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Hello guys, Vicky this side Today we will review
MYPROTIN IMPACT WHEY ISOLATE I’ll unbox it and tell you how I bought it So lets open the packed box as I received it.
I’ll open it now in front of you. I had ordered IMPACT WHEY ISOLATE 2.5 KG I have bought this from MYPROTEIN official India website And the second product that I have bought
is BCAA with a ration 4:1:1 As you can see this is a packed.
Let open and see Let me first explain you the label As you can see, the scoop size is 25g It contains 23g of protein per serving (25g)
which is very good That brings it’s protein availability to around 92% – 93% So let’s open it The flavour I bought is Strawberry Natural It comes in 21 very interesting flavours
(list on screen) It comes with a 25g scoop which is of good quality Let’s check the powder quality The quality looks very good Let’s check the taste 200ml of water We’ll add 1 scoop of protein in it We’ll check it’s mixability We can see it mixes well We’ll shake it a bit It mixed very well. Let’s check the taste It’s tastes very good. A very natural flavour of Strawberry You have several flavours to choose from that
you may buy as per your choice As you saw, I tested the ISOLATE
and I find it to be very good I’ll talk about the price in a while Meanwhile let me talk about the
second product I bought – BCAA This has a ratio of 4:1:1 Let’s taste this as well The recommended water level is 8-10 ounce (appx. 250-300 ml).
I am using 8 ounces (appx 250 ml) Let’s open the packing The flavour I bought is Berry Blast It comes in 2 flavours – Tropical and Berry Blast It has a nice scoop inside Let’s mix it Smell is really good and quality too looks good You may use it with Whey protein for
After Workout or Pre Workout As you saw, I opened both these
products in front of you And I checked the quality;
which I find is very good and I would recommend Let’s talk about the price If you buy the IMPACT WHEY ISOLATE from
third party websites, it would be a costly affair If you buy it from Amazon,
it would cost you around Rs. 7749 It’s selling on Healthkart at around Rs. 7,999 You may have not considered buying it
from MYPROTINE official website… … due to custom charges and
delivery charges asuming it would be costly But that’s now how it is You would actually get this cheaper The price on the official website is Rs. 3919 Let me tell you about custom charges Custom charges for Protein powder is 46% Custom charges on tablets & capsules is 165% So I won’t recommend buying that as it would be very costly But you may buy the powders as with 46% custom charges it would
still come out to be cheaper as compared to Indian market prices Now if you were to add custom charges to it’s
official price of Rs. 3919 … The custom charges come to around Rs. 1800 You total costs come to around Rs. 5700 So it’s Rs. 8000 in local market v/s Rs. 5700 Now lets talk about delivery The delivery might take a while
and you need to be prepared for it It’s also very well packed The website says around 10-21 working days for delivery I received it in around 24-25 days You should get it in a maximum of 30 days You may get it in 15-20 days too As you saw, ordering from the official website is cheaper BCAA 4:1:1 (500 gms) costed me Rs. 2519 In India market you would get appx 250 gms of BCAA
with a ratio of 2:1:1 or 3:1:1 BCAA 250 gms is available on Indian sites like
Amazon and Healthkart for appx. Rs.2300 – Rs.2400 For the same cost you would get 500 gms from official site So if you plan to buy MYPROTEIN from the official website,
do go ahead without hesitation So let talk how much did the two together cost me It costed Rs. 5472 for the two products And the custom charges incurred were Rs.2100 That brings the custom charges to 38% – 39%
(as against the official charges of 46%) You may not all be charged the official rate of 46%
It may be less too So you may order this from the official website All details and products are listed on the website I wanted to guide you on this and
I leave it to you to make your choices Ok guys…I’ll get going…
I’ll see you in my next video Till then….Bye…Take Care

29 thoughts on “Hindi Unboxing Myprotein Impact Whey Isolate – Review Quality Cost Customs Delivery

  1. FAT TO FIT MOTIVATION bro whey protien is not good for allergy reaction diesses like hyper sensitivity ?

  2. I bought impact whay isolate. Chocolate and peabut butter.. in its lebel its showing 20gm protein..
    But there should be 23gm of protein. Is it fake?

  3. 1) Please suggest the best flavor in myprotein except chocolate smooth

    2) I already used MYprotein isolate chocolate smooth. Now my fat has reduced drastically . even my weight dropped from 86 to 74 in 4 months. I feel i need to put on some mass on my muscles. Now i want to buy a new protein package. Please suggest shall i buy isolate or concentrate for next time.

  4. bhai iska kya proof hai ki andar jo powder hai genuine h mixed nhi…bcos india me sabkuch possible h…original box ke andar fake powder dalna

  5. Bro from where to book? How much price will be there in Bangalore ? And is this good ? I'll workout at morning from 6:30 to 9:00 so when to take this?

    Please answer all this questions God bless you…

  6. Bakwas hai my protien ye company flavor ka itna paisa charge kr rahi hai isme koi bhi digestive enzyme nahi hai to kyu liya jaye is ko raw asitis isolate isse kafi accha hai aur 10000 rs 15000 rs spend krne ki bhi koi zaroort nahi.

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