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welcome to Protein Treats today we have
such a fun treat for you when I was growing up my mom always made homemade
strawberry shortcake and it was so good and so delicious with these flaky
pastries and lots of real whipped cream with lots of fresh strawberries from our
garden and I thought summer is here and we all want to be out on our decks with
our friends and family and who doesn’t love strawberry shortcake so I’m gonna
show you guys how to make a low carb high protein high fiber version of
strawberry shortcake so you can cheat and feel healthy all
right let’s get started all right guys I think you’re gonna love this recipe
because it’s so easy to make now for our dry ingredients you’re going to need a
quarter teaspoon of salt you’re going to need one teaspoon of baking powder
you’re gonna need 1/3 of a cup of coconut flour 1/4 cup of baking stevia
you could use Splenda and you’re going to need two scoops of vanilla Nutralean
now we’re also gonna add for our wet ingredients 8 ounces of cream cheese now I like full-fat cream cheese you can use a low-fat if you want I have four eggs
and I have a quarter cup of real butter now the butter you want to melt and then
bring back to room temperature don’t try to mix hot butter in with your wet
ingredients and that’s it so we’re gonna mix all of our dry ingredients together
and then we’re gonna fold them into our wet ingredients I’ll show you how easy
it is so I’m gonna start out here with two pretty level scoops I would say of
our Nutralean just go ahead and put that in there and then we’re gonna add
in our stevia and our coconut flour our baking powder and our salt
that’s all we need for our dry ingredients now when you’re doing this
just make sure that you mix it so that it’s completely even all the way through
now for our wet ingredients I’m gonna start with my eggs that I’ve already
crushed I’m just gonna pour them right in there
and I’m gonna add in my cream cheese now I’ve softened it already so it’s room
temperature and you can tell when you when you touch it when you pick it up
it’s nice and malleable nice and soft and that’s what’s gonna have it mixed
well if it’s too cold it’s not gonna mix for you and we’re gonna add in our
real butter now you guys know that watch me I like to use real fats when I’m
cooking now if you’re using a lot of fat and you start adding in things like
sugar or simple carbohydrates like white flour that’s the fastest way you can
gain weight so even on a high-protein diet if you’re eating a lot of fat and
you’re mixing it in with a lot of simple carbohydrates then you’re gonna wind up
those are just extra calories but when your body is actually in ketosis and
you’re burning fat you can eat fat and the calories don’t get stored the same
as they do with sugar calories so that’s why for me I’m pretty careful about how
I eat I don’t eat a lot of carbs and I don’t eat a lot of sugar so I go ahead
and I use a lot of real fat in my cooking which makes it taste absolutely
amazing so that’s my little tip for being healthy and losing some weight now
we’re gonna go ahead and mix this up make a little bit of noise and once it’s
mixed really well we’re gonna add in our dry ingredients okay so once we have our wet ingredients
really nice and mixed up now we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna start adding in
our dry ingredients and just do a little bit at a time and then mix it again do a
little bit at a time so just like this we’re gonna put in maybe a quarter of
our dry mixture and then we’re gonna scrape the sides and putting the rest of
our dry ingredients just like that and just couldn’t be any easier it’s
already smelling amazing in here the vanilla Nutralean smells so good so
you can see the consistency here is a little bit like cake batter so what you
don’t want to try and do is put them out on a cookie sheet and do them off like
biscuit because you’re just gonna wind up with a goopy mess so that’s why we’re
using a mini muffin tin you can go ahead and use a regular muffin tin just sort
of double your amount and we’ll put the instructions in the description below
for both but I’m gonna use the mini tin and show you guys how easy it is we’re
gonna pop this in the oven at 350 degrees for about 12 to 13 minutes for
the mini and if you’re using a full muffin tin and just filling the bottom
of it you’re gonna want about 15 minutes at 350 degrees just keep an eye on it
and one thing when you’re working with a coconut flour it’s a very dense flour so
you want to use lots and lots of coconut spray to make sure it doesn’t stick to
your pan alright guys so this couldn’t be any easier just gonna take your
scooper and go ahead and about one scoop for each of your little mini tins so whats
great about this recipe is it’s not crumbly all it holds its shape
beautifully so when you go and cut it in half to build out your strawberry
shortcake it’s beautiful it holds up great pop out nice and easy look at that
and I’m gonna show you how they hold their shape so we’re just going to take
one put it on its side here obviously you want to let yours cool and look at
that beautiful and cakey nice and cakey and they’ll hold their shape perfectly
look at that you guys how delicious is this this is the perfect summer treat
you’re absolutely gonna love it and when you serve this to people coming over if
you have company coming or even your own kids they’re not going to believe that
this is made out of protein that it has no added sugar and it tastes absolutely
delicious so I’m going to go ahead and taste test poison control right so good
so decadent now this is cheating with a protein treat all right guys I hope you
liked this episode make sure you tune in next Friday when we release another one
I would love to hear your comments and tell me what you want me to make for you
alright guys bye

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