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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Henry Cavill is currently training to
play the role of Geralt of Rivia in the upcoming Netflix series of The Witcher
which is an adaptation of a popular series of books and even a video game
series. He has been spotted recently at a gym in Budapest looking absolutely huge
potentially dwarfing his physique from the recent Superman movies. So Henry
Cavill has always gotten to excellent shape for his movie roles but this is a
definite progression in his condition and size. During his school years
Henry was actually known by his friends as Fat Cavill. What was your nickname at
school? My nickname at school was Fat Cavill. Which was a very apt nickname
considering my name was indeed Cavill and I was indeed fat. How lardy where you? My dad always said from the age of about 13 I stayed the same weight until I was 25 I just got
taller. Okay so you were enormously fat at 13? I don’t know about enormously fat. You were morbidly obese you could have died. In some
of Henry Cavill’s earlier movie roles such as The Tudors he had a slender but
fairly ordinary physique. It wasn’t until he played Theseus in the movie Immortals that he was first noticed for having a very impressive physique. During his time Henry Cavill worked with Mark Twight from Gym Jones and he
continued to work with him to develop size as well as condition for the Superman movies. However for The Witcher recent social media posts seem to suggest that
Henry Cavill is now working with Dave Rienzi.
Dave Rienzi is an American bodybuilder who owns the Rienzi Strength and
Conditioning facility in Florida. He is perhaps best known for being the
strength training coach to Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock. He is also married to Dany
Garcia who is the ex-wife of Dwayne Johnson. If Henry Cavill is working with
Dave Rienzi I expect he’s on a similar bodybuilding style workout plan and diet
as is used by The Rock. The Rock’s workout is typically a five-day training split
with his main training sessions split into back chest legs shoulders and arms.
Previously for Superman roles Henry Cavill has been known to eat around
5,000 calories per day during his bulking phase which then gets reduced to
around 2500 calories per day during a cutting phase. The rock diet is very
similar to the diet plan used by Mark Twight which is typically high protein
has lots of carbs and moderate fat. Meals consist of a lean protein source such as
chicken and fish a carb source to help recover from the intense workouts and
lots of veggies. Personally I’m very excited to see Henry Cavill in The
Witcher which is expected to be released on Netflix at the end of 2019

100 thoughts on “Henry Cavill The Witcher | Training workout & diet

  1. What do you think about Henry Cavill's progress with his physique? Is he a good choice to play Geralt of Rivia in the upcoming Netflix series of The Witcher?

  2. i dont like him as geralt. Don't Get me wrong, he's an amazing actor and handsome. but Geralt looks nothing like this pretty boy and Geralt is ripped, not Superman built. I will still watch it but he's not my Geralt…i dont think he can deliver the character in real life #myOpinion

  3. I assume that we are expecting really good things out of this Netflix show…. do not fail us Netflix, please

  4. i love cavill as superman.. in this upcoming movie the witcher hmmm dont no… wait and c;-) i just hope there will be no lasting effects of steroids 4 him ;( its 4 money and movie i know but many bodybuilders(common knowlegde after the glory days of bodybuilding use of steroids) MANY died after intense use at the age of 40 or 50;-( because its such a hype actors HAVE 2 look ENOURMOUS nowadays,not like spiderman first movie(TOBEY MAGUIRE) where he looks small but naturally well build(remember the mirror scene)it would not be accepted at today standards?And even henry Cavil for the movie IMMORTALS trained 6 months hear again 6 months but he trained well and looks naturally because he is there….but nowadays an actor has 2 look ENOURMOUS in 4 a 5 months in what a proffesional bodybuilder like an arnold the arnold does in years.. hench steroids… only way YOU KNOW ITS TRUE be realistic offcourse they train you have too, but never NEVER you will get that big in that small amount of time even if you got great background or genectics..(i train i know a little about it)its the big dark secret of hollywood we wont hear it because well it destroys the magic of the actor and the movie..BUT WE KNOW BETTER…its a scary development because kids en small adults are thinking i can get that big by training hard ..well THEY CANT not without extra means bad means;-( anyway its upsetting because we look good natural 2 if we train hard.. only not SO BIG as all the actors playing supercharacters nowadays….stay healthy train natural even if they offer you millions you only got 1 live…greetz and hoping 4 another Superman movie with cavill goodbye;-) and may the reeve be with you (another natural trained superman;-) guess what he trained 4 months 2 without extra means;-) CU bye

  5. The key factor in the story is he's using Steroids just like the Rock and everybody else in Hollywood that gets big quick for a movie role.

  6. honestly I saw some interwies/shows/films and he looking great and im thought he is a real dreamy, but after the new pics/interwies i saw… at some point its simpley to much.
    …and the next beautiful men is gone…

  7. Let’s be real here these guys do steroid cycles for these roles where they have to be ripped/shredded/swole whatever tf you wanna call it.

  8. Still think Zach McGowan would've been perfect as Geralt, he's got the voice, charm, and body. Oh well, we'll see soon enough.

  9. It's like he is compensating for how bad this series will turn out with massive gains.I love him and the series, but it ain't happening. I hope I eat my words.

  10. "Henry Cavill is a well known actor who is currently undertaking a diet and training in preparation for his role of Geralt in The Witcher"

    aka – the scope of info contained in this video…

  11. the Geralt from the games is not the same as the Geralt from the books….they can envision this character just the way the want to. But I understand that people think of Geralt only in the contest of the games that we all love a cherish

  12. In high school, I was known as God Slayer. Now I'm known as LEGEND. Why? Because I used to punch, like a Titan, and kick like a cannon. I've.. Become a little stronger, since those days.

  13. Henry Cavill is not a big guy in the first place. 6'0 maybe? He isn't going to look huge in costume

  14. Sry but Henry Cavill looks like a Child from Gandalf and Legolas 😀 😀 Zach McGowan is a much better choice for Geralt

  15. He lacks the older look of Geralt. The worn and torn look is lacking. Perhaps the makeup team will remedy this.

  16. CDPR did a great game with heart and soul, one of the best ever! Now fucking Netflix ruins it with their shit!!!!

  17. Uuughh risky move for Cavill. The last few things anyone remembers him in are Batman vs. Superman and the man from uncle which were two very disappointing "blockbusters".

    Now he's gonna do a feature based on a videogame? Those always pan out.

  18. I don’t know anything about exercise or The Witcher but like why can’t people just appreciate the work he’s fucking putting into his roles. He’s a great actor and has an incredible discipline for building up his body. Shut up and just watch like your comments aren’t gonna get him recasted or make you feel better lol

  19. So are they portraying Geralt's earlier years? Like right after his mutations, cus he feels a bit too young to play Geralt. Maybe they'll age him up a bit with makeup and stuff but it feels a bit off.

  20. Too buff and prissy – there is nothing edgy about this Hollywood version of The Witcher. They miss the plot as always. Such a shame.

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  22. He posted on his Instagram story every meal and shake he made for his Witcher diet and I screen shoted all of them 💪🏻

  23. Hmm, in the game The Witcher spends 90% of his time rolling around on the floor like a prick. This whole workout is irrelevant.

  24. Yes,it is a fine choice. But, he needs to roughen up his clean shaving and attitude, he is missing criminalistic carisma- after all that is the job of an actor. I like henry- very modest and kind and humble. Hollywood i swere , if you do something to him i am gonna destroy your industrie.

  25. the training program should be different-more emphazis on calistenix-prevent injuries, less eating,healthy mass. chickens are bullshit-more fibers. for short henry you are supplementing yourself with bad nutrition and trainers. i can make you a simple training plan only calistenix and it will not take the all day maybe up to 1 hour depends on your shape. the result:less emphasis about eating more healthy life style. its very easy. also for cardio you will do gravitational training with elevation trademill. this simle set of training will get you the result in very short time and of course to enjoy some vacation. why not improving your quality of life.believe me, training like an idiot and eating like a horse isnt healthy.

  26. dont forget henry you are fladerian-meaning, all of those training routines will eventually damage your health, you dont have somo genes-you are more fragile then you think. but hey,hollywood doesnt care.

  27. and ask yourself this question:do you want to be remebered as just a beautiful face in history, or a beautiful history with a face.

  28. lets face it, without a face you would have been faceless like me without any relation to your krafts as an aktor?

  29. are you up for the witcher: try runing elevation 7 with speed 10 for cardio. if you cannt survive 2 minutes it means a lot.

  30. when i take a role i make sure i fit to it mentaly and physically. i live in berlin mitte leipziger street 55. dont be afriad i dont care about your celebrity statues, and believe me you wont feel like a celebrity.

  31. or invite me to holywood. i can replace all of your trainers and give you full life advices to make you wise like the witcher and imitate the thinking process, why failing the rolle of your life if you can be saved?

  32. i am not a crazy aficionado, on the contrary i defeated the german system all by myself. for once in your life dont become another fashion trend aktor, be the aktor that fashions the trend…

  33. i solved the question what a woman want….believe me i am more capable then god endless constitution!!and i speak german good

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