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100 thoughts on “Home Chest Workout (No Gym No Problem) 2018

  1. i can only do 2 sets in way too fatigued:(

    Edit: never mind i did one more set, i felt like two wasn’t enough for me long term. you got to push yourself to see progress. LETS GGGOOOOOOOO

  2. Dudes smoked out.. lol. The archer push up is what i was looking for. Water sports had built nice definition going out the side of the boat with one arm and pulling back in across your chest. I could use a cable fly but no machines here.

  3. I feel pushups work better than any machine or bench press as far as overall shape, size, and definition of the chest. But as an added bonus we can use them for greater overload.

  4. Hey chris, when do you do the next round? Right after or? Like is there a specific schedule let's say morning round 1, afternoon round 2, evening round 3?? Because you have to rest right..?

  5. can some times you do work out but no dumbbells and others
    pleas thanks my kids are doing this and its hard

  6. Hi. I from of Brazil. Well,i dont enough money for pay a gym. I looking for videos of workout at home. You are help me a lot. Thank you!

  7. i seriously thought this wouldn’t be that hard… “oh it’s only push-ups…”

    5 minutes later…

    okay, maybe i should go back to eating takis

  8. I followed all his videos for chest ,abs and arms
    Believe me i got myself an extra 8 kg mass in just 3 months 😍😍😍

  9. im new to working out and following ur vids..very informative and inspiring but aren't you working out ur arms at the same time?

  10. Love the channel but u copied Austin Dunham. You are a good person and it is nice to see that he influenced you. You also indirectly helped him 🙂

  11. Note to self
    Explosive pushups×20
    Incline pishups×20
    Archer pushup×10 each arm
    Diamond to reg pushups×max
    Wide pushups×10
    3 rounds

  12. Hey Cris thanks for making this video its really great. Can you please show some exercises that will exclusively target the lower part of the chest.

  13. It is impossible that you built this body with a resistance exercise and resistance exercises help to lift the body and burn the fat and not to the mass muscle

  14. When you get to the wide push ups and you're in tears but you don't know if it's because they're a blessing or because you're in pain

  15. I'm gonna copy u all
    1 like=20 push ups
    Let's hope i can do them

    I'm probably gonna take over a few months if i get over 50 likes

  16. no matter what push variation or how many i do. I cant feel the burn in my chest. I promise that form has been looked at, and practiced voer and over to perfection. Help me out if you can?

  17. I gotta try this with a weight vest I remember I couldn’t even do it without it now I’m knocking it out 💪🏾

  18. So in 1st you will do the workout routine, then in 2nd push up till you can't go on then in 3rd rest.. is that correct? Or you need to do the workout routine for 3 times?

  19. Tip: if you squeeze your butt while doing push-ups it focuses a lot more on your chest, honestly it's much more efficient but much harder to do

  20. I have a question Chris, is it okay to use your straight arm to help you push yourself back up or is that cheating??

  21. I can do 1 round, barely…my chest is probably my weakest muscle…I'll update in 2months and see how far I can get before swim starts again

  22. I try to do push ups but always end up hurting my shoulders is this because im too weak or just improper form. If anyone has gone through that please tell me

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