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100 thoughts on “HOME WORKOUT FROM HELL – 5 Killer Home Exercises !!!

  1. some of us have a huge chest..what do you recommend for us when it comes to jumping that high?

  2. Must resist urge to make rude and crude comment… :p

    Seriously though, my GF binds her girls before she works out. She uses Ace elastic bandages, although I'm sure any type of sports wrap will work. A quick youtube search relieved many 'how-to' videos on the subject. Best of luck.

  3. It may seem hard Ahmed, but if it were easy then everyone would be ripped! And you know what? Its not hard if you learn to enjoy the feeling. That's the real secret 🙂

  4. Not easy but not meant for beginners. Start slowly and with good instructions. There are many DVD's available to help if you do not have access to a gym. Training at home saves money and can be timed to suit your lifestyle. Lots of simple equipment available.

  5. This looks great although I don't have a rope but I can go to the local parks and get a pull-up bar there and may even find the skull crusher thing to do as well. Cheers.

  6. Hello sir.  I know this is an old video but i have 1 question , what do I do if my head hurts when i do those pushups with legs above head? I feel like my head is going to explode. I know its prolly blood pressure but what should i do? like ignore it or go to the doctor?

  7. Very good your training, really enjoyed it! In my channel made ​​a video of the workout I do at home.

  8. I have just started working out and I can do the hand stand push ups I can do 6 then I feel like im going to pass out

  9. thanks again Jeff. Not sure how to thank you for the change you have made in my training since watching and doing your videos. Cheers!

  10. Why to use those powders? u can buy natural fiber and proteine in food from regular store much cheaper price and its healthyer

  11. Mine is squat forward jump. You squat once, jump forward in that squat, land in a squat, jump and turn and repeat. Now do that eight or ten times.

  12. hey jeff i know its an old video but i love that push up variation. thanks for adding new moves to my workout. and the skull crushers.

  13. I m going to install a pullup bar at my home so I just wanted to know on how much height so I put it and how much far it should be from the wall ???….please help me in this

  14. Hi! Do you thunk that this type of intense body weight workout can be effective if you do 20 minutes lower body and then 20 minutes upper body, 4 times a week? I don't have time for long workouts so I tend to fit everything in 20 minutes. I see results, but what about on the long term?.Thanks

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