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What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, If you’re training your chest at home you’re
probably a little bit limited. Why? Because you’re probably doing a whole hell
of a lot of pushups, or dips. But you’re really not doing one thing that’s
really important. That is getting some sort of adduction components. That’s what the chest does. One of the main functions is to bring the
arm across the chest, not just out in front, not just out in front of us. Those two exercises aren’t going to cut it. Today I’m going to show you exactly how you
can start doing that with some home exercise options. Yeah, you’re going to have to cough up $20,
but I promise you, you’re going to have a lot more exe3rcise variety by doing so. So now let’s look at this, first of all. Why is it so important? Because the chest doesn’t fully contract until
you get the adduction of the arm across the chest. Some would even argue in some research that
non-expanding chest fibers can’t get activated until the arm is already all the way across
your chest. So you’re going to need to do that in order
to get a peak contraction, but we can do it with that band, like I said. It starts really, really simple with just
a band crossover. You anchor it to anything sturdy, you stand
there, and here’s what I like to do as key. I take the other arm – the one that I’m
not working – and I put it out in front of my chest, and I contract it as hard as
I can. So I actually have, not only just a target,
but I’ve got activation on the other side of the chest as well so I can actually feel
the intense squeeze as I bring my arm across the chest. I want to make sure that I can cross that
midline, bring my hand across the other hand so I know I’m going far enough. Then we could take it a step further. We can now try to test our isometric and eccentric
strength on that arm, and our chest that way by just getting into the middle and just stepping
out. Increase the resistance on the band. You still keep your arm in the middle. The idea here is you’re counting your reps
by the number of steps that you continually take without letting your arm give in, finally,
and snap back to the starting position. Now, if you want to take it to the next level,
I’ve showed you in the past, a version of a pushup that allows us to do some relative
adduction of the arm across the chest, right? If our arms are fixed on the ground we could
turn our torso, as you see me doing here into the arm, to get that relative adduction. But we can actually get real adduction at
the arm if we do what I’m showing you here. You anchor that same band to something sturdy,
but down lower. Now you get into a pushup position, you go
down into the pushup. As you come up release the hand from the ground
that has the band on it, cross it all the way over, and plant it into the ground next
t you. Get a full contraction across your chest. Then from here, come back, establish for one
or two seconds there, come back to the regular pushup position, go down into your next rep,
and repeat. Of course, you’re going to work both sides,
but this is a really great way to do a pushup. Again, it’s not all that much more difficult,
and the investment in both time is zero, and money is just a little bit, and it will make
your home workouts that much more effective. All right, guys. If you’re looking for a complete program that
you can do at home with very minimal equipment, it’s over at That’s our ATHLEANX training program. And if you still want to just training with
nothing but your own body weight I’ve got a complete bodyweight program over there as
well. The idea is, guys, no excuses here. Let’s get the job done. Let’s train our chest the right way. All right, guys. I’ll be back here again. See ya.

100 thoughts on “Home “Inner” Pec Exercises (4 BEST!)

  1. OMG, jeff, you are so kind person. at beginning, I thought you would told us that do these exercises in your studio better, but you really told us how to make it better just at home. thank god, i am ATHLEAN X big fan right now!

  2. i`m learning more and more about training the chest since i found Athlean X AKA Jeff Cavaliere!!! thank you so much for sharing Jeff, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

  3. These look very isolated to work that inner chest. I have been mainly super setting rotating dumbbell chest press on the outside then squeezing to turn them on the inside. Anyway, Jeff you turned my interest to these bands since they are a newer side to work. How do you determine your resistance range to use?

  4. Resist the movement near fixed insertion to develop that area more in this case add max resistance near peak contraction(fixed insertion). remember to step back on cables or bands .

  5. I'm a hardgainer and my middle chest is boney. If it wasn't I would be way more confident with taking my shirt off. Great video Jeff!!! Hope it helps me!

  6. how can i get these bands? when i went to a store they had different kinds depending on how hard it is to stretch each band.

  7. I don't trust rubber bands. I use two 20lbs dumb bells flat on my back and standing bringing one up across my chest with wrist turning in. But i got that from Jeff soooo he's the big dawg!

  8. I've been training for 21 years and have always had a shitty inner chest. I did these exercises only ONCE and I can already see the difference!

  9. Should I build a decent chest first and then start building an inner chest? Also, once I've done that, does it matter if say, I hit bench first, incline bench, etc. and then hit inner chest after?

  10. For the 1% people reading this,

    Fuck you, gullible cunts, thinking people in the comments who say "have a nice day" are truthful, they're just tryna get attention, just like me, I don't care about you or your day, and you shouldn't care what people you don't know say

  11. Wish i ve seen this video 6 years ago… I have overdeveloped oiter chest and less innee chest dur to only push ups and dips

  12. AWESOME video. Thanks for the upload as usual guys.amazing work as usual. Already have the band so will be working this part of the chest from now on like this. Lift guys but lift correct! If your not sure ask Jeff!

  13. Hey Jeff could you do a video on pec gap widening ?

    Can this be from years of heavy presses or too wide dumbell / cable flies that rip the muscle insertions away from the sternum ?

  14. Thank you so much for this, im gonna give this a try for a while and see how it goes, the split in my chest only goes up about halfway so hopefully these exercises can complete it for me

  15. The old Nautilus machines were such an excellent workout. It’s just too bad they were so damn heavy and labor intensive.

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