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Hello and welcome to my home gym which
I’ve got for sale. What I’ve got for sale includes a bench press. It’s adjustable
does decline, flat, various levels of incline. Got a leg extension part of that.
Preacher curl station, EZ curl bar, 8 kgs Olympic size. Squat rack. Squat rack
attachments include lat pull down bar and an adjustable rowing station. It
adjusts up and down in those holes so you can have it as a tricep extension
station or a bicep curl station as well. Got ceiling mounted pull-up bar. If that
doesn’t tickle your fancy, door mounted pull-up bar. 2 skipping ropes, 3 boxing
bag gloves and a big tall kick bag also comes with wraps. Weight vest, 2 weight
vests sorry. What you do is fill this lining up with sand and put the sand into
the pockets. If you don’t want to do that you can just put weight straight
into the pockets. Got 2x 25 kg bumper plates. This one’s got a little bit
missing out of here, no biggie still works. 2x 20 kg Olympic plates those are cast iron, not bumper plates, a little bit smaller than bumper plates so if you are doing say 25
s and 20s then you can drop it and it won’t hit this, this won’t hit the
ground. 2x 15 kg bumper plates Olympic size, Olympic size 10 kgs, Olympic size 5 kgs.
Also have 2x cast iron Olympic size 2.5kgs and 2x 1.5kgs. The rest
of these are standards, so got here 4x and another 4x, so 6x total
2.5kgs standards 4x 1.25kgs, 4x 1kgs, 4x .5kgs and
I’ve got here, three standard dumbbells spin locks, collars for the bar. Bar still spins. also comes with
stopwatch, 2x grip strengtheners, there’s some elastic resistance bands and a body fat*
caliper. Last thing is they’ve all been used on this matt which is 15 mms thick,
one metre by one metre, eight of them total so I’m guessing it’s eight metres
squared and yeah, that’s it. My home gym. feel free to ask me any questions, I’m
more than happy to answer any and you can come and visit if you want. Cheers!

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