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100 thoughts on “High School Musical Cast – Work This Out (From “High School Musical 2”)

  1. After 2015 to early 2016 disney stopped being good im 12 and im saying that…

    All the good disney like this needs to come back

  2. This song should be called: "Stuck up and selfish friends"
    Seriously your bro hooks you up at a job for the summer, and all you do is complain and whine. Then your friend gets promoted and you diss him and breakup with him.

  3. How toxic are all his friendss omgggg i mean they got a job because of troy and they are coming at him because they thought they would be chillin i don’t think sooo
    And not ti mention how they make troy feel bad about receiving a scholarship just because he would sing with the queen Sharpay and not them

  4. If only the health inspector came in during this song. Reality check: sitting on a food prep table is a health code violation. Not to mention the lack of hair nets, proper nonslip foot wear, gloves, etc.

    Then they would all be unemployed along with the rest of the staff who are providing for families.

    Do not whine over getting a job at a summer resort during its best season of business. You all must be from wealthy families if having that job isn't a blessing from Heaven itself.

  5. I'm so disappointed my little brother never grew up to this. he never understands why I always sing this when I'm working in my kitchen

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