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44 thoughts on “High Carb Vegan Vs. Low Carb Paleo Diet – THE TRUTH

  1. the body either gets into burning fat or carbs. you just have to choose which side you want to be on and get the results either way. whatever. i prefer eating whole foods (mostly fruits and veg), one fully raw meal a day, and healthy fats.

  2. Wow! Talk about misinformation here! People who are very active (e.g. high performance athletes, workers with physically very demanding jobs) may do fine with a lot of carbs, although this is not true for all of them. People with sedentary jobs, people who are dealing with obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes or depression etc. and generally people whose metabolism is out of whack (and that is most of us) are much better off on a low-carb diet. High carbers are almost always slaves to their cravings, and the only way to get those under control is to cut out the carbs.

  3. I'm going to have to disagree with your video, I have been on the keto diet for a few months and have lost 20 lbs, I have also gained muscle, I never feel tired any more, my bad cholesterol levels are down, and I am always able to finish my workouts and lift heavier.

  4. My wife developed horrible problems going vegan. It was extremely hard on her body. Once she switched to the keto diet her health improved greatly, and so did her energy levels. When you're on a ketogenic diet you get your carbohydrates from vegetables. Also, there is no fruit or vegetable on the face of the planet that can give you the amino acids that you get from meat that your brain desperately needs.

  5. oh dear same old calories deficit and calorie in< calorie out stuff. Try selling this high carb dream to a 110 kg overweight person who just cannot lose weight. Diet advice from shredded people, no thanks. give me an everyday person who tried lowered or low carb ( with veggies ) and had blood work reports to show an improved lipid profile and improved insulin tolerance. Also people who worked hard in the kitchen to make meals that they can eat and enjoy and sustain over a long period of time. Modern civilization with energy dense food all around, all yea,r is not what we evolved for. Glycogen stores and fat stores were not forever as we would run out of immediate food sources and fall back on our fat sources for energy. But not today. Now there never is a time a person can't eat. so the additional blood glucose stays locked in the fat cells forever. this plentiful food processed beyond recognition is an artificial state borne after the agricultural revolution over 200 years if not less. we evolved over thousands of years.

  6. I respect you guys for trying to inform those individuals that have NO PROBELM with carbs and insulin resistance. Carbs are great. But for those people who can’t eat sugar based carbs (which are everything but fiber), ketogenic and Paleo based diets are good.

  7. Awesome video. Awesome awesome awesome.
    Please post this on Shawn Bakers channel. Please call him out!!! He's sending a very dangerous message out!!! Not just for health but as a ex doctor ( he LOST his license) is convincing people with the exact bad studies you talked about.

  8. 30 years biodynamic vegetarian = Total physical depravation. Then 14 years of Low carb high fat = total restoration of vegetable destroyd body. Vegetables are low grade nutrient! Meat, dairy, eggs are high grade nutrient food!

    Mans problem is nutrientdeficiancy!

    Boys! Not one right here, sorry! Looking good, but sounds like bought from foodcompanies? Do you know who you serve?

  9. I think the fasting state is very healthy, actually.. very good for the body.. but.. not the forced state induced as a result of a low carb or keto diet..because you're taking in tons of fat and keeping your digestive system running. A true fasting state puts you in a natural state of ketosis which allows your digestive system rest and promotes detoxification and rejuvenation of the body. It also helps heal food addiction and makes you more metabolically flexible. So..I think there should be a distinction made between nutritional ketosis and the natural ketosis that occurs with fasting (and which can also be achieved through intermittent fasting).
    Btw, I'm vegan. 😉 Nice video. 😊 xx

  10. Not all calories are the same. If you eat Big Macs it's not the same as eating healthy fats 'or' carbs. I eat low carb, moderate but healthy meat, healthy fats and loads of nutrient dense plant based foods, I do not eat a low calorie diet. Five months in and I feel great, have lots of energy and have lost lots of weight (during the British winter) with little exercise. I once lost a lot of weight on a high carb diet when I was doing a lot of cycling but I put it back on in the winter as wasn't cycling so much and would get sugar cravings. I would say – do what works for you. In my case, Keto all the way!

  11. He's right. I work in a school for Public Health and a lot of the research that they do here is recycled.

  12. I'd rather do more of a high protein, low carb diet. High carb vegan you're basically always hungry and you end up snacking on crap. I wouldn't eat fatty meats. If I had the choice out of a good veggie burger and fatty red meat, I'll choose the veggie burger.

  13. What do you think is a low carb diet? It’s really just a no grain, low or no cereal diet. It IS plant based – as in non starchy veggies form the bulk of what is eaten. It is satiating – and high carb causes so many to feel hungry. Before you disagree with someone, you need to better understand what it is. It isn’t eating butter and steak all day. My breakfast? 2 eggs, avocado and tomato with some olive oil. My lunch? A huuuuuge salad, often topped with some form of protein (tuna, salmon or sardines). My dinner? A chicken thigh, grilled asparagus, cauliflower “rice” with a bit of butter. Dessert is a small portion of berries with yogurt. Snacks – often nuts and seeds. Yes, I eat animal products and I feel amazing. It is the only diet that controls my weight and allows me to keep my caloric needs in check. Those studies you site? Nothing – and I do mean nothing – has been done to compare a whole food vegan diet to a whole food omnivore diet. I do have a problem with keto for non-medical reasons (as I do with severe fat restriction), but low carb? Totally fine and likely very healthy. Don’t confuse your ethics and feelings with what is nutritional. Oh and my gestational diabetes kept 100% in check with diet and exercise (I usually am around 60 grams net carbs a day). In my last pregnancy, I followed a 175 total carb diet recommended by the ADA (all from real food – sweet potatoes and apples and such) and my numbers were horrific, I was constantly hungry and miserable and I gained waaaay too much weight. But according to you I was just eating too much and exercising too little, right? Um. No.

  14. for be in a low carb diet right now it's the diet who work the most for me. My stomach is really sensible I throw up at nothing and I'm lactose intolerant. I need take probiotic everyday but I cant digest anything properly no matter what I eat. I ate at least 5 cup of vegetable and Im not restrict myself for any vegetable and for the quantity everyday and work out everyday. I need to say that I do restrict myself for some aliment ( bread rice pasta) but I still eat a little of those every week because I dont restrict myself too much. Also recently I saw when I ate too much of those aliment I feel sick. Same thing with vegetable for some reason when I ate too much I get sick so it's really hard for me to find the great balance. Since I'm a low carb diet I feel so much more light and my stomach hurt and except of my bad stomach I have not health problem. I also get that I vegan diet is really great for your body but I know for me its will not work for me since of my stomach problem they have so many thing I cant eat already or too much of something. For the conclusion I think its depend how you do your diet and how much you restrict yourself and also no matter what diet you do I think you be follow by a profesionnal

  15. So, we should go ahead and eat all the junk want to? Sorry guys, you completely ignore the fact that some people are insulin sensitive but most are not – in varying degrees. The research is now overwhelmingly in favour of LCHF. And contrary to what you say, the meta-analyses for long term LCHF is now well established.

  16. If you eat a big Mac is 70% bred and 30% meat and is fried meat and that is not healthy,all studies are not from Paleo are from omnivores and they blame meat while grains are the problems

  17. You are trash carbs or the worst of all all all food is sugar any any diabetic person will dye from that while fats don't spike glucose so bad,I tell you to do this tell a diabetic persoane to eat 100 grams of bacon vs sugar and Wich one will be bad even cake or chocolate has very high amount of sugar

  18. if people start paying attention to all diets in the world, they might be healthy in their bodies but crazy in their minds, people can go nuts with this topics. I am telling you something, balance is the key. eat smaller portions, reduce frequency of meats, small portions carbs, reduce or eliminate sugar, exercise more.

  19. I just go with what makes me feel good. If I live on meaty salads drenched in olive oil I am dench and full of anergy.

    If I start eating grains and potato I get fat and feel like bloated dog shit . My cholesterol has always been fine either way .

  20. I went keto after signs of insulin resistance, and really screwed myself up. Pancreatitis (may be chronic, need more results), and though it leveled out my hormones, keto masked so many other issues. I've been low fat high carb whole foods vegan for about 3 weeks and feel great. But I'm scared as to what it will do to my hormones. I hope I can continue on this path because it's nowhere near as restrictive as keto.

  21. eat what you want and not what influencers tell is the healthiest or the best! but make something against climate change please! dont buy to much plastic!

  22. In my experience I have done a Low carb (like paleo) for 1 year and the blood's exam shows hight cholesterol, GH, prolactine…. I think it's not very good IMO and I get to switch on a PB diet now!

  23. Everything About the Paleo Diet
    The Paleolithic diet, more commonly known as the Paleo diet, is directly inspired by the diet of our ancestors who ate more naturally, unprocessed foods. You should know, however, that it is more than a diet to lose weight, it is, above all, a rather restrictive lifestyle.
    Eating as Our Ancestors: the Basic Principle

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