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hey guys welcome to Protein Treats by
Nutracelle today we are making super yummy coconut raspberry protein bars so
let’s get started alright so if you guys have been looking for low carb and high
protein protein bars on the internet you’re going to notice a couple of
things one all of the protein bars seem to be full of carbs they’ve got dates in
them or they’ve got honey in them or they’ve got flour or oats in them so I
wanted to show you guys a recipe that you could count on that was going to be
low in carbohydrates and packed with tons of healthy fats protein and fiber
plus if you look around you’re going to see most of the recipes are all
chocolate so I thought would it be fun to do one that was a berry flavoured so
that’s why we went with the coconut one i’m going to show you how easy it is to
put this together so you’re going to need a few things to get started you are
going to need at least one cup of coconut flour now coconut flour is super
high in fiber really really good for you and it has a really delicious texture
and flavor that’s really perfect for using be in your protein bars and then
I’ve got two cups of dried shredded coconut now the dried shredded coconut
that I have is unsweetened so you really want to be careful when you’re in the
store because a lot of it will have a lot of sugar in it so you want to make
sure you’re getting unsweetened and then I have a cup of Greek yogurt now I do
like to use a full fat Greek yogurt make sure it’s plain doesn’t have any sugar
or flavorings in it and then I have six tablespoons of hemp hearts these are
Canadian hemp hearts from a Manitoba farm and they’re super delicious and they’re
really good for you high in protein high in healthy fats and I’ve got half a cup
of coconut milk unsweetened coconut milk I also have one cup of stevia so if you
don’t like your protein bars very sweet you can even leave the stevia out you
don’t need it and then just a touch of salt here salt always brings out the
flavours and it just gives that that nice little taste and then I’ve got one cup
of coconut oil that I’ve already melted so just put in the microwave for about
30 seconds and melt that and then you’re going to be using two
cups of vanilla nutralean and you’re going to need some frozen raspberries
here so I’ve got a little over a cup of frozen raspberries which I’m going to
chop into little bits and show you that’s all you need so we’re going to
take our raspberries and I’m just going to chop them into little bits here and you don’t have to do perfect job you
just want to chop them a little bit just so that you don’t have great big chunk
of raspberry so we’re going to start with our dry ingredients and I’m just
going to go ahead and mix all of these in together and really you can do it in
no particular order you just want to get all of your dry ingredients all together and my salt and of course my Nutralean okay so we’re using two cups of the
vanilla Nutralean that’s going to give it a really nice vanilla flavour but
also that’s where you’re going to get all that prebiotic fiber that you need
to improve your gut flora and that’s what helps you lose weight when you have
prebiotic fiber from the chicory root research shows that you lose two hundred
and twenty-eight percent more fat then if you don’t have that prebiotic fiber
it’s really really important in maintaining your weight loss and helping
you feel full now once you have your dry ingredients mixed together just sort of
form a well on the bottom move all the protein kind of up over to the side and
then go ahead and dump your berries in and then once you put your raspberries
in you want to just make sure that they’re nice and coated and mixed evenly
all the way through and then we’re going to form another little well and we’re
going to start adding in our wet ingredients so I’m going to add in my coconut my
coconut milk and my Greek yogurt and then once you have everything in just
start mixing it all in together now one thing you’re going to notice at home is
depending on what kind of dried coconut you got some of the dry coconut will be
more dry than others some will have a little bit more moisture so that means
you might have to add a little bit more either water or coconut milk to your
recipe for a little bit less so if you realize that it’s a little bit too moist
don’t worry about it just put a little bit more Nutralean in so once it starts
to mix together you’re going to see this beautiful colour forming a really pretty
dark pink colour once its you don’t to overmix it because you don’t want it to
be all the way consistent you want to have that nice variety with it so once
you have it done you’re going to go ahead and put this just in a cookie
sheet so I’ve got a cookie sheet here that has a little bit of a lip on and
some parchment paper and I’m just going to go ahead and read this out on the
parchment paper and then I’m going to spread it out and press it down and
we’re going to bake it in the oven for 20 minutes at 350 degrees I’ll show you
how easy it is my little trick that I like to do is I
will use some plastic wrap I just sort of place it right over top like this and
then I use my hands and I just press down evenly and I fill up the whole pan
but you want to keep it really nice and even and you want to press down pretty
firmly so that you get your protein bar really nice and dense so once you
have it all in here and you have it fairly even you can even take a rolling
pin and i’m using a heavier i’m using a heavier marble rolling pin that you can
really use any kind of rolling pin you just want to get it really nice and
pretty and even and once you take off your wrapper you’re going to see how
nice and smooth and perfect that is and all we’re going to do now is cut them
into pieces that are the shape of a protein bar and then we’re going to put
them in the oven for about 20 minutes at 350 degrees so you take each one and just go ahead
just like you would a cookie and place it down on your cookie sheet look at all
of these onto the pan here and get them in the oven and show you how grate they turn out ok so we cooked our protein bars for 20 minutes at 350 degrees and let them
cool now you don’t have to actually cook these you could freeze them and just eat
them as a no bake protein bar but they’ll get really soft if they reach
room temperature if you don’t cook them a little bit first so I went ahead and I
shared some of these with my family my daughter absolutely loves them but I
thought I would taste test them for you guys and show you how good they turned
out these are so delicious these are absolutely filling yummy a super treat
that doesn’t have chocolate in it if you’re wanting something that’s a little
bit different for your protein bar perfect to take with you on the go of
course if you want to learn a little bit more about Nutracelle check us out at and I’d love it if you subscribe comment below let me know how
yours turned out or what recipes you want to see me make next bye guys

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