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Hi guys, Jillian Beck here. Welcome to my kitchen. Today I will be showing
you my Thai beef salad. It takes about, probably
20 minute to assemble. It’s super easy. It’s great for summer. It’s getting warmer out and I
kind of tend to go with salads around this time of year,
grilled proteins are excellent, the fresher, the better. So this Thai salad is amazing
because it’s got tons of herbs, a lot of favors, some grilled
steak, which is always a winner in my book, and then a lot of
great flavors that are very typical of Thai dishes. As you may know, I do like
Asian food and flavors if you’ve followed any of
my other recipes. I just think it’s a really good
way to add flavor without adding a ton of calories and fat and
all that other junk that comes with like a lot of
sauces and condiments that some other
recipes call for. So I’ve kind of pre-made
things here so it goes by a little quicker for you guys. I’ll kind of show you what
you’re going to need for this recipe. First and foremost,
you need a lean steak. I typically go with sirloin. I’ll trim the fat away from it
or I’ll go with a flank steak. So we’ve grilled that
on the Foreman here. If you have an outdoor
grill, by all means use that. In my apartment, we don’t have a
grill yet so I either go to my friends house to, you know,
grill on the barbecue or use the Foreman. So I’ve gone ahead and
I’ve grilled it to my liking, which is about medium rare. So grill it to the
temperature that you prefer. And I’ve sliced it so about 4
ounces sliced for one salad. We’ve got our mixed greens
here, some mixed red lettuces and green lettuces and then
we have our fresh herbs. We’ve got basil, mint,
green onion and cilantro. So those are the components of
the salad and I’m gonna show you how to make the dressing and
then we’ll put it all together. So for the dressing what you’re
going to need is fresh lime juice, which I’ve already
gone ahead and squeezed. So we have 2
tablespoons of fresh lime. We’re going to add 1 teaspoon
of low-sodium soy sauce. So I’ll go ahead
and add that right now. Here we go. And then we’re
going to use fish sauce and it’s just a
typical Asian flavor. You can find it in the Asian
market in most of your grocery stores and if you can’t, maybe
go to like your local Asian market to find it, but it’s
a pretty strong flavor but it’s good. It’s just a little
goes a long ways. So we’re gonna put 2–yeah, 2
teaspoons in here along with the 1 teaspoon of soy
and then the lime juice. And then we’re gonna go
ahead and add lemongrass. Now you can get fresh lemongrass
from the produce aisle and slice it and add it to the salad
along with all the other herbs. My grocer didn’t have
that so I went ahead and got the lemongrass paste. So I’ll go ahead and add that
as well and we’ll just do about half a teaspoon, just a
really small squeeze of that. And usually with Asian dressings
and what not, they–you need to add like a little bit of sugar
or honey or agave for like the sweetness to round
all the flavors out. Typically I have been using
Stevia in the raw so that’s what I’m gonna use here today
but feel free to use whatever sweetener you choose, if that’s
honey, if that’s agave, brown sugar, whatever it is
that you want, go ahead and add that to the dressing. For me, I like I said, I just
need it a tad bit sweet and so I’ve been using
Stevia in the raw. So I’ll just do like half a
teaspoon of that as well. And then I’m gonna mix all those
ingredients up for our dressing and let the lemongrass
dissolve a little bit. And I’m also gonna add the
green onions to the dressing as well to kind of soak
up the flavors of that. It smells really
good, really fresh. Okay, so we’ll go
ahead and start to plate. We’ll just put the sliced
steak on top of the salad here. Just lay it on there. And you can actually garnish
it with all these fresh herbs before you put the steak, but
I kind of messed that one up but it doesn’t really matter
’cause you’re gonna mix it all together anyways. So I’ll put the
mint and the basil and you’ve got
your steak there. And we’ll go ahead
and top it with the dressing. Pour it all over. And if you want a little more
spice, feel free to add like some red chili flakes
would be really good. Chili paste would be good if
you wanted to add that as well. And then we’re gonna
garnish it with a little bit of cilantro on top. So there you have it. Really simple, really fresh
and easy but a ton of flavor. And there you have it,
my Thai beef steak salad. There you go. I hope you guys enjoy. Thank you so much.

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