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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

yes it’s your boy Dungu, the vegan
builder and today we’re gonna talk about testosterone everybody needs that
T and I’m not talking about that gossip I’m talking buy that testosterone, we’re going to
talk about that we’re gonna talk about some herbs and some of my top tips to
get that testosterone in, let’s go yes, it’s your boy Dungu, the vegan builder and I’m going to through my herb collection as it stands at the moment, i got a lot of herbs, I got a saw palmetto ginkgo biloba powder for the brain
raw organic cat claw powder, this is potent and did you see my list read
that’s a good list right I think is important my brother’s too cause i know a
lot of people have issues and you don’t know the reasons why
let’s say you’re feeling tired you’re not waking up with boner, you’re
more stressed all these things have a play on testosterone level so sometimes
when people are stressed it’s like a downward cycle where because you’re
stress your body is releasing more stress hormones and because if it is
more stressful and your body’s now under stress which making you more stressed, so
these things need to be understood and they need to be dealt with especially as
a gym goer you want to be put on your body under the best possible position
for growth, as a basis testosterone maintains your libido
it maintains your muscle strength and your bone density so it’s a very key
hormone. The four herbs that I’m gonna speak about
initially that i’ve found to have the most benefit in terms of raising it
testosterone levels, horny goat weed, to be fair, this one is in the bloody name, you know, and why it’s called that because when a farmers wanted to get
goats to mate, that is a apparently, the story when farmers wanted to get goats to
mate right they used to put horny goat weed, the real name is
something I can’t pronounce they have to put it in their feed in their food and
the goats used to get very horny and have sex with each other and
basically mate, thus making a lot more little goats for the farmers,
so that’s the name I aint even got to talk about this but too much,
horny goat weed, this one I remember the name now it’s called guinea hen weed get me, it’s good stuff if you’re Jamaican you probably heard your grandparents
talk about this one and Moringa what one thing is worth knowing is the less you’re body is under stress the more you’re eaten right, the more you sleep and
the more you’re training your legs, yes you, you have to train legs, the more you benefit your body helping it produce it’s own growth hormone helping it produce it’s own
testosterone and keep the levels balanced and also not giving away your
little seedsevery too often you know you’ve gotta balance it up out,
number one and it’s currently my personal favorite this is ashwagandha this is one
of the more researched herbs so one thing you find when it comes to
herbs it’s a lot of folk medicine there hasn’t been a lot more a lot of money
pushed into research in these herbs and from a money perspective you understand
why it because it’s hard to monetise a plant but this one surprisingly it has
forgot a lot of research behind it for example one research showed that that
conclusively reduces stress balances our stress hormones and it reduces anxiety
so for you guys are going to be more calm more relaxed more grounded this
is a start and it is something I drink and recommended it, initially, it was studied in
rats and then it was studied in humans and from a human perspective they did a
study and in this study that people who drank this I think for a 2 week period
they showed between ten to forty percent increase in testosterone them before the
study so conclusively this is beneficial with maca powder, maca powder doesn’t
directly impact testosterone but what it does it puts the body on the better
condition to produce its own testosterone even on the back of it says is high in
b6 is high in vitamin c is high in copper so
Organic maca powder is beneficial and vitamin c, that’s your immune system boosting
capabilities right did, maca powder has been proven to boost libido
which is one of the effects of testosterone so that’s something I
believe that we should be drinking anyway and Moringa that’s another
powerful herb to, some herbs have a direct impact on testosterone by having
a direct there are impact on the sex organs right how your body produces
its own T in the testicles, ETC but other our herbs have a physiological
response so it helps with your nutrients that you need
it helps actually detox the body it’s like a tonic, a good tonic is sarsaparilla, that’s a good tonic for cleansing out the body and it’s also been known to
increase libido and some people say it’s a aphrodisiac , so guys, and I know all
know my females and my sisters that are watching I’m gonna make a video from a
female perspective very soon but what you can do right now is stop and share this
video with your brother your pops your boyfriend because high
chances they need it like people sometimes we go through
issues and we don’t know why we are going through these issues something like this
opens your eyes to the fact that you know what my body might not be producing
what it needs anymore it might not be as efficient i might
have damaged my liver and I might need a cleanse
because me i can go for hours mann in the gym of course, but anyway, why by my sister
should be taken sarsaparilla is it’s not stimulate the production of progesterone
which and lack of that hormone is responsible for decreased libido and i
think we have energies in our body and sexual energy is one of the important
energies that make us feel alive in Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill speaks
about how you can channel your sexual energy to actually accomplish your goals
or bring the things in your mind into reality, but if you ain’t got no bloody
energy, then it’s PEAK FOR YOU. you know guys I really try to keep as simple as possible
I don’t LIKE TO complicate things, for me ecerything is simple, you know one plus one equals two it’s important to make sure you do your
own research never ever listen to a youtuber and go out and do it or you
gonna do the own research make up your own mind understand it is for you before
you do anything that so that’s me let’s SO LET’S MAKE A SMOOTHIE WITH THIS. ALright folks

46 thoughts on “Herbs For Boosting Testosterone & Bodybuilding | Dr Sebi – Alkaline

  1. if you want to boost your testosterone , just take test propionate , cypionate, enanthate or Sustanon.End of line.I doubt …..

  2. Yes, another classic, thank you for sharing this information good brother. I've been searching in the states for these herbs after watching your herbs for muscling building video. Stay blessed brother, love.

  3. The only natural stress remedy I’ve used in the past was Rhodiola, not sure if it was psychosomatic but I had good results. Check it out fam.

  4. It's been almost 20 days that I have been taking the ProlargentSize supplement and do not feel lack of energy anymore or workouts being less effective, actually I am more energized, motivated and feel excellent in the gym and able to do more number of reps. It's more effective when its combined with regular fitness program. I do have sex better now.

  5. I remember you put me onto Maca awhile back and I still think it's nasty! BUT! Mix that with some coconut water and all is noice from there haha! Will check for the others in the vid! Great vid very informative!

  6. Good to hear you know about Napoleon Hill, can you give us some more information on the quantity you take of each of these? I bought ashwagandha but dont know how much is safe

  7. I respect each and every one of these herbs. However, I want to know your thoughts on the herb tribulus.

  8. I bought and made a cheap mix in bulk from organic vendors off ebay. With ashgawanda, tuli/holy basil, maca , moringa, ginko biloba, rhodioala. six month supply for about 60 bucks lol about the amount you pay for a month supply bottles. Stop waisting your money on bottles or expensive mixed containers buy the individual powders make your own dont let these companies capitalize on you or your loved ones

  9. bro please can I take ashwaganda, horny goat weed and macca in a tablet form? because those are the ones I can find at where I am ? please help

  10. Coming here with all respect to you Bro but Just to clarify a little. Moringa is not DR Sebi approved!
    not sure about the rest of the herbs either.

    Stay positive

  11. Download my Complete Herb List Guide – | A must read for anyone who wants to get into herbs.

  12. Ashwaganda makes me horny as hell; almost overnight. Any ideas on how to have the benefits for the body without the side effects? I am vegetarian and meditating since 1991 and note that soy might be detrimental in the long run. So more powerful thoughts is the goal, not bed-performance.

  13. Hey, this makes total sense, awesome stuff. You may be able to accelerate the process and boost your T levels by 42%-60% within weeks, as long as you carefully read and apply what's suggested in Brett Bindeoni's website.

  14. Is it ok to take Ashwaganda and Maca at the same regimen? Also Saw Palmetto? I was recommended although they seem to all the same thing on the bottles – that they enhance energy and libido.

  15. Even if a guys testosterone is low, it sure doesn't seem like it affects their libido much LOL … womans perspective.

  16. I like your presentation… but you present to many herbs without defining a actual list. It like throwing 10 rocks at one target without actually knowing which one will actually hit the target.

  17. Great Video. Knew about some of these herbs already. But didn't know about sarsaparilla. Great to see all this information laid out in an easy to learn way. Liked and Subscribed.

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