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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hallo und Willkommen to German Efficiency
Training. I’m your trainer Sean aka. German Efficiency
and today I want to talk about what is better, home workouts versus gym workouts? I know it’s a little bit biased, I am standing
in a gym right now so you kind of know what I am going to say. However, hear me out first. Home workouts versus gym workouts which one
is better? Pretty much the simple answer is:
If you have access to the gym, make use of that equipment that you have and go to the
gym. But also let’s have a quick look at home workouts. What are they good for? Are they really terrible? Should you always skip them? All of these things. Let’s have a quick look at that. Home workouts have the benefits of you obviously
not having to pay any money. Typically you don’t need necessarily equipment
at home. You can do a lot with your body weight. You don’t have to travel anywhere. So time-wise it’s not such a big commitment. And you are at the comfort of your home. So you can pretty much do what you want, and
you don’t have to feel ashamed or anything. There is essentially no barrier to entry when
it comes to home workouts. These are pretty much the major benefits of
home workouts right from the get go. However, they have downsides too. If you don’t have access to the proper equipment
you pretty much can not challenge your body enough for it to trigger adaptation so for
it to get better. So if you just getting started, you can get
away with a lot of doing push-ups, doing sit-ups and you are going to benefit a little bit
from it. However, that is not the most efficient and
effective way for you to grow. You are going to get some adaptation. You’re going to get a little bit of growth
but it is not the most efficient, most effective way of growing. If that’s your goal, if that’s what you want
to achieve. If you have access to the equipment, you could
always achieve better results, right from the get go. Right from day one. You have to be really aware of that. If you look at high-intensity workouts that
you typically do at home, so pretty much workouts where you pitch your heart-rate high up, and
you keep it elevated for a short amount of time. Rest for a short amount of time, and then
you do that once again over and over again. You could potentially get into dangerous territory. Especially if you’re not used to it. Now if you ask me, high-intensity interval
training or high-intensity workouts they are easy to do at-home, correct. That is a good thing, however at the same
time. If you’re just getting started they can be
super dangerous, because you have no relation to what it actually means to increase your
heart rate. And is it actually necessary for you to increase
your heart rate by that much? Again, if you ask me. I say “no”. Throughout my entire fitness lifetime, I have
never really done that consistently as a workout. That’s not how I got fitter and I think I
am in good shape cardiovascularly right now. And I am also in good shape just muscular
toning, and definition-wise. So I don’t really see the need for me to do
it. If I look at the studies about it, it seems
to give you some benefit in terms of muscle definition but that’s obviously quiet limited. Once again, you do not get enough additional
resistance you would need to really consistently grow at highest efficiency and highest effectiveness. At-home workouts, they can be good if you
don’t have access to the equipment, you don’t have access to the gym, it’s better than doing
nothing. For the most part. It’s good if you are travelling, where you
don’t have equipment and you want to do a couple of push-ups. It’s good for that, so just go to the hotel
room. All of that home workouts are good for. Gym workouts on the other hand, let’s have
a quick look at those. Why are they so much better? Well once again, first of all. You have the equipment that you need to properly
stimulate muscular growth, or body adaptation. When I am talking about growth, I am not just
talking about big, huge guys. That’s not really what I am here for. I am always looking for more definition, I
am looking for improving myself. However I am not here to become the next big
bodybuilder. If you’re looking for that maybe somebody
else can give you better advise. However I’m looking for a practical approach
to consistently improve your definition and your body composition. Gyms are not that expensive anymore, they
are pretty affordable throughout the country and internationally. I started in Germany at a cheap gym, I live
now in the US and there are tons of cheap gyms over here as well. And typically you have access to universally
the equipment you need. You don’t even actually need that much equipment,
pretty much all you need is a good bench. Ideally a decline bench. Some dumbbells, maybe barbells, and maybe
a squat-rack as a bonus. But not even that you necessarily need. As long as you have dumbbells you can create
some good resistance and that’s pretty much it. So you don’t need the craziest gym, the fanciest
gym, you don’t need any of the extras necessarily. If you want that, go-ahead, go for it, however
I say that should not be the deciding factor on if you join the gym or not. For gym workouts you have access to the equipment,
you can get started from day one. You don’t have to waste any time especially
if you follow along on this channel and you know what you need to do when you go to the
gym. Gym workouts from day one, give you better
results. Hopefully that help answer that very common
question: home workouts versus gym workouts which one is better, which one should you
do? If you have questions, please let me know. Again please understand that I am not fully
against home workouts, however I am always focused on what is most efficient and most
effective and gym workouts definitely outrank home workouts in that regards. Hopefully that helped you, I’ll see you in
the next video. I’m your trainer Sean aka. German Efficiency.

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