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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

this is an upper-body workout you can do
at home or in the gym using only a set of dumbbells. we’ll take you through ten
different exercises covering your whole upper body with fifteen seconds rest
between each exercise so you can follow this video in real time or add it to
your favorites for future use and your first exercise is in-and-out push-ups
take your hands out for a wide push-up then bring them in for Close push-up
ready and go step your hands out wide push-up bring them together and down with short rest periods this circuit
will also keep your heart rate up so you’re burning fat as you go and rest in five now rest for 15 seconds
now get ready for a close grip press keep the dumbbells pressed together the
whole time squeeze when you get to the top ready go rest again in five okay rest keeping the pace going next its
pullovers so change to one dumbbell slight bend in the elbow take the
dumbbell back as far as you can go and feel the stretch ready let’s go couple more reps and rest for 15 next
sitting down for Arnold press start with dumbbells and elbows together elbows out
and press up and let’s go breathe out as you push up there’s plenty more follow along
workouts here on fit media channel no matter what level you’re at so check out
our playlist at the end of this video resting in five and rest still with shoulders next standing
lateral raise bringing the dumbbells up level with
your shoulders leaning slightly forward elbows high okay let’s go couple more and rest now this is a
single arm plank row. plank position bring the weight up to your side elbow
high keep your body straight shoulder blades back let’s do it that’s halfway change sides ready to
rest and rest 15 seconds next is a bent over reverse fly
leaning forward take the weights out to the side okay go knees slightly bent back
straight taking the elbows out high and wide fit media channel’s army of subscribers
is more than 1 million strong so make sure you click that subscribe button and
join the best fitness channel on YouTube rest coming up okay rest deep breaths next hammer curls holding the dumbbells
vertical bring them up slowly squeeze at the top and go elbows tucked
in breathe out as you come up nearly there and rest . you’re watching fit media
channels upper body dumbbell circuit for home or gym now tricep kickback support
yourself with one arm lean over and take the weight back by straightening your
arm let’s go back is straight feet wide head forward okay change sides couple more reps and rest okay finishing now with ABS down on the
floor for crunches feet flat on the floor hands by the ears breathe out as
you curl up let’s go a few more and rest congratulations
that’s your whole upper body worked if you enjoyed it bookmark this video and
make this part of your regular routine check out our playlist for more workouts
you can follow in real-time and subscribe for plenty more coming up fit
media channel empowering your workouts


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