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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Ok, on your marks, get set, go. Oh my lord! Motu has taken the health competition seriously, which is going to be held on Sunday. The first price is one lakh rupees, why should he not be serious about it, you should be serious too. Why don’t you serve Motu some unhealthy food day night than he will not be able to lose his weight. He will lose and you will be the winner. I have twenty years experience serving people don’t worry about Motu. We should worry about Chingam, he is also taking part in this health competition. I will give him a pill that will make him fatter than Motu also, let’s start our practice now. Who are you? What do you want? I am your guardian angel. What? You’re my garden’s angel? For how long have you been living in my garden? No not your garden’s angel, the guardian angel, your well wisher, your protector. But your getup is like a devil. It is difficult to have a getup of an angel, so I took devil getup, but I am an angel. You are working very hard, the more you will work hard, the more I will serve you good and delicious food. Long live!! But you can’t tell anyone about it, not even your friend Patlu, understood. No, not at all, I will not tell anyone, is there something to eat right now? It is enough for today. No, a little more, if we work hard, we will get more delicious food. Sorry, I mean hard work always rewards in sweet things. Ok, run hundred meters more. Where are you Motu? Let’s go home if you are tired but don’t start eating when we get home. You have to control your eating. I am not in a mood of eating, I don’t know why, I am not hungry. Oh sorry, big brother. Thank you my garden’s angel. Oh my friend, my brother. Oh my god! Sir would you like some Idli, Dosa? Iit’s hot and fresh, my mother has made them. Oh! If your mother has cooked it then I will surely have it. By having this medicine, Chingam will become fatter than Motu. Give it fast, hurry up. How much should I pay? Oh my lord! How can we take money from you? You are a policeman, our protector. “Oh my lord!”, that line is of my friend Ghasitaram. No, not “Oh my lord!”, I said “Oh father!”, if you don’t believe me, ask my friend Chinna Swami. I swear on my patient’s, he is telling the truth. Oh my god! I said patients, no its mother, I swear on my mother, ok bye bye. Something is wrong. Tomorrow is the competition, but don’t know why your weight has not been reduced. We are trying so hard, we practice daily, but you are just the same. Patlu, lets sleep now, it’s too late. I am not sleepy. Please sleep. Why are you forcing me to sleep? When I am not sleepy. Are you sleepy now? You always bully because of your strength, ok I am sleeping. What are you doing there near the window? Why you are hiding your face? Look at me. What are you eating? Who is giving you all this to eat? He is my garden’s angel, who serves me food every day. Garden’s angel? He serves you with food everyday? Yeah, he loves me a lot. Everyday he serves me cake, pastries, burger and lots more. Today, the person who is the healthiest amongst you all, would be the first prize winner. So Ghasitaram is making fool of Motu by changing his getup. Take this and finish it quickly. You have a lot of work to do. Thank you angel brother. Samosey!! Now, first round is of weight lifting. Oh my lord! Friend’s, first prize goes to Motu, he wins the trophy and one lakh rupees. Long live!! What are you looking at Ghasitaram, thinking how Motu has won? You have tried your best to defeat him. But today I have replaced your cake with the samosas, and his win is due to the magic of samosa’s. The name is Chingam, Its impossible to escape from Chingam’s web, impossible. Ghasitram and Jhatka you served me Idli, Dosa with something else in it, and look what you have done to me. I will not spare you all. Oh my lord!! Oh my god!! Help!! Stop! Stop in the name of law. Hahaha!!!

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