rid of acne. Also cinnamon has been shown to be very beneficial
for diabetes. In fact, a recent medical study, published from the university, UC Davis, found
that supplementing with cinnamon was just as effective as taking a diabetes drug. Think
about that cutting edge information here. We’re talking about the benefits of cinnamon.
In fact, it had a 5% effective rating on blood sugar, which is the exact same as a diabetes
drug. So again, you can supplement taking cinnamon capsules or adding it to your food.
It’s the equivalent without the side effects of taking a diabetes medication. The other amazing thing, the third thing,
that I really recommend people use cinnamon for is for improving their energy levels.
If you tend to have blood sugars that come up and down throughout the day, cinnamon helps
with balancing insulin levels, which is very effective at helping out your hormones which
in turn keeps your blood sugar stable and also helps something called glucose tolerance
factor, that’s GTF, which is why it’s powerful and beneficial for both diabetics and people
who struggle with blood glucose issues which also can help with weight loss. Last but not least, we know that cinnamon
is beneficial at helping heal and cure candida. In fact, a study was done on over 50 herbs,
and cinnamon was shown to be one of the top 4 herbs at helping your body reduce the chance
of urinary tract infections as well as coming down with candidiasis and yeast infections
in the body. The number one herb was oregano. So again, mixing cinnamon and oregano together
have powerful benefits at helping your body eliminate candida. The last thing I want to say about cinnamon
is the cinnamon that you’re consuming may not actually be cinnamon. It might be cassia.
There’s a common debate of Ceylon versus cassia or Ceylon cinnamon versus cassia. Most of
what you taste or smell today is cassia. It has a little bit more of a sharp tone to it
and sharp taste. Cinnamon is a little bit more smooth and sweet. Ceylon cinnamon is
the actual cinnamon that you want to be using, and Ceylon cinnamon is better especially internally,
and it doesn’t have the side effects that cassia may have. Cassia doesn’t really have major side effects
unless you’re doing it in large amounts. Ceylon really is the best cinnamon. Ceylon is spelled
C-E-Y-L-O-N. Ceylon cinnamon. When you’re buying cinnamon, you do want to make sure
that it is Ceylon cinnamon. I have my Ceylon cinnamon here that I sprinkle on my food. Some of the best ways to get cinnamon in your
diet. Number one, add it to a morning superfood smoothie. I tend to take a teaspoon and put
it in there every single morning for breakfast. Also I’ll put cinnamon when I’m making a homemade
dessert. You can do cinnamon in a lot of things. Cinnamon chicken. I’ll do a dessert with a
baked apple cinnamon parfait which is absolutely delicious. But start adding more cinnamon into your diet,
and look up cinnamon recipes. Go to Pinterest. Look up healthy cinnamon recipes. Or go to
the Dr. Axe website and just search “cinnamon recipes.” You’ll find some great recipes on
there. But again, incorporate more cinnamon in your
diet. It’s great for your skin. It’s great for your immune system. It’s great for blood
sugar. It’s great for the microbial or the probiotic balance in your body. Cinnamon has
tremendous health benefits. You need more of this. Hey, if you want to learn more about the top
healing herbs in the world, make sure to check out my website, You can search
herbs like cinnamon and find long form articles on those. Also make sure you subscribe to
the YouTube channel and you can find out more about some other healing herbs like some of
my favorites, including turmeric and ginger. Hey guys, this has been Dr. Axe talking about
the many health benefits of real cinnamon.

100 thoughts on “Health Benefits of Cinnamon | Dr. Josh Axe

  1. Why don't you ever tell people about be the different types of cinnamon?? The cinnamon we purchase at the grocery stores cause liver damage!!!

  2. Can I derive the same benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon if I put it in the basket with the grounds for making my morning coffee, or do I have to put it straight in the cup?

  3. How do you know if Cassia is in the Cinnamon sticks? It doesn't state either, or on the containers. I just purchase Certified Organic and have no clue if Cassia is in it or not. Thank you kindly for your time and help.

  4. i use cinnamon sticks in green tea along with ginger and cloves. i simply put ingridients in tea cup and pour in hot water, leave standing for 10 mins. relieves pain, gives me alot of energy and i can concentrae better. do you guys think this is a safe practice? please let me know.
    i use 5 sticks of cinnamon (15g), whole cloves (30g), fresh crushed ginger (1 to 1 1/2 ounces) and 4 packets of dilmah green tea.

  5. Yah I am sure the medical community turns to the bible for answer. Dr. Josh you just lost a lot credibility in my opinion.

  6. Ceylon is coagulant and casia is anticoagulant that’s the only difference. Dr axe check your facts please before you call fake.

  7. Because of how much I love cinnamon I’m watching this cardio to make sure it doesn’t harm me…. I mean I try to keep the balance but I can’t imagine my day without cinnamon!!!!
    Btw u can add cinnamon to your tea, milk, pea nut butter (on a slice of toast or banana yummmm), banana shake and you can add cinnamon to many desserts but the ones I just mentioned are the easiest.

  8. I make a mouthwash with a couple drops of both cinnamon leaf oil and oregano oil in water with a little pink salt.
    If you don't like the salt taste, a little stevia is good in it too. It works very well.

  9. Cinnamon in my oatmeal every single day and raw honey and chocolate powder, organic and dark chocolate, not milk chocolate. And other things as well. Tastes wonderful.

  10. I’m a type 2 diabetic and just adding cinnamon to my pancakes 🥞 as helped me balance my blood sugar levels better than using the medication for it. Thanks Dr. Axe, great video.💯⭐️😀😀😀😀

  11. I drink a mix of water, ceylon cinnamon, organic honey, and black seed oil in the morning and before bed every day

  12. One more benefit that I experienced that it cures sore throat specially for those who suffers from tonsillitis or through infections take a cup of cinnamon tea ☕️ with honey and get rid of augment on


  14. I took cinnamon after reading that it lowered blood sugar. Although I don't have diabetes, doctors kept telling me that it was common for women my age to have it. I recommended it to relatives with diabetes, but they weren't interested. I decided to take it myself, along with tumeric which I was already taking and on my next visit to the doctor, they wanted to know what I had been doing. Truth was, I didn't know at the time that cinnamon was the reason for these results. I've been on BP meds for years. My blood pressure was under 120/80, my sugar level was lower, my ldl/hdl was amazing. The most impressive was my BP and I lost 40 lbs in a very short amount of time.

    I returned to taking cinnamon recently and in a few days I noticed that the weightloss improved. I've been struggling this summer with allergies, and allergy related respiratory issues, even though I do a regular aerobic workout. In a few days, I noticed improvement in my breathing and the skin on my face became smoother and younger looking. It seems to be working better, on a recent respiratory infection than the antibiotics and steroids that I was on. I sometimes take public transportation, so I walk a bit, and today I had no respiratory distress. I'm wowed to say the least. Truly I hope that these results continue. Thank you for your healthy support and information.


  15. Cinnamon helps you to balance blood glucose levels. But, if you are not controlling your food, cinnamon or such as options are useless. We are growers from Sri Lanka. Visit us at

  16. I love adding about 22 bags of cinnamon spice ( heating water first) to one gallon of water then drinking it cold and it taste awesome. 😊

  17. Can I use cinnamon essential oil for
    Infuser use only ?
    Am drinking coffee with three drops of cinnamon essential
    Oil for almost 2 months, when should I stop ?

  18. Fascinating – I don't think I would trust anything this poor fellow Josh is selling – just seems to desperate – and he presents as gender confused what with that facial hair that appears to be intended to make his mouth look like a bushy vagina.

  19. Good Bog! I thought the Cylons were from Battlestar Galactica. Strange that an expert like Josh Axe doesn't know how to pronounce the (former) name of the country of origin of the "true" cinnamon, Cinnamonum Zeylanica aka Cinnamonum Verum, also grown in Southern India. Actually, Cinnamonum Cassia is ~95% Cinnamaldehyde, whilst Zeylanica is much lower. So, if you don't want to spend a fortune and don't care about the minimal risk of Coumarin poisoning, then just use the cheaper Cassia. Actually, there is a wide variation in percentages of the beneficial chemicals in ALL varieties of cinnamon, so believe what you want. I am always suspicious when someone tells me I can't drink coffee unless it's made with organic beans (which, by the way, they are selling at a hefty premium). Namaste.

  20. Drinking tea adding cinnamon sticks since 7 years every morning and I'm healthy and look younger than my age with the grace of God

  21. I found this out after reading your great article on aflatoxins.

  22. I started putting cinnamon in my coffee. I use coconut milk and honey. It’s delicious!

    I’m also eliminating dairy and sugar.

  23. Thank you, Dr Axe. The Ceylon Cinnamon is from Sri Lanka. Ceylon is the old name for Sri Lanka and it is pronounced: Se-lone

  24. I'm literally eating a spoonful of pure cinnamon powder right now. I like cinnamon. It's my favorite spice

  25. Proanthocyanidins (PACs) bind Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) thus preventing inflammation!
    Foods high in PACs include cinnamon, cocoa, tea, cranberries, blueberries, grapes, plums, apple skin, almond skin, hazelnut skin, black bean coats, …
    Just another amazing component of plants.

  26. I do intermittent fasting and my first meal lately has been always oatmeal. Oatmeal is the perfect food to add cinnamon to for me. It really makes the dish less plain along with fruit like banana or chopped apple.

  27. I just started putting cinnamon in my yogurt this morning and want to do this every single day. I have to find the right cinnamon like you suggested now though.

  28. Please address the pros and cons of Saigon tea it is very aromatic and got good flavor but what are the health benefits of Saigon tea… thank you very much

  29. Oatmeal (pure rolled oats not the packaged sugary crap) + pure raw honey + diced green apples + cinnamon = one of the quickest, healthiest and delicious breakfasts you can get.

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