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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

100 thoughts on “Home AB Workout – Effective Exercises & Routines (Anywhere only using the Floor)

  1. For FULL BODY Exercises / Routines, see this Video:

  2. Iam athletic soccer player who lives in USA . And I do work out daily . But his training abs work-out is world class and phenomenal absolutely astonishing.

  3. For a beginner how often would you recommend doing this routine? Appreciate any feedback. Thank you

  4. Buenas noches gracias por el vídeo , pero una pregunta la rutina debo hacerla completa por día o podría dividir los ejercicios y hacerlo 2 por día

  5. Excelente, voy a iniciar con estos ejercicios ya que de verdad me motivaron mucho. Hoy es 23/07/19, veré resultados y se los haré saber en un mes; obviamente, también cuido mi alimentación, iniciando una dieta sin lácteos ni harinas.

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  8. For the time being I cannot do some types like plank, as my right leg is fractured. But surely I will add a few to my routine exercise.

  9. Se for fazer todas as séries que está pedindo,tem que ficar o dia inteiro fazendo kkkk
    Não precisa fazer 8,10, 12 séries,a quantidade não importa e sim qualidade,no máximo 4 cada série,se estiver fácil aumenta as quantidade não as séries.

  10. Just Awesome .. and just like someone here said, "probably the only video on youtube where the person doesn’t chat shit for hours before actually showing the workout 👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👍🏿"

  11. You are inspirational!!! Hard workout pays off, I’ve been doing your workouts and I see amazing results, thank you. Beautiful ripped buddy.

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