Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Metal hut moved o top of garden and ground
levelled and prepared. Wood arrives for base frame to be assembled.
base constructed. base being prepared with weatherproofing fence
paint. screwing noggins in for strength.
covering in a waterproof membrane to protect underneath floor from dampness.
d flooring goes on. Mahogany plyboard wall frame is taking shape.
The frame going up, with support. This is the most important bit, if you don’t make
it square then everything goes off. then the rain arrived to stop play.
better weather again and crack on. The roof rafters go on quickly.
The board goes on the roof. Shed felt goes on.
OSB board to clad it under whatever type of skins going on, don’t know yet, wood or plastic.
….More rain… Having measured up for the window and door,
more boarding. Upvc cladding, Window from Yooz reclamation
yard in Glasgow…£25.00 Hes very proud ofeighbour and then painting
it. plain wooden door we got free from a n that
window! I missed out showing the

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