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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s going on everyone? Alain Gonzalez here with And if you’re a naturally skinny guy who finds
it hard to eat enough to gain weight, then I want to share my basic bulker’s homemade
weight gain shake. It’s literally just four ingredients, things
that you probably already have in your fridge or pantry ready to go. It’s going to take less than a minute to make
and it’s going to add over 800 calories to your daily intake. Without further ado, let’s jump right in. All right, so the first thing we need is our
base, which is going to be whole milk. One cup of whole milk, we’re going to drop
that into the blender. The next thing we want is we want one cup
of oats. Again, just add that to the blender. We are going to add one tablespoon of peanut
butter. Now, this is the basic bulker’s shake, so
it’s 800 calories. We can easily get this to over 1,000 calories
by simply adding a banana or adding another tablespoon of peanut butter. That’s up to you. Totally fine. But the way we’re going to do it here today
is the same way that I was doing it when I first started gaining weight and building
muscle and started on that journey. All right, so in this case we’re going to
go one tablespoon of peanut butter. If you notice there I like to wet the spoon,
that allows the peanut butter to come right off. Then lastly we’re going to add two scoops
of whatever protein powder you use. In my case we are using Lean Pro 30. We’re going to do two scoops of protein. This here is going to get you 70 plus grams
of protein in just one serving. We’ve got our milk for the base. The reason we put the base in first is so
everything doesn’t get all stuck at the bottom of the blender. Then we added one cup of oats, one tablespoon
of peanut butter and then two scoops of whey protein. If you don’t want to do two scoops, one scoop
is totally fine. In fact, if you don’t want to use any whey
protein, then I would recommend using something like Greek yogurt to add more protein to the
shake. We’ve got all of our ingredients in there
and then we are just going to blend. There it is, 800 calories in one small shake. This right here could be the difference between
whether or not you gain weight or remain the same. As we know, if we want to gain weight, we
need to be in a positive energy balance or a caloric surplus. If we’re already eating at maintenance, which
is likely the case because it’s not like your weight is going down, it’s just not going
up, then 800 calories is going to be more than enough to put you over the edge, to put
you into that caloric surplus so that you can start seeing results. And another thing, this is a more liquid consistency
if we want it to be a bit thicker, more like a smoothie, then I would add one or two handfuls
of ice and do everything the same way we just did it. That’s going to give you more of a smoothie
consistency. That’s pretty much it guys. I hope you found this helpful. If you did, click the like button below. I’ve got a special gift for you. All right, if you’re a naturally skinny guy
like I was, then I want to give you my book, “Bulk Up Fast” for free. It’s over 230 pages. I’ve already paid for the book. All you have to do is cover the shipping and
I’ll send it anywhere in the world. Go to the link in the description, tell me
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you in the next video. Peace.

29 thoughts on “Homemade Weight Gain Shake For Skinny Guys: 800 Calories!

  1. Was planning on purchasing your book. I had to ask first, what's your solution for ppl with fast metabolism such as myself. Love the video, btw 👏👏👏

  2. Tired of every single gainer having peanut butter, can someone please replace that disgusting tasting flavor with something else

  3. I haven’t started the weight gain blueprint yet, but I know for a fact I can barely bench the bar alone during bench presses. So how would I do the warmups AND the sets? Im extremely worried and anxious on what to do so please answer soon. Thank you.

  4. Can we use one scoop of mass gainer with this shake instead of using 4 scoop mass gainer for the common mass gainer shake?

  5. Sorry man I've got a quick question. You know weight gainer shakes whether it be like yours or like powdered, do they put mass all over the body? E.g. the arms and lower legs?? Or just bloat the stomach??

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