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Hey, what’s up? This is Sean Nalewanyj, of And today, I want to do a quick review on HMB, which is one of
the more popular bodybuilding supplements available these days. HMB is a metabolite
of the amino acid L-Leucine. And L-Leucine is of course one of the three branched-chain
amino acids, which do play a very important role in both muscle growth and muscle sparing.
And out of the three branched-chain amino acids, L-Valine and L-Isoleucine are the other
two; L-Leucine plays the most important role. And because L-Leucine is the more — most
powerful amino acid involved in muscle growth, scientists then theorized that there might
be a smaller metabolite of Leucine that was responsible for all of its positive effects.
And if they could isolate them at that metabolite, then it could be taken in supplemental form
to increase muscle growth while only requiring a very small dosage. And this is where HMB
came into the picture. Now, HMB supplements were first made available back in 1996, and
were promoted as the next big thing in the world of bodybuilding supplementation. And
even to this day, HMB supplements are some of the more heavily marketed products that
you’ll find. HMB is claimed to be a powerful anti-catabolic supplement and an effective
muscle builder as well. So, it’s said to decrease the rate of muscle breakdown in the body as
well as play an important role in stimulating protein synthesis. Now, some studies conducted
on animals have shown very positive results. When animals are given high amounts of HMB
under stressful condition — conditions, they seem to retain more muscle mass, and they
also have lower death rates than the animals that aren’t fed the HMB. However, it’s very
important to understand a human metabolism does not function in the same way that it
does in other animals. And studies on humans using HMB have been conflicting at best. Early
HMB supplement research on humans did show positive results with a daily dosage of about
3grams. But many of these studies were poorly controlled and they were performed on untrained
individuals. And most importantly, the majority of that initial research that did show beneficial
effects was carried out by the very person who holds the patent on HMB. So, this doesn’t
automatically make the studies invalid. But it certainly raises a pretty big red flag,
especially when you look at the hugely positive conclusions of that research. Now, not surprisingly,
a lot of the further studies on HMB have shown no positive effects on lean body mass or on
strength performance. And several of these studies even used double the amount than most
HMB supplements recommend. The real world experience seems to pretty much echo the same
thing. Most HMB users report no positive increases in muscle mass, strength or recovery. So,
given the lack of conclusive research and the first-hand experience of most HMB users,
I can’t really think of any good reason to go out and spend your money on an HMB supplement
at this point. It may have useful applications for people that have specific muscle-wasting
conditions. But for hard-training bodybuilders and athletes, the stuff just pretty much doesn’t
seem to work. Even if HMB does eventually prove to be effective as a muscle building
supplement, it will likely only be for very specific applications such as reducing post-workout
muscle soreness or improving recovery in complete beginners. But again, even for those applications
the research isn’t clear. It’s possible that future studies might prove otherwise. But
at the moment, I would simply recommend sticking with proven supplements with solid track records
such as whey protein, creatine, beta-alanine, multivitamins, fish oil, et cetera. If you
got cash left over after that, go buy some steak and oatmeal, and don’t bother with HMB.
So, thanks for watching this video lesson. If you do want to check out an honest research
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video lessons. So, I hope you found this video useful. And I’ll talk to you again soon.

34 thoughts on “HMB Review: Should You Use An HMB Supplement?

  1. I generally don't recommend them unless you have very high target calories or really need the convenience of having it pre-mixed. Weight gainers are just simple sugar and whey protein mostly. I would much rather see someone buy whey protein on its own and blend in their own carbs (fruit, oatmeal etc.) and fats (flaxseed oil, olive oil, natural peanut butter etc.). It will still be very high calorie but will have much higher micronutrient and fiber content.

  2. I'm a triathlete and have always been partial to whey protein and Greek yogurt shakes, in addition to carbs for post cardio sessions. I recently purchased EAS Recovery Protein with HMB, adding that instead of plain whey, and have noticed recovery benefits from it. Maybe there were other factors like wind direction change or something in our water, but there was a positive and noticeable change in running/swimming/biking endurance for me.

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  4. Have you heard about "H6x Muscle Monster?" (do a Google search for it) It is a quick and easy way to get ripped fast.

  5. i've used it while in caloric deficit, and i really felt it helped me retain my strength! I've not felt any effect on gaining thought.

  6. great piece bro, you have a good amount of knowledge, thankfully you are the only dude on youtube who is not a complete moron who cant seem to find a gain. what is your take on Free acid HMB, because HMB was always dosed as a calcium based pill which you already know too much calcium can act as a wall blocking possible supplimentational effects. "Clear Muscle" by muscle tech is free acid HMB and I have had mixed reviews in my store, and was wondering if you have tried it. I just use Phosphatidic acid which is working really well. 

  7. Sean, I bought HMB to replace creatine I've been taking for way too long. At that point I didn't even know what HMB was exactly for. It definitely works as an anticatabolic for me, at least it's been working for first 6 weeks or so. No extra muscle gains though.

  8. Did you just read a script from Greg Knuckles review on this? seems like most of it is exactly what he said.

  9. would this help me if I'm in a coloric deficit, i have to loose weight for boxing and id like to keep as much of my muscle as possible

  10. Could you please provide the links of all the scientific articles you talk about? Both the positive and negative ones. Thank you

  11. Problem is a lot of those studies go off by a survey.
    "Did you feel hmb work for you?"
    Person- "no."
    Thats literally the extent of those studies. Take it, staying consistent and monitor your body.

  12. The link is to a research paper written in 2008, but it talks about every study on HMB up to that date and how there were conducted. Several show results and some are inconclusive and/or don't use the scientific method, i.e. subjects are not monitored to see if they exercise. There are also some other interesting insights from the author on why studies could have failed or created results. Either way, HMB has real world uses for mitigating muscle wasting, hearth health, and weight training.

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