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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Here in a Hotel room in Houston, Texas for
a WWE Night of Champions getting Sting ready for his first ever, WWE Championship match. And guys I find myself in hotel rooms like
this very often and a lot of times I find it challenging to get my workout in. I’ll go down to the hotel gym, it just so
happens luck of the draw here, this hotel’s under construction and the gym is not open. So what do I have to do? I come prepared because as you guys know,
who have any of our ATHLEANX Training Systems, as long as you have your Online Portal, you’ve
got access to your workouts. So for me, I’m going to do one of my ATHLEAN
XERO Workouts here. The greatest thing about our ATHLEAN XERO
Workouts are they literally need NO equipment. So I can do it in just this space right here,
literally everything I need to do right here. So this actual Workout is the Bumps, Jumps
and Jax Workout. And again you log into your Portal. You’ve
got all your descriptions and exercises right here. So I get in here and show you the Jax Push
Up, I’m going to show you that in just a second. Alright so literally every workout, your whole
workout listed down here, sets, reps and everything. Now, the workout that just showed you there
is what we call Bumps, Jumps and Jax. The three exercises you have to do them in
one minute apiece. The first minute you have to do 10 Bumps.
That’s a Burpee, this time we’re going to do Single Leg Burpees. I’m going to show you what it all looks like
here in a second. Then we go and we do our Box Jumps. That’s
our Jumps portion. It could be Broad Jumps, if you have access
to nothing at all. But I’ve got this little convenient little
piece of furniture, I don’t know whatever the hell it is, but I’m about ready to either
do my Box Jumps or break it. I’m not sure what’s going to happen first. The third thing is my Jax portion. That’s
going to be Jax Push Ups. Like I showed you in that video. You have to do each exercise for just a portion
of a minute. The first one, 10 reps of the Single Leg Burpees,
5 on each leg within one minute. Whatever time is remaining after you’re done
with those 10, is yours to rest. As soon as the next minute starts, now you’ve
got to start your next exercise. In that case, that will be our Jumps. The
Jumps here again Box Jumps, 10 of them, 10, I don’t have two hands to hold here. 10 in that one minute. Whatever time you have
remaining, is yours to rest. At the top of the third minute, now you do
your Jax, that’s 20 Jax Push Ups. You’ll see when I demonstrate here that your
feet will cross as your chest touches the ground, 20 of those. Whatever time is remaining, that’s yours to
rest. Now first time through that’s going to be
simple. But we’ve got 7 rounds in this 21 minute workout. Which means that as we start this whole cycle
all over again, it’s back to 10 Single Leg Burpees. The next minute is back to 10 Box Jumps or
Broad Jumps. .And the next minute is back to 20 of those
Jax Push Ups. With each subsequent round I can guarantee
you, the challenge is going to become that much harder. If you can survive and get all of your rep
goals in, in 21 minutes and each and every single minute, never missing a goal, that is one hell of a good job and that is
one hell of a workout guys. Let me show you what it looks like right here. So there you go guys. No matter what situation you find yourself
in, sometimes it might be limited equipment, other times it might be limited time. I know what it’s like and I’ve got programs
to make sure that you guys don’t find yourself in a hole. And as I said, with our ATHLEAN Online Portal,
all of your workouts are every single place that you are. I would run them right here on the phone also.
It doesn’t matter how I want to follow them, I’ve got the option to follow them wherever
I am. If you’re looking for workouts that you can
do anywhere, and especially if you want workouts that you can do in a hotel room, with nothing
at all, then head to ATHLEANX.COM and get our ATHLEAN
XERO Program. In the meantime, if you found this video helpful,
make sure you leave your comments and thumbs up below and I will do my best to continue to bring
you guys the best videos I can, each and every week. I’ll see you guys back here soon.

37 thoughts on “Home Fat Burning Workout (21 MINUTE KILLER!)

  1. So many push-ups… Haven't tried the workout yet, but it looks like just two minutes of push ups with a minute of active recovery- very chest heavy. Not really what I was looking for as "Fat Burning" implies more full body to me.

  2. Love all the Bumps jumps and jacks workouts. Hadnt done this one until the other day in the course of doing xero, but the AX2 version is a favorite that I resort to alot .

  3. Hello Jeff sir ! I have been following you and many of your work out …. Especially your fat burning ones like 5 min fat burning…. 10 min fat burning workout… I think this one is one of the best with intensity and rest periods equally divided for recovery and yet stretched for 21 min only !!! Loved it !! All the best from India !

  4. I just finished this workout. It whooped my ass. Im sitting here sweating like hell. Especially since I added pull ups to the mix to get the back involved.

  5. The only problem here is that beginners like myself cant do that many pushups. After reaching 20 or lets say if i push to 30. No more is possible at all because i cant lift my body up anymore.

  6. Just tried it. Got 3 1/2 rounds done (well, more like 3 3/4) and I thought I was going to die. I’m no athlete but I’m in reasonable shape. This workout is no joke.

  7. "I'm about ready to either do my box jumps or break it. I don't know what's going to happen first." What an absolute Rock Star.

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