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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

welcome back to dungubook, it’s your brother Paul, the vegan builder and today I want to talk to you guys about herbs for muscle growth a wise man once told me he said the herbs are the healing of the nation, that the Holy Bible teaches that the herbs are for the healing of the nations that was dr. Sebi, RIP dr. Sebi he got me on the herb path, I’ve got the herbs behind me you know I’ve got the shirt on, reppin’ baby How do you make the tea? you get the herbs out the foil, then you bring water to a boil then you start whipping your wrist in a coil then spill the water in like it’s oil, then you dab on my first ever post on Instagram at @ dungubook you will see that my first-ever post was my herb collection back then, back then I had cats claw cat’s claw is like one of the most anti inflammatory things in a herb format and you can never drink that with MSM and arthritis will go in my opinion. Milk thistle, for your liver but I’ve got it now in powder format thinking maybe they’ll be easily digested by my body if I put it into my smoothies, Gingko Biliboa, I normally drink this in a herb format too but but now i’ve got it in a powder, good for the brain, you want your brain to be working optimal you want to be sharp you want blood flowing into the brain, you want oxygen flowing into the brain, right? there’s studies on this, certified fire baby, i got ginseng in powder too, I think as a lifter, you need to be familiar with ginseng, ginseng would literally help you lift more, have an higher endurance, also helps you recover. I have a powder format and have the herbal format, it’s good to increase your metabolism but it’s also good for your immune system, I haven’t been sick in years i rarely rarely really get ill if i do feel myself getting sniffles I fast straight away, I completely stop eating and then my next day or in a few hours it’s gone. and I’ve got things like maca powder testosterone booster helps your body create it’s own testosterone at the body builder you want optimal blood flow right your want optimal testosterone , you want optimal GH growth hormone, you want your body to be naturally producing these things you don’t need to take it in supplements because every supplement you take it stops your body from producing it naturally we as human being reproduced creatine but it mixes two amino acids together but if you’re drinking creatine, it stops in my opinion it stops your body from creating it itself, ill rather give my body everything it needs to create everything it is itself and that’s why it’s easier for me to make progress I believe anyway because my body is a machine, the fuel that I fuel it, yeah I just line up with the oil. this is not a herb but it’s needed dulse seaweed, iodine my b12 all of that good stuff anything that grows in the sea, will be good for you, one of the only places can get b12 too in a natural form so i advise it Dr Sebi said he talked about Burdock root I’ve also got that too, it’s good healer, helps the body heal, helps muscles heal, helps organs repair them self, help you get better sleep, but do your research guys always be safe you know I love you lot like cooked food, keep supporting I keep giving that knowledge helping you grow Dungubook signing out. tomorrow’s yeah so that even though I’m vegan yeah um I’m a healthy

65 thoughts on “Herbs For Health & Muscle Growth | Dr Sebi | Bodybuilder

  1. Bring the water to the boil! Bring the water to the boil—— ayy you've got bars – C Biz should feature you ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. first fitnesstuber talking about herbs. i actually dont know shit about herbs. i bought spirulina in powder, can barely get it in me hahaha

  3. great video. I'm taking chlorella, echinacea, and oregano oil daily along with colloidal silver to keep my immune system up. I've also been doing raw apple cider vinegar with lemon juice and honey every morning and its doing wonders for my digestion! looking forward to your next vid.

  4. got a question i had an injury to my leg fibula and sprained my ankle. is there any foods i can take that can help with my leg?

  5. Great information. Could you please put a list of the herbs in the description box. I never knew you could get ginseng in powdered format, I'll have to check that out

  6. looool nah dungu ur a legend fam V Biz ๐Ÿ˜‚. Ive been vegan a while now just abit lazy with the cooking at uni, just found your channel real informative quality bro keep up the good work

  7. Let go of those hybrid herbs and all that superfood nonsense, get on the burdock, sarsaparilla, pavana, bugleweed, red clover. Those hybrids Sebi laughed at.

  8. Question: what is your macros when prepping for a show? Also do you increase your iron intake from Dr Sebi liquid iron since dr sebi doesn't believe in "protein"?

  9. I'm asking because I am trying to lose fat as well as gain muscle so I can do a competition show bikini division.

  10. Bro this video along with the comments are A1. I learned a lot
    Me and my homeboy were talking about a boxer who chewed on some tree bark or some and it was making him stomger. Had him knocking ppl out say they had to ban the bark.

    Some herbs are hard to find and we usually don't know the real names or their natives names .
    Def don't know their scientific names.
    Ya know you should Google


    Post More herbs too. Just juice now and am looking forward to seeing what else works with my body.

  11. So what are the main foods you use to build muscle. Excuse my ignorance, but Iโ€™m starting to get into Dr. Sebi stuff.

  12. Download my Complete Herb List Guide – | A must read for anyone who wants to get into herbs.

  13. Thank you! I've been wanting to maximize some clean (not the typical "clean" but the REAL CLEAN) gains for a while now and you're helping hugely

  14. Yeah… bodybuilders are all vegans now hahahahaha
    How couldnt we know? That fucking Schwarzenegger got all his muscles from leafs xD

  15. A bro I follow Dr send to and I remember him saying no jinxing because it's a hybrid plant is not electrical

  16. Iโ€™ve been skinny all my life , and I want to gain weight and mass with muscles on the dr.sebi diet .

  17. What supplements do you take? Every day I drink a supplement containing all the B vitamins, zinc, and magnesium. Apparently zinc is harder to get on a vegan diet.

  18. How long have you been eating hemp seeds? What else do you consume for protein? How much grams of protein do you consume daily?

  19. I believe herbs are to protect our health. Well done to you for taking a serious interest . You look wellโ˜๏ธ

  20. Bro im on that same wave i got my own herbs one thing you SHOULD defo get is Ashwaganda it is a natural testo booster! check it out

  21. I got a question for you Dr. Sebi says vitamins and proteins is made up nonsense…because the body is only made up of minerals so what minerals are the muscles made up of?

  22. Oh dude…i tried buratu superbea ..nd it worked ..i gained 10kg muscle mass in 3 weeks nd am ectomorph …man …am gonna buy mulundo nd entango for peNis enlargement

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