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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

so you can certainly train your biceps
triceps and all your back hello guys this is your boy Satinder
Kahlon welcome to my youtube channel Kahlon fitness and today’s video is going
to be about home workouts or home exercises you can perform at home and
you don’t need up any gym equipments or any weights for that and if your prime
focus is to just be fit and you are not much worried about the separation of
your muscles then you know you can have that growth and you can put a muscle
mass on your muscle at home so basically if if you want to be a competitive
bodybuilder or fitness model or anything I won’t recommend you to you don’t do
all the exercises at home but in case like having I haven’t been to gym like
for two weeks now it may be more than two weeks but because there is something
going on in life you can’t you know there are some situation when you have
to take that time off at that time you can keep yourself you know at least in
shape by just performing these exercises at home so let’s talk less and jump into
the exercises let’s see the variations for our pull-up exercises then you you know twist your hands
around and keep them bit narrow you can actually focus on your biceps we own all
the head and when you revolt you know the grape
you can actually focus on your triceps all the exercises back to back just to
make it a superset all right and at the end I’ll give you some
exercises to so guys these were the different
variations for pull-ups and hope you liked the video if you did please hit
that thumbs up like button to keep me motivated and if you know you got any
questions or or anything you want to suggest just leave it in comment box
I’ll personally have a look on those and reply to you guys and last but not the
least if you haven’t yet please subscribe to my channel and keep
exercising keep training and keep growing smash it guys so this is your
boy Satinder Kahlon signing out and peace see you guys

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