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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Sorry we missed Washboard Wednesday this week
but we didn’t miss it entirely. We just missed the timing of it. As you can see, I’m here on the set of ULTIMATE
ARMS, our new program, getting ready here to release it in the coming weeks, and I wanted to make sure though that I didn’t
miss entirely what you guys want and expect and that’s our Ab Workout. And today I’ve put one together for you using
a single Dumbbell. That’s right. If you are even working out
at home and you want something with a little bit of added resistance. You don’t even start you know, buying and
investing in all big machines to do this. If you have one single Dumbbell at home you’re
going to be able to do all four of these exercises. Let me take you through each one, one by one. Alright the first exercise up here is pretty
easy and it’s a great way for us to get a little additional weight. It’s just a standard Weighted Crunch but the
way I hold the Dumbbell and the way I perform the exercise is the key. Do what we call a Levitation Crunch. You try
to levitate and push your shoulders straight up into the ceiling. Push that Dumbbell straight up into the ceiling. You don’t want to start pushing the Dumbbell
forward because as you do, all you’re doing is making the exercise easier. The weight of the Dumbbell is actually creating
forward momentum to get you up off the ground. If you try to go straight up, remember guys
our Physics, you’re pushing that Dumbbell right up against gravity, that’s what’s going to be the toughest, and
that’s what’s going to be most productive for you. The next exercise here we have is our Leg
Raise starting from below but you’ll see the positioning that I’ve established is a bit
of a rotated position, pre rotated. I have my Dumbbell here to create a little
bit of added resistance to pull me in the direction opposite that my legs want to take
me. This, right away is going to increase the
activation of our Abs because we know they control rotation, at the same time it’s going
to involve our Obliques. So we’ve got an opportunity, as I press both
the leg and the Dumbbell up together, to work both from the top down and the bottom up, but include the all important rotation and
Obliques in the exercise. Ok, next we can take this Dumbbell and we
can actually do one of my favorite exercises and that’s the Ab Wheel Rollout, minus the
Ab Wheel. You see if you take the Dumbbell and you position
it like an Ab Wheel, all that matters now is that you get your grip pressure and the
way you hold the Dumbbell correct. And that’s going to allow us to do this great
exercise. So as you see me demonstrate here, all I’m
doing is really changing the pressure that I’m applying through my forefingers and through
my thumb. As I roll out, I want to take all four fingers
off and literally push the Dumbbell away from me with my just my thumb. That allows the Dumbbell to spin inside of
my hand and not get slowed down or dragged down by friction. But as I come back, what I want to do is then,
grasp with the four fingers and then release my thumb from the back side. So that now, I’m able to actually roll the
Dumbbell back. If you grip too hard in both directions, you’re
going to wind up not allowing the Dumbbell to spin or it’s going to feel like it’s roughing
your hands. To do this exercise properly, you just want
to get the feel of it. Practice a few times and you’ll get it. And now you’re able to do this great Ab exercise
without actually even needing an Ab Roller. Of course we can still take advantage of the
rolling situation here, by turning our body around and now positioning the Dumbbell under
our feet. So here I’m doing a Sprinter Tucked variation
of it. I look like a Sprinter, one leg back, one leg up, right. We’re mimicking the athletic movement of a
Sprint but we’re doing it here with a Dumbbell. We’re driving forward with one knee, we’re
driving backwards with the opposite one. Now the great thing about this exercise is,
again it’s another lower Ab targeted movement because we’re working on bottom up. And we can even get a little bit of bottom
up stability because we have to balance the positioning of this Dumbbell under my foot. You might find that it rolls away from you,
again manage the pressure in your foot. Become a little bit more, Coordinated and Athletic. It’s another benefit of the exercise. But
the bottom line is you’re able to train your lower Abs the same way you did through the
top down with the Rollout, now you can do it in reverse Rollout situation
and still using just that single Dumbbell. So there you have it guys, there is a workout
you can do at home with just a single Dumbbell. Or if you want to do it in the gym, by all
means go for it. It’s a new way to train your Abs, again using
a little bit of extra resistance and not needing a lot of equipment. And guys, this is what ATHLEANX is all about. You can do all of your workouts, whether you’re
at home or you’re in the gym, it doesn’t matter to me. Matter of fact we have a program, you need
NO any equipment at all, ATHLEAN XERO. Ranging to hard programs that utilize a lot
of equipment in the gym, it’s up to you, want level you’re at and how far you want to push
yourself. And we’re talking about programs guys, I mentioned
it before, ULTIMATE ARMS is on the way. Sooner than you think. Keep an eye on here, our channel and of course
if you’re on our email list make sure you stay tuned, because we’ll be notifying you
very soon when that’s available. In the meantime, I’ll see you guys back here
for more videos. Let me know, if you try this video, let me
know if you thought it helpful, leave your comments and thumbs up below. And we’ll be back here again in just a few
days for yet another new video.

100 thoughts on “Home Ab Workout (ONE DUMBBELL NEEDED!)

  1. Hey Jeff, I have a little problem. I m from Germany and I don't know the exact expression for this "disease".But colloquially u call it "Chicken Breast"/ "Pigeon Chest"!When ur breastbone comes out of ur body. Do you know what to do?I searched how to therapy it(bandages etc.) I have a meeting with a orthopedist but just in a few weeks and I want to know what I could do,what u would recommend not to do when it comes to bodybuilding 😀

  2. jeff could you do a video on how to get rid of excesses skin coz. i was a fairly big lad and now lost some weight and i am now getting excesses skin like under the arms is there a way to combat this without the cost and the pain of going through surgery to get rid of it. i know that some will shrink bk a little but will not go bk fully or if anyone has gone through this and found something that worked would love to hear about many thanks

  3. I tried these earlier today and got a great workout.   Thanks, Jeff.  I love all these different ab workouts!

  4. Jeff I want to ask you if you Should put your shoulders out if your doing the pulley, what I mean is: letting your shoulders be infront of you.
    Or keeping your shoulders in the back

  5. I was gonna ask for exercises to build the outer head of the biceps, and Jeff says "I've got an arm program coming out." Crap! Time to dig into the piggy bank.

  6. Can you make a video on recovery. I've been finding myself destroyed since I'm doing weight training combined with my boxing training.

  7. Just subscribed. love some of your "Ideas/concepts/applications," which make me pause to wonder/think re: how best to improve my 5km/10km runs, as well as bicycle mph for Triathlons. (55yr old age grouper….who thinks/feels "33"….most days…lol)

      I'm wondering whether you (Jeff) @ATHLEAN-X™ , do:
    (1) address running/biking muscles specifically in your training concepts or, could you?  (haven't seen/heard it yet in few viewings thus far…..)
    (2) how to train enough (or well, sweet zone wise) w/out over/under-training. 
    (3) Core work to stimulate deeper muscle tissues, especially around the glutes, hips, (etc) to "fire-correctly" and which are key to improving one's run/bike times come training & race-day(s). 
    Many factors to consider here; "peaking," "tapering," "rest-recovery," etc. 

    Can one become "too tight" in core work to damper their chances for speed improvements & how to recognize/avoid it?  (Granted, many of us are too soft, core wise but, me-wonders much/many things, Mr Jeff, and am really curious how comfortable you would be with say, training runners/bikers looking to ascend in the sport of triathlon with PRACTICAL IMPROVMENTS of increased PR's/PB's with your techniques & experience)

    Hope you respond, make a specific video, or point me in right direction.
    In any event, thanks for your passionate work, time & efforts, to help others.

    Peace… completions sake.

  8. Hi Jeff,
    I am really looking forward to the new program "Ultimate Arms."
    And can you please share some tips on the drop-sets and what's your thoughts on them "12 reps – 8 reps – 6 reps – 4 reps" with 8 seconds between each.

  9. Hello guys, i
    have a question. I am around 165lbs. I am
    in a cutting mode 2 months now and have
    lost great amound of Bodyfat. I am working
    out 5-6 days per week (hard enough). My
    maintancr calories are 3000.1 am trying to
    eat everyday around 165g of protein
    medium carbs and medium fats. If my
    calorie macros are very low( lowest than
    2300) but i keep eating as clean as i can
    and around 165g of protein will i lose
    muscle too? Do calories play so important
    role in the muscle gain or maintance, or it is
    just the amount of protein you eat?
    Thanks in advance, answers will help me a

  10. Was wondering if you could do a video on a workout routine (4-5 workouts) to get that nice V tapper (maybe a new top 5 favorite video that you like to perform?)

  11. Hi Jeff, I was hoping you could give your own opinion on ab toning belts through a tips video or comment, do they work? Are they worth the money? Is it worth it for slim guys? Etc.
    Thanks Jeff and I hope you find the time to respond to someone who has been a subscriber for the past 3 years 🙂

  12. Makes me wonder wtf he's selling inside that Athlean program he's advertising. As I see it he's giving away all the information free.

  13. Hello Jeff……pls make a video that train forearm,biseps,trisep and shoulder work out just using one dumbbells …that's what I got just 1 dumbbells at home to train with…so pls make one video of those work out 💪💪💪

  14. Just tried the first exercise.. Started burning after 5 ;D managed to do 20 though, thanks for the exercises man :3

  15. jeff i wanna know how much dumbell weight i shud use and shud i increase weight as time pass by after 2-3 weeks or doing this workout with same weights

  16. i have a question im a 14 year old with a good amount of muscle mass is it okay for me to use my adjustable dumbell of 5 – 10 and 15 kg or my parents are always slike you should use the high weight to much or you will rip your muscles please help

  17. Following this amazing workouts guide “suza great plan” (Google it) will surely work your way from burning unsightly belly fats to building 6-pack abs. The book contains reader-friendly directions as well as guidelines. I was able to attain Six pack abs in just a short time period. This guidebook is really informative and I suggest everyone to use it as well.

  18. there are like a lot of ab workout which is the most effective ne for a guy who has a lot of fat but strong core pls help

  19. Is it cheating to put me feet under the handles of a pair of dumbbells to keep them from coming up when doing sit ups?

  20. Thanks! Why didn't I think of doing ab rolls with a dumbbell before, duh.
    Really helpful for those of us who hate dishing out lots of reps and prefer putting weight on.

  21. Jeff! You are the Best and most Creative strength and physique coach i've yet to discover on YouTube, and I have done a lot of exploring and research. Your workouts look complex and are challenging af most times (which is great! F-ing love that), but the main concepts behind them are simple. To get big, strong, lean and athletic all we have to do is: Eat Clean foods that actually fuel our bodies, Workout with our muscles natural movements in mind and just consistently push ourselves. Thanks for all the amazing lessons. They have changes my life. I appreciate you and hope to one day meet you before you get too old hehe

  22. I've been doing this levitation crunch for awhile with a 60lb dumbbell, down from 65; I only come up an inch or 2, & do 15- 20 reps, 3 sets, holding the peak contracted position for 2 or 3 seconds before coming down; the dumbbell is held directly above my forehead or even the top of my head… the further back I hold the weight, the harder it is (in other words, if I hold the weight directly over my throat or chest, it's much easier & hence there's less benefit).  Maybe I should bring the weight down a little?  To 50 lb., maybe?  Thoughts?

  23. bro just wanted to thank you. im skinny like 150 skinny. i could eat 4000 calories of good quality food amd workout but that was not cutting it at all, ever since watching your vids definitely seeing an improvement. I'm stokes that you tell people the healthy side of it all like foods, veggies good carbs and good fats. alot of bodybuilders will eat any type of crap protien and high calorie foods not realizing what they're doing to themselves. thanks for all the tips man, now I just have to get my supplement collection going i take plenty of creatine and good protien but lack recovery aids. great job on all the vids man

  24. That sprinter one looks dangerous if the dumbbell slips. Can you tell me how much of these I need to do to be effective?

  25. Excellent creativity… really haven't thought training abs with dumbbell could be that fun… thanks Jeff!

  26. Love love love these.>>> Perfect for lifting at home and a better price option then just continuing to buy a set at every weight when I need them. Easy to quickly switch weight, not too bulky (though takes some getting used to), and gotta love the free Amazon shipping for such a heavy package!

  27. This guy has great knowledge and I have followed many of his tips w great results. Only issue, he talks too much and can explain his instructions w less talking

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