Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

yo what’s up guys welcome to episode
three of the home gym hacks video series powered by TRX performance
now today another tip another trick on how to unlock your home gym how to get
the most out of your equipment that you have in your home gym so three different
box set variations using a mobility band a wooden dowel and a towel check it out so first up I’m gonna do my rope or my
towel curls grab your mobility band grab your towel remember choose your your
mobility back tension wisely if you need to increase tension if you only have a
black band like your feet out a little bit and you get a decrease in tension
narrow the feet up a little bit so here’s my talent curl variation number
one on top of that we’re gonna grab our
trusty wooden dowel that we can go either regular bicep curl or we go
overhand bicep curl so there you have guys three different
variations on the bicep curl with a wooden dowel a mobility ban towel that I
know all you have so thanks for watching stay tuned for the next episode you

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