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Hello Youtube! HadiGenetics here! so what are we doing here? what’s happening to the room? the room? what’s happening to the room? so empty, EMPTY and so messy so I just finished my study here in Malaysia and we’re about to go back to Indonesia I’ll be in Jakarta for good and we’re gonna catch the flight very soon see you later just boarded, Garuda Indonesia what time is it? 12:30 Singapore time or Malaysian time or whatever you call it our dad’s gonna pick us up. see ya! we just landed! 2:41PM hello guys, apparently my dad couldn’t make it so, TAXI wah you’re so FAT now OMG! SO FATT you’re so damn fat now, eh!? sit! shakehand! just arrived! in my room. look at my new cool shoe rack! uh nice, cool, I’ve missed you trophies from swimming competition hello! we’re heading to the gym! the new gym of Celebrity Fitness at Artha Gading Mall. We’ve been away for 6 months! we’re gonna workout with our friends tell them who’s joining us Nil. I think there will be quite a few feels good to be back brother! Yesssss let’s do this! hello guys! just finished with the gym now we are heading to Macau Supreme to have dinner with MamaHadi and PapaHadi now is 18:55pm and we’re soo hungry our last meal was at the plane oh man! I can’t drive properly now see you at Macau Supreme! my bicep looks quite big, eh? haha gonna include this scene for youtube see ya meeting my Mom and Dad MamaHadi and PapaHadi are you guys hungry? of course! hallo you guys ordered? so hungry fried meatball guys! first bite, it’s so good isn’t it? is it nice? be honest! yes it is! is nice Nil? hope you enjoyed the video and subscribe here and see you on the next video!

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