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100 thoughts on “HOME WORKOUT MOTIVATION (Secret to Workout Consistency!)

  1. Love the behind the scene stuff Jeff, I guess because it show's that we are all human. I workout at home too, Barbell, Dumbbells, Pull up bar, Dip station, Bench press, Skipping rope, and Kettle-bell. 

  2. Totally agree with you on this. I have been creating my home gym in my garage. I need to get a big white board for my goals and more inspiration posters.

  3. Jeff, I like that you're a multidimensional trainer meaning function over just looking good I find most people just don't get this…It's all about ego not performance.They don't understand that having a great body is the side-effect of this fact a knowledgeable functional workout system.I was reading comments on your videos people debating on over training their bodybuilding not training for function big difference. Your spot on that subject and your programs are very well done ~keep up great work ..Thanks  

  4. I would mention mirrors. It's not just to check yourself out, it's to see how you have progressed during weeks and months of training. More importantly, you need mirrors to observe your form in certain exercises.

  5. Good video. I'm really lucky that I find it very relaxing and comfortable in any kind of gym. Expensive and high end. Or old school spit and sawdust. I love them all. Is where I'm happy. But I think it's great you making this video to inspire people to feel that.

  6. It's videos like this that make watching the other videos more worthwhile and purposeful. These insights into the way one has to think and plan in order to achieve long term goals have value. To hear hoe your hamstrings are tight and give even someone ss fit as you lower back pains is refreshing. Inhave suffered with lower back pain for years and still do due to hamstring and disc issuea yet I still train what I can. Thanks JC.

  7. i used to hate the gym too man until i started seeing results its exactly how u described now i go crazy if i don't hit the gym up. btw I'm a die hard mets fan lets hope they make moves in 2014 lol peace Jeff…. make more of these vids they're cool

  8. Another great post,very motivational just showing the mindset you need find within yourself,its easier said than done but as touched on, its a vicious circle, results keep you motivated and consistent but you need to be consistent to get results.

  9. Jeff, I have a question about training. I have only recently gotten into serious fitness and lately the workout I have been doing are leaving me feeling sore the next day. I originally thought it was good because I was making my muscles work but it also means I cant do as much the next day. What should I do? Continue training even when sore or miss days to recover?

  10. Hi Jeff, thanks for what I consider my "role model" checklist. Good to see how you are motivating yourself. I basically have the same concept in place (space, time, timing/pacing, monitoring, motivation, last equipment). Sharing a one-room appartment with my wife is a challenge for creating a workout environment, but it works – literally the SPARTAN way: Training daily up to 3 times on 6ftx5ft max. (space) When I push my chair to the side it is the signal to start. My wife retreats to cook dinner to the kitchen corner. (time). Her cooking time is my workout time as competitive challenge (timing/pacing). Usually 45min. I have workoutplans hung up: 1yr, 8weeks full cycle, 1week concept. Created myself a track sheet to write down: date, time, HR, RR, type, reps, resistence,…and checking on success (monitoring), I have a picture of a Spartan Warrior Helmet on the wall. YESS, this is SPARTA (all that is needed for motivation). And at last: a pair of dumbbells under the bed and a tiny bag with bands, pushupstands, 2 judo belts, HR monitor and weight gloves (all there is to equipment). Wanted to share this and say thanks for your great videos all of the time.

  11. Spot on Jeff.
    I have pics of all that inspires me, my children, Bruce Lee… and of course weapons training visuals. These all inspire me to stay fit and push on. Been doing this for years. Thanks for the post.

  12. @Athlean X Does that magazine say Physical Therapist Assistants?? I'm currently a student as a PTA, and EVENTUALLY would like to work for a professional sports team but was just wondering if PTA's had a spot in professional sports..

  13. Love it Jeff but using TV speakers as your music system is unforgivable! My workout room is half the size but has a stereo, two big cabinet speakers and a 12" powered sub. Music won't do anything to pump you up unless it's properly (oppressively) loud. And sorry some random mix of soft rock on a music choice station won't cut it. Metal.

  14. Jeff,I also have my own home gym! All free weight though, 1600 lbs. 4 different set of bars, 2 benches, 8 set of dumbells and a RADIO lol! It's my favorite place in my home for the past 15 years. My workouts and goals are on my walls and, my kids (now young adults) even join in from time to time. At 55, I've been working out now for over 30 yrs and what keeps me motivated is, having guys more than half my age telling me they wish they were as fit as me…. keep up the good work, I'll keep watching!

  15. Hei Jeff, thank you very much for this look behind, Not only as a trainer, but also as a person, you are very inspiring. Although I dont need extra inspiration, I very liked your video. Greetings from good ol Germany.

  16. Awesome man i love working out and doing your work outs since they help allot always wanted to know how you started i can say the people that inspire me is Muhammad Ali Bruce lee The Rock and you Jeff cavalier

  17. Also I really enjoyed watching this video. Made me got to you more. Very relaxing video.

    You should make more In Your Face videos!

  18. I find working out at home motivating than working out at a gym. It makes me save a lot of money and time. I'll try putting inspirational pictures like you do. Badass Jeff Cavaliere!

    Bty, i love dogs but idon't have one 🙁

  19. You know, I see these commercials sometimes, like Free Coaching, Get massive in weeks, that kind of thing, but this is the first REAL PROFESSIONAL coaching for FREE I've ever seen.

  20. Motivation for consistency 101. Get girlfriend so you're gonna be embarrassed if you DON'T look good enough when you have your shirt off and will want to avoid that embarrassment, at all costs. Done XP Honestly you're gonna want them to look as good as possible when that inevitable situation comes.

  21. Hey J.. This vid is awesome.. thank you for sharing..! it shows I am not so off with the setting on my own gym at home.. even my baby boy relaxes when enters there!  and I installed those thick rubber mats on the floor! but I need to get newer motivating posters and a mirror to keep the mechanics checked!  I am a baseball player and put my time and knowledge into my training alternating routines when off -season and in-season as well…and even that I do not have you in a poster, you are my inspiration to become better and better… it is easy to understand your points and follow your advises since you do transmit your knowledge… I have great admiration for you! God Bless you and keep it going!!!

  22. I really liked this video. I want to add my own mental "trick" for long term success at anything. I've been working out on and off for about 34 years.

    When I was younger missing even a single day made me feel like a failure, like even a short term " fall off the wagon" was the end.

    Now many years later, I've fallen off the wagon sometimes for day, sometimes months and even for YEARS. It was a great experience because what I can tell you is it doesn't matter, you can get back on any time you want.

    Stopping or missing workouts aren't a big deal, get over it, and get back to it.

    Results come from what you do MOST OF THE TIME, so if you miss a day or two now and then, it's not a big deal and will have very little negative impact on you results as long as you train MOST of the time.

    Think of it this way, every week you probably don't work at your paying job for two days, yet somehow the idea of quitting your job is nuts…so why would missing two days training be any different??

  23. something of my personal experience:

    1. add a mirror to your training place.

    2. get a light that makes you feel awesome into the room.

    3. if possible use speakers and a subwoofer for music

    4. try out listening to tutorials and advice Videos while Working out.

    5. talk to yourself in the mirror

  24. I have my own man cave in the partially finished portion of my basement where I have all my workout equipment needed. It has a couch and tv for relaxing as well but when it's time to workout I either put the tv on or mostly my music and get to business. I agree with needing to stay consistent and love how Athlean X is designed to tell you what and when you need to be working out. I used to stroll through the internet and you tube finding exercises to hit specific areas but even with that I'd find myself wandering off the path. I'll even sometimes if I can bring some dumbbells, a jump rope, resistance bands to the park to workout cause I love to be outside and it is very motivating atleast for me it is. Great video and I hope it inspires others who can't stay consistent to get on that right path to want to workout.

  25. great video Jeff! I'm just starting to get my home gym environment going for when I'm with my daughter I can still get a workout in and maybe teach her a little about fitness! my athlean x bands should be here Wednesday! can't wait!!

  26. thank you so much I started working out after a long time throught your videos here I follow each every advice lately I've been maintaining a good nutrition too. i promise to maintain my workout for one year because I am tired of looking at my own skinny ass..

  27. Awesome and so cosmically coincidental that I have been changing my workout garage this week to be more athletically inspirational

  28. my place is a 20 x 25 with no electricity. propane heater and lamps. Turn on the music and I'm ready 2 roll!!! loving it!!

  29. In my department (im studying away from home) i train in living room the one i eat/watch tv/study etc… i just put hard rock music on the tv,take my pad and turn on my phone training app. I go to the gym, but the days i cant i really feel a lot of energy!

  30. As a personal trainer myself I don't like working out at the gym (get tired of seeing the place so much). so working out at home is so much more fun for me personal!

  31. JEFF PLEASE READ!!!! (Heart problems)

    Hey Jeff,

    My name is Paul I am 20yo, 175cm, 73kg and I'm doing gym for 1.5 years. I've taken in the beginning serious mass from ON and creatine from BSN and gym 5 days a week. I haven't took any supplements since 6 months. While I started doing gym and until now I have experienced palpitations that got worsen while the time passed until I developed some tachycardia where my heart suddenly beats chaotic fast at rest and it returns to normal suddenly.

    Are there any trigger factors that might have caused my problems?
    If you can answer me I would be so grateful!!

    Also you can do a video on this subjects as many young people I think they suffer heart problems that they're not aware about!

  32. Sometimes I have periods where I'm lazy to go workout a d just wants to sit down all day even though I need to workout so then I won't go for some days till I miss it so bad that I get supermotivated and aware of how worth it is to my person and get back on track superfresh and exited.

  33. I made a gym in my garage, barely room to swing a cat but I can just about manage a kettlebell with a power rack and some barbells in there!

  34. Absolutely great video Jeff! In my own way, I discovered many of the same points in my life that you share here. I work out consistently, day after day, in my small garage. And it's largely due to me transforming it into my own, personal man-cave-gym. I have music, motivational posters, and all the weight equipment necessary to do everything at home. I'm a huge believer in becoming gym-free, that is, free from having to pay a gym membership but being able to do absolutely everything at home, and even better than I could do it at a gym. Thanks!

  35. Jeff, I appreciate how real and authentic your videos are. No pretense, no hawking of products, any of the motivation and self discipline rhetoric is b.s. free and you live (and share!) what you preach. Thanks for sharing.

  36. I'm in my 1st week of this program, I'm walking dead. This guy kicks my @$$ every day. My son joins me , so I get to hear all the old man jokes. I have never felt more alive.

  37. Am I the only person who DOESN'T listen to music when I work out? Music distracts me from focusing on the mind-muscle connection.

  38. Loved this. Willy used to go with me in our basement to work out. He was always in the way especially during Push Ups he tried to sneak in between me and the floor and then sneak out once i dropped down again. It was the cutest thing!! R.I.P.

  39. Motivation.
    What is that?
    I have no clue honestly, but the only time I've been consistent daily, was when I blocked out the Option of working outfrom thought. By that I mean, I will workout Everyday Regardless. It's already set in stone, (my thoughts: "idc how you feel, just give all your effort, whatever that may be…") Basically becoming Anal about my training is the only time I worked out daily for weeks straight. Currently working out like 2-4 times a week and trying to get back to training daily and getting fed-up with motivation…because it's too vague, and you don't need motive for habits. Nor think about not doing habits, ie. brushing teeth, taking vitamins, taking showers, etc. Being Anal towards working out until it's Habitual worked for me in the past. I'mheading back to that mentality currently, as it's worked for me…and if you needed something more specific than Motivation (like myself) then, Be Anal About It! Granted this is my answer to the motivation dilema, results vary, but if you get stuck in your own head like me…then you already know my claim likely holds merit in regards to you, as well as myself. I'm 18 been training nearly 3 years now, and only trained daily for a month straight Once I'm sure most people can relate to the Consistent/Not Really Consistent effort haha. Trained 2 1/2 months straight when I eliminated the Option and asserted the Fact I was going to workout Everyday no matter what…I got out of this mindset by falling in love, but I was 16 then, who doesn't fall in love and mistakenly puts all their time into a girl at 16?😂 ~ If you're reading this far then I'm either relateable and/or you're procrastinating your workout too…let's get too it then shall we 👍

  40. Jeff: I love your videos and the suggestions have been really helpful. Trying to reach your goals is important, but I think that the best motivation to go and push yourself into a good workout is that you need to enjoy it: feel the pump, the tension, the sweat and love it! The results are the byproducts of the workout. I workout because I feel good, I feel strong, I feel I'm doing something great, something good for me. Pushing the weights clears my mind, makes my body stronger, releases the stress. And you have to see the single exercise, the single repetition like a single tile in a mosaic: every one is important to create the whole picture. Your muscles, joints, nerves, bones etc. every time you workout they become stronger, leaner, more efficient. This is my motivation. Thank you and God bless.

  41. I don’t listen to music while working what I do is put on my AirPods and listen to your videos and when I stop between sets a quick look on my phone screen. Thanks Jeff!

  42. I just found this video in a search as I'm continuously wanting to get back in shape but have a really hard time keeping a workout consistent .

    I dont have the money to go to a gym and I'm less motivated to work out if I have to go to a gym . (Personal issues)

    I live in an apartment , I Own a Spin bike as I Enjoy cycling ,but my place already has a dedicated music studio I have floor space available.
    To do a workout but It happens to be in my living room where my couch and TV are . Can anyone give me any pointers on what I could do to help motivate myself ?

    I also live in the Northeast luckaly it is starting to get warmer out and do enjoy walking however that small amount of activity probably isnt burning many calories. Any insight is helpful thanks.

  43. Yeah I bought a new stereo for the garage and got some weights to replace my old ones that kept falling off and pissing me off – makes a big difference

  44. One of my main Inspirations was watching my friends and family around me slowly fall apart because they let themselves go. I love these people and I want them to be around forever but that's not up to me. What is up to me though, is ensuring that I remain healthy and fit so that when I start a family I can stay by their side for as long as possible.

  45. I thought that I started working out because I wanted to look like one of those guys that women can't take their eyes off of. But it was much deeper than that. I was underweight and barely active. People made fun of me for being that skinny, telling me to watch out for cracks in the floor and saying I was invisible because I turned to the side. The worse part was having to wear small/child size clothing because it was the only size that would fit me in any decent manner. The funny thing is, once I started getting in shape and putting muscular weight on, all of the jokes stopped and I realized that I no longer stood out. I blend in as just a regular guy, which is great. I can walk around with confidence that nobody is going to try and hand me a sandwich. People speak to me more respectfully, as an equal. In the beginning, I thought I wanted more attention from specific groups of people. Now, my motivation is merely to keep that little bit of respect I now have for myself.

  46. THUMBS UP!!!
    then watch!!!

    as a teen my mom was my inspiration. she used to get up most mornings and do aerobics. i followed.

    then i started lifting weights. 1 gallon poland spring water jugs. (i still utilize them walking from the grocery store.)

    i upgraded to a packed suitcase.

    in college i fell in love with the martial arts and boxing. started hitting the gym.

    about 2 months ago i started doing yoga, resistance band/tube training and calisthenics after being away from the gym for about 7 months.

    the end.

  47. I appreciate your efforts but personally, I can't change my environnement so telling me to do so is just making me think maybe that's why I can't be consistent, and I don't want to have any excuses.

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