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in today’s video i’m getting hit with viking weapons until i bleed hey just cought me practicing a little bit of my uh you know viking attacks and as a dedicated larper i’ve always been curious how much do these foam weapons injure a person in Combat so i bought a bunch of viking weapons from amazon and what we’re gonna do is i’m gonna get hit as much as i can until i bleed But before i get hit there’s something i’d like to recommend to you pick up vikings, vikings example some of the best rpg and strategy games that we all miss from the 90s and early 2000s also vikings has just gone through another massive update finally adding new champions and kingdoms Really this is the best time to join the action What i recommend is to try the legendary in-game battle effects of over 1 million players it’s huge awesome crazy and amazing vikings has awesome hd 3d graphics and smooth gameplay and the best part is you get to choose your own play style build an indestructible fortress or just gather your friends build a fierce army together and conquer the world try vikings now by clicking the link special bonus 200 gold and a protection shield for free Yes, so today i’m be getting hit in this here right arm and just like thor’s hammer you can’t pick up this arm unless you’re worthy so we got a wide arsenal of weapons much like the vikings would have So we’re gonna do these little babies swords first and you know it’s gonna happen the swords are gonna break in half that’s what’s gonna happen broken half So the baby swords did no damage to me so we’re onto the viking weapon of choice axis axis axes what that lasts like one strike dead last axis pathetic time for another axe well Now it’s a nice pic it’s your boy h-town coming at you with a mid video damage report and as you can see I’m slightly bleeding but can you really count that because look at look at these viking weapons they’re like totally destroyed you know that’s like? Wow this guy so as you guys already know i’m pretty much the most invincible human ever seen and Honestly my cousin west was supposed to help with his video but i think he ran away couldn’t take the strength you know Hit the back of my trouble you idiot so needless to say west’s last hit was pathetic something, to give him another try So we broke a lot of weapons thus far in this video i have been unscathed mostly as you can see? Slightly red you know just mostly just like you know blood protecting coating my skin cuz you know my body is a machine So we have broken every weapon we have against my rock-hard diamond skin except for one this sword right here and only the worthy can pull it from the stone So we’re gonna attempt, to use this against my rock-hard awesome skin now still not bleeding but chickasaw the sword is imprinted on my skin for all eternity yeah My rock-hard diamond skin has yet to take any damage as you can see look it up beautiful and flawless it looks So they’re gonna attempt throwing the weapons now in hopes to damage me whose jones world’s strongest bodybuilder no flaking beating montage oh Why are you slapping me with it cut me with it it’s a sword toby you’re done all right i’ll admit the viking weapons were forged by very impressive iron so i’m bleeding a Slight amount a very minor amount the normal human would have been dead by now deceased at least a year ago But, me you know i’m still kicking so that’s the video guys once again i arraigned Vectorially so you know what you need to do though you don’t like the video definitely like the video or someone will hunt you down Okay and you’re gonna be worried cuz they’re a viking oh, so make sure you comment down below what do you want To see next time bodybuilder vs., or bro labs, and of course if you haven’t already make sure you subscribe why don’t you subscribe already

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  2. Nerf sword vs fingers I remember when I was a kid and like the rip of those damn things will break and you get hit in the fingers, worse pain ever

  3. We need to find you one of those bushes that have the branches like whips ……@ use them to whip your ass 100 lashings if your rock hard diamond adamantium like skin can handle it …….. but we want to see back an under rib torso shots….. none of this leg an shoulder crap….. come on houstone!!!!!

  4. You need to get hit by the metal ones cause those are plastic ones and that said you have to get hit by the real metal ones.

  5. You should try the stinger self defense whip!

  6. Houston… I need to Thankyou man, for giving me the best laugh iv had in so freakin long!!! When you got hit with the long sword and just walked off, I laughed that hard till I cried and rewound it atleast 10 times and laughed just as hard, if not harder each time. Your the best dude. I freakin love you bro 😂🤣😂

  7. If this guy is crazy enough to do something like then hes got some balls of steal and he is the most invisible person in the world.and those weapons are plastic that's why it keeps on breaking

  8. How Men get abs cause I’m boy even though my name is Amy.
    For men.
    1. Put ice in your dingiling
    2. Lift weights
    3.let you baby punch your dingiling as hard as he/she can
    4. Let girl adults get a bat (wood bat) and let them hit your stomach
    5. Look at your abs

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