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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi this is Rod Zervakos, I.S.S.A. certified
personal trainer on behalf of Expert Village. We’re working on our back muscles right now,
we’ve already done the lat pull down. We’ve already done some upright rows. What we’re
going to do right now is a pull over from the back so I’m going to lay my back on the
bench. The weight’s going to be overhead and we’re going to pull with both arms, and come
straight forward. This is going to work the broad part of the back; excellent exercise.
So I’m going to take a dumbbell here. Obviously in reality we’re going to use more weight
than this but this one’s very important and it’s good core exercise to keep your hips
up, get the weight and the hands like this; take it back as far as you can and then power
it forward, take it back over; power it forward and again this is going to work the broad
part of your back, excellent exercise. When you’re done, more than likely you’re going
to drop the weight because it’s going to be a lot heavier than eight pounds but the; but
the, the main thing here is that you keep a nice controlled movement from over the top
working the back.

18 thoughts on “Home Strength Training Exercises : Pullover Exercise

  1. could anyone tell me one thing:
    is this exercise helps to build chest ?? i am training 3 years and always thought this exercise is for chest.

    reply please.

  2. Help,this is my workout

    Tuesday, Thursday

    5 sets 8 Reps, Chest Press on Machine , Champagnes, overhead, incline dumbbell fly variant, flat dumbbell twist flat press & fly, Shoulders on machine, dead lifts

    I run it through a routine, about a minute rest then start the next set i'm trying to gain muscle and mass also add 20 pounds onto myself before next summer, I cut out my cardio, if anyone has any tips help me please, this workout gets me super tired, but i'm not sore, week 22

  3. i did these for the first time yesterday and from today's soreness i'm pretty sure they mainly work the lower chest, i don't feel sore at all where i usually would after benching.

  4. @pronation1 HW ABT U work out every day, and make sure u go to the gym and not at home and make sure u take ur friends along as u wont get bored/frustrated…. nd make sure u eat alotta chicken , i recommend MCDONALDs 😛 ( No , seriously , i recommend mcdonalds) then do more of stretches as this straightens ur belly and makes ur figure correct!

  5. @aasifjain276 DUDE LOL LOL LO L LOL LOL HAHAHAHA u watch all these vids n say u go for kick boxing!!! HAHAHa nice work 😉

  6. This work the lower part of chest and some of the back muscle.. This exercise is better to do in a circuit ill say or i never feel it in my back ^^ Doing a circuit with pull-ups first and then these is a good way to feel the burn

  7. As echoed numerous times, this exercise hits the chest, including pec major, pec minor, and serratus muscles. Also hits deltoids and triceps very well. By flaring the elbows at the stretch part of the movement, the clavicular head of pec major can be stressed more.

    Other supporting muscle groups include those of the neck, forearms, scapula.

    PO's also hits the lats and abs as stated by the ISSA expert host.

    Pullovers are a great upper body exercise.

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