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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

every workouts gotta count every meals
gotta count every night of rest has to count till you reach your goal and
that’s what we’re doing my workouts generally aren’t for
strength anymore I’m not trying to I’m not doing single doubles or anything
like that I traine as a bodybuilder and I try to train
smart now as as I’ve gotten older we’re deadlifting here I’m not really a
big deadlifter it’s not something I’ve done for the majority of my career only
a few years actually did for a couple and stop anyway so we’re dead lifting
and I stopped at the bottom of every rep one primarily to avoid injury because I
have two bulged disks in my back so I’ll hold the weight you know if we get up to
two three four hundred pounds to hold the weight here and then come back up
and it’s gonna put a lot of strain on your lower back so if you have back
problems and you want a deadlift doing dead stop Dead’s might be the better way
to go the primary reason most people do deadlifts this way is because deadlift the
deadlift is a strength exercise so we’re not looking for hypertrophy as much as
we are for strength so the reps are usually lower for me
five to six maybe eight for power lifters we’re talking singles and
doubles so there’s if you’re looking for
strength and not hypertrophy there’s no reason to keep the tension on the muscle
so we drop them to wait get rid of the inertia and then start over so every rep
you’re starting over is going to build more explosive strength than if you were
able to go up and down with the weight without stopping now we’re going to get some chins in now
chins I think are like the squat for your back probably the best overall back
builder other than the deadlift I guess so but the reason we’re here is because
I weigh 285 pounds and I can do a chin but my form is gonna be really shitty
so I use the assisted chin to make sure I can do the chin up properly get good
form and activate all the muscles I want to activate so don’t feel like you’re
being weak or something or you’re you know you’re not a man if you use the
assisted chin up because you could be over there swinging on the bar like a
monkey or if you be over here using this machine and doing it properly the biggest myth I hear and back to
workouts or pulldown exercise is wider grip for a wider back nonsense it’s
gonna be anything further from the truth wider grip at a certain point will
only give you a thicker teres which is your Teres muscle is right underneath
the armpit kind of wraps around the back behind the armpit so if I grab the bar
over here and I try and do a chin it’s gonna work higher up on my lat and yeah
it’s gonna create more width but only in that spot if you want width in your lats
you’re the meat of your lap the lower part of the lat
you want to go with the shoulder width or maybe just a little bit wider than
shoulder width that way that muscle can work from the top all the way to the hip
your lat will stretch all the way down into your hip almost so if you want to
work those fibers on the bottom part of the lat where most people want to
build you got to go a little bit closer we’re on to our second thickness
exercise in my back workout this is probably my favorite back exercise I
probably noticed the most growth out of any back exercise by using t bars not
necessarily dead stop T bars but any T bars as long as they’re done with proper
form what we’re doing today is some dead stops again same reason we did them over
over there on deadlift the same reason doing them here I have two buldged disks in
my back so just an exercise I can’t forego so
this takes the pressure off my lower back allows me to do the exercise it’s
also gonna help me build some strength because I’m still getting my strength
back from not doing a lot of heavy stuff since I tore my hamstring and we are
increasing the reps to seven or eight maybe 10 that’ll give us the
hypertrophy we’re looking for the last exercise my workout I do this
kinda like an isolation I feel it the most in my outer lat and then through
the rhomboid area so I start talking about two things I see wrong with this
exercise it’s supposed to be a standing pull down with your arms straight pulled down
into your lower abs or groin area now one of the things I see done wrong is people
will start here with the stretch and they pull down and then they row inwards
with their elbows it’s not a row it’s a pull down keep your arms straight you’ll
get more out of it now the reason people are rowing is because the second problem
I see is when they come down with their hands they want to roll their shoulders
forward now when you roll your shoulders forward your traps are taking over your
Delts are taking over so as soon as you do this you’ve taken the pressure off your
back so one of the main things you want to do when doing this exercise is keep
your shoulders decompress now to push your shoulder girdle downwards and then
do it so my traps are always decompress their not
rolled over so if you can do that in combination with keeping your arms
straight you get more isolation more activation in your lat only okay guys so that’s the back workout for
today I try to hit the back from all different angles but definitely width
and thickness are my main priority I’m pretty happy I tore my hamstring a
little under two months ago and I’m already dead lifting four plates again
so I was scheduled for surgery but opted to not have it and it looks like my
body’s recovering pretty good without the surgery cosmetically it might be an
issue but as long as I can train I’m happy but the main thing is make sure
we’ve got in here and give every set everything we got didn’t tap out on
anything finish the workout strong and it’s what
you gotta do day in day out every workouts gotta count every meals gotta
count every night of rest has to count until you get to the show until you
reach your goal and that’s what we’re doing

69 thoughts on “Heavy Bodybuilding Back Workout | Crushing Back w/ Fouad “Hoss” Abiad

  1. good smartwatch for workouts

  2. now use those muscles to finish those damn isis who keep beheading people for fun, those sick muslim retards

  3. I have similar problems with my back when deadlifting heavy. Might give pausing at the end of reps a try. Great advice and video 👍 would love to see you doing a shoulders routine too

  4. if I drop the weight I don't get a good stretch at the bottom!!!standup cable pull downs are great love the machine chin-ups do them before every back workout

  5. My goodness, I literally ran out of breath just looking at his extended bubble gut. Come on man, your belly is too damn big, it just makes every part of your body look that much smaller.

  6. Do I fear his size, his deadlift max level or the fact that he is solid muscle (all veins everywhere that’s all pure brute muscle mass NOT FAT MASS!)…no. In fact it’s his peace of mind, lack of emotion and soft spoken restraint sense of consciousness and discipline that frighten me immensely!

    It’s hard to defeat anything that isn’t already broken…remember that.

  7. Opting for no surgery means he's done competing? If his leg doesn't look good cosmetically, he defs won't be placing high.

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  9. What happens when Fouad gets really sick? Can he still workout? If he ends up bedridden what happens? I assume missing workouts and not eating as much as he should because he's sick is quite catastrophic for an elite level bodybuilder? I've always wondered how they handle sickness.

  10. As u get older now u should be focusing on getting fit, not getting huge like that, because it doesn't matter if it's muscles, overweight is still overweight, plus i watch ur daily meal plan, it sucks nothing healthy, almost all trash.

  11. Don't feel like … " you are not a men" if you use chin up machine 'cause…. you can be on the bar overthere swinging like a monkey or you can be overhere using this machine and do it properly

  12. @6:50 Planet fitness would have every alarm in their building going off! Dudes with pizza hanging out their mouths saying GTFO!

  13. See why can't people just train smarter when young? Right? That would be the end of this world. Remember everyone you MUST pay your bill to the iron Gods they vast in the mighty glory of the steel.

  14. Fouad always puts out excellent bodybuilding tutorials. I really appreciate his expertise. He has such a great demeanor on camera too. MORE PLEASE!!!

  15. I just came across this video – Mr Abiad your awesome! Your just real!! You say it how it is. No messing around and trying to sugar coat

  16. I enjoyed his Costco vid (his selection of beets was a refreshing devation from "chicken&rice" and, as others mentioned, his style was quite relaxing); however, in this one he contradicts himself somewhat, which is always annoying. During hammer strength lat pull he says he's learnt not to do low reps as he's gotten older, which makes total sense since he's a bber and everyone knows higher reps + gear = massive lean gains. Then he moves to deadlifts, of all things, to tell us he wants to get strong with 5 or 6 reps, proceeds to load a measly 405 on the bar, and after his pitiful effort he tells us he's horribly injured, implying that 1) we should judge his weakness in context (fair play) and 2) the exercise is unsuitable for him (since he is injured and since he's learnt higher reps work better for him). Any kind of chest supported row, seated row, single dumbbell row, or Meadows row would save his discs, stretch the muscle better, contract the muscle better, and allow him to train in the higher rep range which his older wiser self– as he'd informed us moments earlier– had come to realise works best. I wish they would rewatch their videos and consider being more logically consistent in the future. Bbers should not invite the meathead stereotype to linger any longer than it already has.

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